Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her)

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Pixel Game Squad : Damn best brother in the world right there

lmaooo gtfo : "When I'm17 she's gonna be 80" *_WAIT_*

Winter Thug : when I am 17,she's gonna be 80.QUICK MATHS

Jennifer R. : Is there even a “NO” button on there

Simon Hammarstedt : Just because she’s disabled you don’t have to say she’s the most beautiful girl in the world

Versaucey : This guy would be a great father, just saying.

Jaidus Jones : Her mom straight banging

StoneBrix : If that brother squeezed her cheeks that looks like it would be a trip to the hospital for her tbh

Alien Setä : Sofia's brother: I love her so much! I love her the most in the world! My brother: I gOt yOu A PrEseNt Me: Ok? My brother: Gives me a slap Me: I wish i had siblings like Sofia

Don’t mention it 。 : 7:08 she even has a good sense of humor

ur mom : *the perfect brother doesn't exi-*

Bender_is_great32 Bros : Ya know people with disabilities might not be pretty on the outside but they are the most beautiful people on the inside but this girl is both beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

Alien Setä : Yo that brother is such a hero

Özün ' : They remind me that, you don't have to try to be lovable. Love doesn't look for any condition. You are lovable just the way you are

RainXsun : Why? Why these good people who deserve good and healthy life are getting disabillities like this? She is so cute and I am very sad for her..

808steveA. Buskers & Street performer's. : If everybody was like the brother, what a great world it would be.

Matt Plier : She kissed her tongue

Rob the pressure washer Maniac : That is the best brother mom and sister 😇 :)

Nathan Saiyan : I'm sorry but I regret looking at this Video

Joseph Stalin : *in demonic voice* FETCH ME THEIR SOULS

Frizzable : Her brother gets so genuinely happy when she responds back, it's actually priceless 😭 we need more people like her siblings in this world

Albin Andersson : We all know that boy had a gun to his head

Dangerous Həart/Twinkle : Dude. Why do people even bully people like this I would treat them normally, like how I do everyone else.

kirill abramovシ : Божечки, как мне ее жалко😭😭😭😭 как хорошо то что есть люди которые поддерживают ее и помогают ей когда ей надо😭😭😭😭

musikdoktor : 0:59 that look in her eyes looking her brother.. Melts my heart..

Mahsa Babaei : That brother will probably grow up to be an accepting and nonjudgemental person ❤️ we need more people like that in this world

Addison Ehman : Her brother is so sweet. I'm glad he knows she's still an angel. God bless you Sophia.🌈

I_xyy : She's an epic gamer

MTsage : Why why say she is beautiful because you feel bad for her and out of pity instead of meaning it i mean if we are all being honest she is not physically beautiful to most but i feel like the way everyone is saying it is like almost mocking her.

Jesper Rauma : is there another button that 'yes'?

Vash Lee : Damn! What a big heart boy!

Toxic : It's unbelievable that there are 15.000 "people" disliking this...

Matt Plier : The brother is only acting for the camera

Василий Чайка : Что я блять только что посмотрел

Susan Susan : Can she walk on her own or she's just in the chair? Also YES

xEmpty.Abyssx : Mama is doing a great job in raising that little man.

Wayzan Tadios : Put that boy in a lying machine and let him talk

Тома Колесник : Ну нахер.... Я б не смогла спокойно рядом находится. Может жестоко, но правда.


Kai : The mom is hot asf what went wrong

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Most supporting family ever

straight to hell : Her looks have nothing to do with the matter at hand. Yes, it's an odd sight seeing someone's entire set of teeth on full display, and perhaps if she makes it later in life and ends up communicating more with the outside world she will face insults about this. But it's completely irrelevant. I think the point of this video is to show that even children who face severe adversity, disabilities both physical and mental, are completely and totally human. They require love, attention and care. They are deserving of comfort and safety. These SBSK videos strip away the cold and harsh scientific explanation of the child's disability and simply view them as a person who deserves an opportunity to express themselves. It's got nothing to do with the specific disability. It's about the person beneath it.

Janiyah Henry : Whoever thumbed down this video was just cold hearted and so insensitive like how could you do that to a child with a disability and their family is so cute

Артемий Балаев : Блять....

GILES Taylor : What am I watching

ShootToMiss : We need more people in the world like her brother. Seriously.

Gacha' Kay : Did she already have that condition when she was born? Poor Sophia😔❤

Akash Chattopadhyay : I am glad that she has a great family ✌👍

Random Gamer : Sophia is cute but the thing on her teeth bothers me

Scott Bb : It's the Jokers daughter!!!