Fahrenheit 451 (2018) | Teaser Trailer | HBO

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IISuperwomanII : Fire. Literally.

Pelusonmilk : please don't destroy the book ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hunter : Michael B Jordan's killing nowadays!! 🔥🔥👏👏

Ĉapelo : “You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”  ― Ray Bradbury

Svetlana Reznor : I don't know hot to feel about this teaser yet. I've read Fahrenheit 451 couple of times and I felt sorrow and gloominess through whole story. You know. Gray skies, rain, blue screens of neighbors. And reddish spots of fire. Not as epic, as HBO shows. No slow-motion, no E D G Y music. Just humans, doing their work and sucking at being fully alive. I really love this book. And I hope HBO won't fck it up.

Sidharth Nagam : Just watching the trailer gives me ptsd from all the annotations I had to do for this book...

Haider Hasan : It's gon' be Lit 🔥 (no pun intended) lol

Jada Grisson : Please don't mess it up, please don't mess it up, pleas-

Archangel Azrael : I love how so many people are so caught up that Michael B. Jordan is playing Guy Montag. Bradbury never mentions race at all, because it was meant to be ambiguous. Literature was meant to leave most of those points open for the reader's own interpretation. The fact that there are so many people appalled at this decision shows where we are at as a society in today's day and age, and honestly I feel it proves what Bradbury(along with Orwell and Huxley) was teaching in his story. It's not just "television kills interest in literature," it's if ignorance and complacency thrive long enough, it becomes an unstoppable force; the status quo that we become slave to. The world we live in today is pre-dystopian at best, and we need Fahrenheit 451 now more than ever.

Joshua Rosenblum : Hmmmmm. I'm not sure about this. I mean F451 is *ripe* for a film adaptation. But I don't know if they are going to "get" it. The book is not about government censorship. It's about a society whose members are so afraid of being offended that they demand that dangerous thoughts (and the books that hold them) be eliminated. Of all the classic dystopian novels, F451 is the one that had the most predictive power.

Abstract Being : This is truly the age of greatest irony. Making a tv show based on a book, that directly stated that reading books is good and tv is a tool for turning people into dumb slaves? Best idea ever

stellar : The amount of ppl that are gonna see this and never read the book tho

FakeIDisaFraud Fraud : That's why I got a Kindle...

Limelight Raver : The world of political correctness that the SJW’s long for, Ray Bradberry was a prophet the only difference is they don’t need fire to burn the world clean of freedom because censorship takes many forms and screaming “hate speech” works just as well and in many ways better because it is much more subtle and while not as direct as fire it has been proven to be the far more effective of the two in the long run.

Rudie Obias : This Montag fucks!

Vibrates in 11 Dimensions : Easily one of the most terrifying dystopias ever...

Charlie Toloza : Fun Fact: Montag skin colour was never mentioned in the novel.

KRWBY Productions : I honestly can't figure out why people don't like the music in this trailer. I think it fits pretty well.

Bradley Russell : "Coming to a police state near you."

Anton Klimentyev : Forgot to add in the comments: No one book was hurt during the shooting

ckotherletters : Is there going to be trap music in the actual show? There had better not be.

slashandbones13 : Hopefully this actually understands the bigger picture and isn't just anti Trump or just anti SJW.

Nurpus : Please make it an *adaptation* and not a commentary on current political events...

I'm LordOfTheChin : Michael "I WILL FIND HIM" Shannon

B. Sh. : Только попробуйте про*баться. А то надоели говно экранизации по типу Темной Башни, Тетради Смерти и т.п.

Volo : When highschool hits you back with memories of reading this book

Archie Smith : Now with nudity and swearing!

James Pringle : Ray Bradbury is one of my all time favorite authors so I pray they don't screw this up. The book is about censorship, and Bradbury himself is very outspoken about the subject. If they cut even minor plot points it still takes away from the beauty of the novel and it's meaning, ultimately missing the point of the whole book. I wish it will turn out alright but where it seems to be going right now I might not end up feeling to great about the outcome. I hope this isn't a disaster.

Clement Raka : Damn... I'm pretty hyped for Celsius 232. 778

TheTravelingIntrovert : This is my FAVORITE book! I've been waiting for a remake ever since Ray Bradbury passed away

Edwin Montesinos : That teaser looks awful.

Steven Brant : Terrible music choice! The original film had a hauntingly beautiful and at times terrifying score by Bernard Hermann... a classic score that will withstand the test of time. This trailer's music sounds like some pop song that will be forgotten a year from now. Too bad HBO didn't think in classic film score terms when deciding how this version should sound.

BeezOne84 : I wonder if we gonna see The Hound. Black Mirror did a good job with something similar in s4e5.

BlackFyre : This trailer didn't even begin to capture the theme or feel of the book. Feels like a generic trailer to appeal to the masses. This worries me.

♡venuz_babi♡ : Me and the bf are going to be watching this asap. Me for Micheal B Jordan and him for Lily Singh lmao jk jk movie based on a great book can't wait

Neil Armstrong : YES PLEASE

purpleshamrock17 : PLEASE let this be good! I’ve been waiting for a faithful adaptation since I read the book in high school.

HalCG : Burn 'em to ashes and then burn the ashes

Mr Quixotic : Tragically it's the right time for this movie. Sadly, the wrong people are making it. Not HBO, just the wrong people.

Adalor Bunnugger : People need to stop judging it by the music xD

Malcolm Morin : While the music, personally, was a poor choice, this was a good teaser.

Austyn Brown : We had to read this book for English and literally, freaking awesome!!

Harrison Mitchell : Celsius 154

MAX Power Abigail : WOW! This is the same book Im reading in school right now.

Tanya : Anyone know the song?

A G90 : anyone know the song?

JR Brodie : I bet people think it's about book burning lol

Emma Cat : This book scared the crap out of me in high school. I love Ray Bradbury! He is one of my favorite authors.

Mike : If they screw up the interpretation I'll correct it by 2030 when I make my amazing version. I already have the soundtrack picked out 😂😂😂

Mostly Accurate Reviews : Well, the movie looks good on paper....