Strange Time Travel CONSPIRACY Theories
10 Time Travel Conspiracy Theories

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Recruiter - Funny Hearthstone moments : If time travel will be possible in the future, doesn’t that mean that time travels exists now?

Powah : Matthew is just a time traveling Eugene.

NAL Lopez : I’m positive someone found the Time stone

kusaga : I am from the future, and it turns out Matt is howtobasic

Azizul Adnan : When time travel can be cool and creepy at the same time... Still love time travel though, and multiverse travel :D

sararavenraine : Time travel is possible. I'm watching the past right now..... 😂 😂 😂 😂

Damian Sager : Bless those who are watching the video while reading the comments

adam37886 : Technically, we're all time traveling right now. Currently, it is a predefined, finite speed and only one direction, but our matter does indeed move through space and time. Just a thought, but I think it does prove it to be possible, even if outside of our control. We'll probably never be able to prove it disprove time travel though.

Bingster tv : of course if time traveling is real they wont tell to the public. or every time someone knew about it the inventor will go back to the past and hide to other place.

B COz : #11 uncle Rico's time machine

The Crescent Ghost : I just smoked a huge bowl and EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING makes sense.

Uzayer HD : Why do we hear differently in the morning

Obsolete Excellence : I don’t care what anyone says it was Bernstein Bears

Leah Ocarina : Y’all think the Baron Trump thing is weird look up the Wreck of the Titan. It’s one of the freakiest things I’ve ever heard of. Tl;dr, there’s a book about the Titanic sinking (but called the Titan) and pretty much all the details of the sinking were correct. Not weird until you realize the book came out _before_ the Titanic went down. Seriously. Right down to major loss of life from not enough lifeboats. It’s crazy.

Gulf-City Umbreon : Matt's hair should be one of these conspiracies

Ray-Ray Rambles : I personally really WANT to believe in time travel.. but there is one thing that erks me.. time travel itself is a paradox. The future can’t be changed because it’s what’s GOING to happen, however you try to change it, the outcome IS the future.. really makes ya think.

TJ : I love these videos! Thanks so much for this matt!

Mysterious Middle East : The Iranian time viewer was rumored to be developed by the Iranian govt, and a press release was even put out. Then afterwards they denied the device existed, and so the inventor claimed that its not really a way to see into the future but a very sophisticated mathematical prediction program, that can determine the likeliest event to take place based on current circumstances. He did however say that he is working on building an actual time machine.

Shadowfox HD : Matt's videos are the most interesting, I never get bored and he doesn't do alot of videos about the same things

Brady Graham : Not even in the beginning of the video, and already put a like in this video because I love Matthew Santoro, you’re my person that I am interested in.

Angie Garcia Renteria : The Netflix tv show, Dark, is about time travel. It's mind boggling. It makes you 💭 think.

Monique Star : Someone is actually working on a time machine

Oni Chan : Once upon a time.... The end.

Jordan Thomas : If time travel existed, and let's assume it does, then theoretically the events that we now accept or hypothesize as time travel may just be attempts at obscured time travel. You may not even have to travel to just the date at which the machine was built, but at any length of time. Now this is kinda far fetched, but theoretically the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that particles do actually appears and disappears. This Quantum theory could possibly predict that maybe the particles are not just disappearing, but travelling in time. Because let's say we measure a particles speed, the particle now has disappeared. But why? Could it have traveled through time? This is just one of my theories. Sorry for the long post, wanted to get my ideas out there, see if any theoretical or Quantum physicists were out there that would be up to a in depth intellectual🤔

Jennie Gladish : I don't know if I would time travel. If the "butterfly effect" is real, then...would changing one thing be worth changing something that could effect everyone? If we would still time travel, but not change anything (like stopping someone from dying, etc.) just watch it all play out as it did...wouldn't that also change things because we were not originally there to witness it...sooo then something was still change...due to you simply being there when you were not supposed to be? Okay, my head it starting to hurt lol Maybe I'm just thinking to much on this..... Awesome video though :) <3 <3 <3 <3

Minecraft Cat : Wibily Wobbly Timey Wimy Stuff

Nightmare : One you forgot, some guy that made time travel machine out of a delorean and his assistant somehow went back to 1955 and had his mom fall in love him by accident

Renee Gill : You should definitely watch Steins Gate.

AntSSJB Gaming : FINAL FLASH!!!!!!!!!

Sara : I have always thought about what it would be like to go back in time 100 years with everything I know and change stuff around.

NerdGuy 101 : Matt pins like every comment that asks to be pinned, cool. Like no other you tubers do this

Neal Sterling : Priceless! This made my day, lol.

Mark Graves : The government probably already has a working time mashine somewhere.

Osama Habib : Jon Titor is a character in Steins Gate too....

jfr films : ive been in a time skip

l e i l a : What's your favorite conspiracy theory Matt? love your videos😊❤

Denise Michelle : Ive never heard that about the Roswell crash. interesting!

Peter Not Peter : What if there's an underground organization out there that recruits worthy contenders for time travel membership?

Monty Sage : Didn’t he make this video several years ago???

LoneLeeLuna : I would love to go back in time to win the Euromillions. 😂

Jorge Sanchez : the real question is does matt believe in time travel

Ari Yon : Hi ! Im from 2089.

Salud 74 : Watched in 2065.... see, it works

Beta Sword : The John Titor conspiracy has already been debunked.

Wutever : Time travel isn’t possible because time is an illusion

Michael Gomez : There's a anime called steins gate that's about John titer if u like time travel stuff

Carl Storm : Awesome time travel video Matt!! If time travel is possible I want to go back and fix a few things!! I want to go back in time and meet Matt and have a friendship with him!!! I think he'd be great friend!! Keep up the great videos man. I'm enjoying the podcasts and all too, Matt!!

Teto for Life : This video proved to be very timely.

F ZR : I travel in time every day!