Student juggles in midnight traffic stop to prove sobriety

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Zed : PLOT TWIST: He can only do that when he is drunk.

Octavious Terry-Conwell : itd be funny if he dropped one and they were like *HE DROPPED ONE, HES DRUNK! GET HIM!*

Bel-Shamharoth : With coordination like that, kinda makes you wonder what he was doing to get pulled over and tested in the first place.

barebone2 : Would have made a great reno9/11 skit if he slipped up at the end by admitting to being drunk.

Jake Javier : Maybe next time you juggle for cops you tell him to record horizontally

Kristopher.Stull : Plot twist: he can only juggle drunk

Smullet90 : Ah, a totally innocuous video! Excited to see who gets offended this time.

Mia Wasabi : Awesome! Cool cops, too.

77ticktock : Totally didn't realize this was you Blayk! Greets from the old greenroom brotha! :-) You crushed it, keep up the great work.

braxxie : This is so wholesome

starbucks2101 : lol

scorpiogoddess : Why is that guy so good at bowling

MrAwawe : This is definitely not conclusive. I was at a party once and this guy was juggling clementines after taking several shots of vodka.

Conjoint Oates : his laugh at the and genuinely made me smile. hopefully im not gay

Mega Man : Knowing this country they most likely still arrested him.

Pixelated Perfection : This man knows whats up

PayrollTips : He is totally hammered!

Mark Lancaster : Hahahaha, "this is the new sobriety test in Conway"

DarthGamer2004 : Or maybe... he’s so drunk he’s good

Das : ... the issue is, would you be able to juggle with a BAC of > 0.1?

davidshead : As I recall my friends juggle better after a few drinks...

How to be a baby witch : *plays popee the perfomer theme*

Eissey : This fool was HIGH AF

Krystalia777 : He's a genius

lil weetabix : What a lad

DancingPelican : HoNk :o)

ErkaaJ : If you're black you must be able to that while getting beaten down by three cops. Only then will there be reasonable doubt.

Ben Lash : BANG