Student juggles in midnight traffic stop to prove sobriety
College student juggles for police to prove sobriety

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I got pulled over! The cops knew I was sober, but I juggled for them anyway!


Gasoline Stoner : 1. Learn to juggle 2. Learn to juggle while drunk 3. Drive drunk asf 5.???//? 6,profιt

Octavious Terry-Conwell : itd be funny if he dropped one and they were like *HE DROPPED ONE, HES DRUNK! GET HIM!*

Bel-Shamharoth : With coordination like that, kinda makes you wonder what he was doing to get pulled over and tested in the first place.

barebone2 : Would have made a great reno9/11 skit if he slipped up at the end by admitting to being drunk.

iamkingofme : lul i clicked the like button and it went from 2.9k to 3k ... just sayin

Kristopher.Stull : Plot twist: he can only juggle drunk

77ticktock : Totally didn't realize this was you Blayk! Greets from the old greenroom brotha! :-) You crushed it, keep up the great work.

Mia Wasabi : Awesome! Cool cops, too.

MrAwawe : This is definitely not conclusive. I was at a party once and this guy was juggling clementines after taking several shots of vodka.

davidshead : As I recall my friends juggle better after a few drinks...

Conjoint Oates : his laugh at the and genuinely made me smile. hopefully im not gay

giannarelax : Why is that guy so good at bowling

DarthGamer2004 : Or maybe... he’s so drunk he’s good

Eissey : This fool was HIGH AF

Pixelated Perfection : This man knows whats up

PayrollTips : He is totally hammered!

Mark Lancaster : Hahahaha, "this is the new sobriety test in Conway"

Mega Man : Knowing this country they most likely still arrested him.

braxxie : This is so wholesome

ugh gross : *plays popee the perfomer theme*

Krystalia777 : He's a genius

starbucks2101 : lol

lil weetabix : What a lad

Jake Javier : Maybe next time you juggle for cops you tell him to record horizontally

DancingPelican : HoNk :o)

Das : ... the issue is, would you be able to juggle with a BAC of > 0.1?

Sterling M : Ah, a totally innocuous video! Excited to see who gets offended this time.

ErkaaJ : If you're black you must be able to that while getting beaten down by three cops. Only then will there be reasonable doubt.

Lauren Benjamin : Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm reaching out from the CBS health talk show, "The Doctors." We came across your video and were interested in possibly featuring on an upcoming taping. Could you please email me at Thank you!

Ben Lash : BANG