Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her)

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Pixel Game Squad : Damn best brother in the world right there

Tspro_ 88 : Brother He protec He attac But most importantly He watches his sisters bacc Edit: wow 1.2k likes, thanks!

Meldoesmakeup : I work everyday with someone with Rhett syndrome. I was feeling burned out and exhausted and a friend sent me this channel. It really kicked me in the butt so thank you for giving a voice to the (sometimes) voiceless.

Horrorhouse 00 : little dude there will be an excellent husband and dad

Jette B : I mean, nobody knows what goes on in her mind. Maybe she's just a normal brained girl and she does have her own thoughts and she's thinking normal, so she's kind of trapped in her body. I don't know if someone is understanding but anyway

Versaucey : This guy would be a great father, just saying.

grdgr rgdg : "when im 17 shes gonna be 80"

A Tae Stan but Supports Bangtan : *BROTHER OF THE WHOLE YEAR*

Kate Caroline : Sofia’s sis: When I’m 17 shes 80 Me:... so she’s 63?!?! Little kids math Lol 😂

Callahan Clark : this mom is stunning and her three children are absolutely beautiful with beautiful warm hearts!!!!! what an amazing family

Frizzable : Her brother gets so genuinely happy when she responds back, it's actually priceless 😭 we need more people like her siblings in this world

Spencer Cohen : “Even though I can’t squeeze her cheeks, I just want to squeeze them so bad” 😂 😂

Hey Zeus : I wish my parents loved me this much.

Alexia And Sydney : These are the most beautiful siblings ever. They're so caring, and they're so proud of her. They're the sweetest, most precious siblings. 😭😭❤️❤️

BRAGGLEFRAGLE : I consider myself a very accepting, loving person; that being said, when I first saw this girl, I am ashamed to say I felt an innate fear-response. I spent the rest of the video working myself towards a place of love and compassion for Sophia. One 14-minute video, and the contributions of this family + our friend Chris has helped me grow as a person. Thank you, Sophia, Chris, and SBSK.

808steveA. : If everybody was like the brother, what a great world it would be.

Chris Partlow : Her little brother is very protective of her that is beyond special.

Funny 0494 : Imagine having all these thoughts stuck in your head and never being able to speak about any of them, what a beautiful young girl.

Niyana0 : Everybody talks about her brother but her sister is perfect too she's just younger but both of them are great with her haha

Lisa L : An ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FAMILY..These Kids Are Truly Being Raised Very Well..There Needs To Be More Families Like This One,TRULY AMAZING♥

Mahsa Babaei : That brother will probably grow up to be an accepting and nonjudgemental person ❤️ we need more people like that in this world

GopnikRaptor : If everyone in the world could be like this brother we'd have no wars.

Mackenzie Fiona : 8:23 proof she understands what they're saying. Everyone deserves to be accepted and loved, people with conditions whether psychical or mental are people too.

Lee Stock : What happens if they turned off the no button and she's just being trying to say no the entire time.

CrazyCurlz : The way the boy described love❤️ (I’m melting)

HENRY THE RC CAR : *Such a great brother!*

SCENIC MUSIC VIDEOS : why cant they fix her mouth with plastic surgery as i have seen them do amazing things

RapMon sold Jimin's jams to Suga for 3 dollars : The way her brother looks at her, you can see that he truly loves her 💕

mackenziezig lover : Her brother deserves an Oscar ! I want a brother like him

Bonita Bordley : This is so sweet.. And she's so beautiful! Their brother and sister is so supporting. Love it! : )

xEmpty.Abyssx : Mama is doing a great job in raising that little man.

Arianna's future husband : I always wondered if there minds are normal or if there thinking is handicapped too.

jamelttv : She is so beautiful 😍

Unicorn Unicorn : Awww she is so cute whoever disliked HAS NO HEART her brother is so cute I’m glad he loves her more than family

Dream Big Squad : Awww. This little boy talks like a little big brother. People are amazing no matter how u look. He's going to be a great father, husband and leader.

ShootToMiss : We need more people in the world like her brother. Seriously.

The Ayanna Show : The first boy is wow ! He is the best brother ever !

Shugarrr - : Her brother is sooo sweet!!<33

Ginny Bagwell : He was raised right. The love is so real in the whole family. So great.

Abby green : Wait not to be mean but she has no lips or something

DAS Gaming : Such a good brother and family❤

Pamela Woolford : And we complain about every little thing. The brother is so loving and awesome. He's going to make a wonderful husband and father years from now😂

jahmaicamecrazy : I'm really not trying to be rude or anything...but the only reason I am here is because this was on the suggested list after watching Steve Irwin fight off a family of alligators. And I thought she was a victim to an alligator attack until I realized...well, yeah. Anyways, that's all I have to say

Blazeingice Yt : Guys this girl is normal if anyone talks bad about her catch these hands

WPA Dark : everyone’s talking about how well mannered and educated her little brother is but why nobody is talking about the mom! bro lemme wife herrrr

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Most supporting family ever

Nyny Nyny : aw she's so cute 😭😍 and that brother is going to be a great husband!

monika monika : I have question=How she eat food???😟

Michelle Strachan : These siblings are extremely amazing good job to these parents for teaching them compassion and unconditional love for each other. If only most people in this world were able to love unconditionally the world would be a better place

Sadie Thomas : Your daughter is so beautiful and adorable 😻😍😘💝 even she is very kind especially I have a disability as well I have optimism spectrum as a disability also your daughter has a very beautiful smile 😀 she has a such of a wonderful brother and sister that she has I hope that I get to meet her one day and also my name is Marirose Thomas I am just on my friends Youtube account for right now because my friend is doing stuff so I get to use her Youtube account and my Youtube channel is called Marirose Thomas