It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - We are Crab People now!
Were Crab People Now

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Frank shows Dee his and Charlies final business idea during the depression before hearing he is getting a government bailout.


FireWalkWithMe : live and die by the crab ✊

Zach : One of the funniest aspects of this show is how the gang can be so invested and involved in a scheme or a plan, and then just forget about it at the drop of a hat if something else comes up. This video being a perfect example.

NukaColaCompany : Crab people, Crab people. Taste like crab, talk like people.

Chie Sierra : goodbye recession, hello depression

Thomas D : For some reason, I like how Frank is pretty much the only one to consistently refer to Dee as Deandra.

TheNidges : "This man lives in a cardboard box." One of my favourite Dee lines ever. Great delivery


Lairdyful : it's charlie? cholly :D *hug*

SpacemanDoug : Crab People Crab People Crab People Crab People

Carl TheBraincel : Frank seems so genuinely happy to see Charlie

Sam Sguanch : Heh Danny Devito adds so much to this show. The cast is already perfect, but then you add him and it's just hilarious.

Lemonwedge : No one uses the term "God Damn It!" like this show.

yuval158 : "we're crab people now" Top 10 things you don't say after sex


JokerScars69 : 240p in 2016, yepp as Frank would say, Times IS tough

HEY THERE : crabs is sewage proof.

Kevin Lazaro : when Charlie comes out of the tent and says 'hey' that gives me so much joy, I burst out laughing the first time I saw this because Frank makes it sound like the guy is a mastermind with the business but then it's funny because it's Charlie

Shane Conaway : "We are crab people" best band name ever

HashBandicoot : CHOLLE

Luke • : The thing that makes this show so much more hilarious and unique is seeing Charlie Day, a Merrimack valedictorian graduate, playing a low-life scumbag. And he plays the role so well, you wouldn't know.

Bethany O'Neal : "Those don't look anything like crabs, they look like sea scorpions!" 😂

Sodium Fine : w e r e c r a b p e o p l e n o w

Kitana Kojima : Live off the fat of the sea

Zeke Spears : Crabs is sewage proof!

BrutalLav : Season 5, Episode 3 people

Agopolis23 : Lol... this is the man? ... It's Charlie??? Lmao

William Kukis : This is the man? This man lives in a cardboard box.

Yung  Vulpix : "Crabs is sewage-proof!"

Dan : Crab people. crab people. Taste like crabs, Talk like people. Crab people. crab People.

Matthew Mason : Charlie is the Brine King from Aquaman confirmed?

Zachary Fitzgerald : First thing I thought of was South Park

Stank Nugget : Crabs is sewage proof.

JoyfulUniter : Wish I had the bravery to just drop everything and become a crab person.

Simon Peter : Fresh local Delaware runoff crabs

Carlos Maestas : My guy Danny even when distracted still avoids that grass. 0:07

Jamie Thunder : "we'll eat off the fat of the sea" lol its a sewage infested canal

Dylan Buchanan : *Dee* We're crab people now???

Jessica : goodbye recession *H E L L O D E P R E S S I O N*

topazsomnium : *H E L L O D E P R E S S I O N*

Francis Dollarhyde : Here we go AHHHHHHHHHHHH! That part cracks me up every time.

Chris McCroe : Is this a south park reference?

The Drunken Coward : TIMES IS TOUGH

plnkfloydian : Fresh Delaware run off crabs

Ted Sava : "You're very lucky that you're with someone are resilient as Frank Reynolds" _"You tried to off yourself twice is the last 24 hours, Frank"_

W Benken : Netflix needs to put this show back on the menu!

#Multiple Personalities# : Crabs and Lobsters are often found eating sewage run-off.


Tarlo The Boar : I wanna be like Frank when I'm 60+

Fernando Licona : Hahaha I love how happy Frank is to see Charlie