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URBAN DANCE CAMP : this is legendary

Z D : I watched this when I was 18, now I am 28 but I still love it. thanks for the Hd

吳佳叡 : Can’t believe it’s been 10 years

thinkeg : 2006年に海賊版で圧倒的な再生回数(当時で数百万回)だった動画、 やっと公式の高画質がアップされ見れた。 HDだから初めて分かった、1:05で外れたボタンが最後まで残っている。

Jeff Ramos : A decade later: Still legendary.

NIKIMBO : Still one my fav group performances Ever, the synchronization is brilliant

DodderingOldMan : Every time I watch this I can't help looking at that button that flies off the jacket near the beginning, and hoping no one drops a knee onto it or something :P

Alan Li : idk why i digged this up.. still love it

Edddie : They are the ones who brought me into dance. Cant believe its been 10 years already. Forever grateful. Peace.

Smaun Bingus : anyone else get goosebumps from this

Jayfive276 : You know that thing you watched earlier today? This was better.

Noriyuki Kozawa : このlockとpopの完璧なまでのコラボレーション popを残しつつlockに寄せたりとか、やばい語彙力が死ぬやばいやばい 日本の誇りくらいに思う

Meng Lee : This show is just legendary. My inspiration to dance 10 years before.

AllenDiese3 : the best show, 10 years later, still my favorite one !

이윤수 : I am, too, wathcing this since '06

Smaun Bingus : Truly legendary. No matter how many times i come back to watch it

yata 0918 : どこを切り取ってもかっこいいとかいう反則みたいなショー、この年のboty、やたらショーのレベル高くてほんと好き、やばい

dagger999 : One of the best dance showcase ever of all time.

s3ts : Still watchin this, 2018

Erdenetsogt Erbanobi : BEST LOCKERS IN THE WORLD...period

YAN METAL : DJのミスを笑顔で交わす所、格好よすぎ^^

山田太郎 : 最高に短い10分だった!

David Santana de Castro : Hilty and Bosch, The best Lockers EVER!!!

김지은 : 0:56 Dayton - Movin' Up 2:26 The times - Get it up 4:22 Daft Punk - Harder, better, faster, stronger I've been watching this since I was 14, and now I'm 25 still coming back for those amazing dance moves <3 Thank you for uploading HD!

AllenDiese3 : Oh my ! THANKS FOR THIS UPLOAD !!! 

ian wang : 这视频我看了八年了!

SukaFreeCity : its cool how African american influence is big internationally!

陳善元 : Epic showcase ever.

李岳峰 : Started dancing because of these four people, I am grateful that I watched this video and it made me who I am today.

Jonathan Saraspe : the best showcase in the boty history

Pedro Sanchez : 10 minutes of greatness

菅谷翔太 : 何回見てもかっこいい

SHIMIETS TAXY : The everlasting Bible!!

きーじゃー : Yuさんのキレがヤバい!

funk : 高画質になって気づいたことがもう一つ。 JINさんボーダーの靴下履いてる

ERNIE YU : nostalgic

Sapetoku Pascal : Ca donne la Chair de poule , tellement c'est Bon !!!! pffuu

Mike Chen : Its amazing how much the dance community improved over the years. This was the video that inspired me to start dancing, definitely a legendary routine.

Nerovick : the best dancing video for me

Jay Chai : 2017 and still watching 💪

Jinx Sin : What's the song with the drum beat at the beginning?

Théotime Léon Leverd : The second music is movin' up dayton

Amanda Rose : still watching in 2018

wilson Chen : does anyone know the music ??

Danny Yang : Still loving it, this never get old ;)

Thuận Ngự Lý : same feeling from the first time i watched this!

JoJo Ap : this gives me the chills every single time

chiya7 : I love these guys and this performance

chuck silva : os caras são brabos.

杨骑滔 : 永远的经典之一,从我入门那一天到现在10年了,最震撼的有两个,一个是这个,另一个是其中两个 locking 的独场秀。