Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her)

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Pixel Game Squad : Damn best brother in the world right there

Zwingfilms : We should all try to be like that brother in life. This kid shows God’s love and compassion more genuinely and authentically than anyone!

Nighttowl glitter : Her brother is legit the best brother in the world he is so sweet he's so kind to his sister and I love that ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 💙😗

Casta Diva : Wow! Sweet brother!! Stay strong Sophia! 😚😚


Versaucey : This guy would be a great father, just saying.

crackers : *"when im 17 she's gana be 80"* honey what

JTsuits : This breaks my heart ,, and also gives me faith in humanity with the siblings

Fishing Evolution : Everyone: what’s up Sofia?? Sofia: yes

Im Joking : I'll be the toxic comment you guys are looking for I got nothing

808steveA. Buskers & Street performer's. : If everybody was like the brother, what a great world it would be.


vera gibson : Her brother speaks positivity to her so much. That's a blessing

Oh yeah yeah yeah : I terribly feel bad for the little girl.

QueenxGrande : Her brother omg I wanna cry at how sweet he is🤧💗

Kylie Aguilar : He's brother is the sweetest!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺

Philip Matthews : Im not convinced this poor girl is a happy being.

heinrich : Sorry, but that is no life :( I feel sad for her:((

AwareSpring708 : I am a tiny little bit startled by how she looks but I definitely see her as a normal human being and someone who should be loved by all.

Rexit : Anyone else wanna ask her "are you happy?"

j00Ls j. : This made me cry. The acceptance made me feel touched.

Sposy 0 : Her mom is fkn hot

V E R S A C E : Because of Sofia’s conditions Sophia: YES ........ Sophia: YES That’s what my mom told me Sophia: YES *inhales* Sophia: YES She is really seeet to everybody Sophia: YES There’s no one else like her Sophia:YES And you should be happy Sophia: YES. YES And treat her like anyone else Sophia: YES We want children to be able to ask questions Sophia: YES We see people Sophia: YES And didn’t think she was like us Sophia: YES I usually tickle her a lot Sophia: YES

TylerN 2003 : I can see the pain in her eyes 😢

Montag451 : This comments section is fascinating, some compliment her eyes, her ponytail among other things, and a good chunk, if not the majority just point out her sweet brother . Seems to me everyone is going to great lengths to ignore the elephant in the room because they want to convince themselves to believe what her family said about Sophia. Everyone is aware of the conscious effort they are making to conform to what they percieve as a socially acceptable reaction and to some extent I don't blame this conscious detachment from reality. I think this may be some form of cognitive dissonance. Maybe someone who has studied psychology can clarify? Apologies if I come across as offensive. I was reluctant to post this comment but tbh I'm sure most will be able to ignore it anyway. Also for the record, I have nothing against people with disabilities and have no problem being around them.

ur mom : *the perfect brother doesn't exi-*

Russian Troll : i don't think she will ever be happy. just look how much she struggles. change my mind

Fernando Sánchez Vindas : If there is no "no" button how can you know she understands? I understand her family loves her but from an outside point of view I think there is no way of saying she really understands what people say and with only a " yes" button she will never be able to comunicate with the World. Sincerelly I do not believe she understands anything people tell them and she can not communicate with the outside World. Her family wants to believe that, and I can understand that.

Paint It Black : I looked into Rett Syndrome and couldn't find any physical abnormalities listed with lips and face. Are her lips another unknown condition? Thanks. Love these videos, extremely informative, life can be fascinating even in its flaws. I honestly feel like a better human being after each one I watch, learning how to be more accepting and bold in my efforts to learn about our differences.

jj thots : Whoever raised these kids are the best parents ever. they're amazing

Frizzable : Her brother gets so genuinely happy when she responds back, it's actually priceless 😭 we need more people like her siblings in this world

Cute Gurll : Brothers future girlfriend: Do you love me? Brother: yes but I love my sis more

Jerom with a J yeah fuck you to make botea : Is this a new SCP or something

hope for this world : Her brother is amazing! I almost cried 😭 they are such a loving family!

Jay R : Her brother and sister is so sweet! Sophia is so cute. Bless this family ❤

Mahsa Babaei : That brother will probably grow up to be an accepting and nonjudgemental person ❤️ we need more people like that in this world

Josue B : Attack on titans

brown knuckles : She doesn’t have a life, she’s merely just living.

Szyword : Algoritms You Tube went on holiday.

Dwinn : Takes a very kind of special person to care like this about someone... but I don’t think I could do it

xEmpty.Abyssx : Mama is doing a great job in raising that little man.

2222 xs : No no button?

Vee Rose : I’m not trying to sound disrespectful or anything, but what condition does she have? I have never seen this before. It breaks my heart, I couldn’t handle it mentally as a parent. Her mom and siblings are a true blessing.

somehow : im not trying to be mean or anything, but how do they know she is sweet to everybody if she cannot properly talk or even communicate? IT would be interesting to know if she really understands what everyone else is saying or if she just hits that bottom whenever she 'wants'.

Costa Rica 411 : sweet precious girl...btw her mom is gorgeous inside and out

Moe Money : Her brother is the best brother in the world ❤️❤️😭

Partly Cozy : I'm not offending her but to say she's cute you are obviously clearly lying..

Satan : “End me please..”

Sukhwinder Momi : That’s the best brother in the world

MaddieGacha_ YT : Rett Syndrome People may experience: Muscular: flaccid muscles, inability to combine muscle movements, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, stiff muscles, or rhythmic muscle contractions Respiratory: abnormal breathing patterns, episodes of no breathing, rapid breathing, or shallow breathing Developmental: delayed development or failure to thrive Behavioral: irritability or repetitive movements Cognitive: inability to speak or understand language or slowness in activity Also common: seizures, constipation, drooling, scoliosis, teeth grinding, or tremor