12 Sips To Glory

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Sorting Myself Out : This is not very interesting but it was edited in such a way to seem very interesting.

Rishi Varmaa : I don't even know why I'm watching this

James Doughman : Who loves orange soda?

Kathleen Firth : Aaaaandd, he's drunk. Lol

Jeff Dieteman : This is a great little documentary. I had actual fun watching it, definitely made my day better. Excellent video. Keep it up.

aknight47 : haha this was great, idk why I was so happy watching this. you're a pro for sure!

squirrelbong A : wow matt, you have a real skill for this. this was 'fanta'stically done. You crushed it.

Gabrielle DeLaney : best short film i have ever seen

Merjot : Alright, this was fantastic. Shockly wholesome too

FLoat Sam : You tell a good story. I enjoyed it, good work.

Tiberian SnowCloud : This was wonderful thank you. Now I'm off to the store to buy some orange soda.

Spencer J : You can totally see the different shades of orange lmao

Ben McCann : The colour of every single one of them is unique to the American market. Fanta is supposed to be orange, not fluorescent crimson.

They Call Me Mr James : Cool video myself I love orange crush,it goes down.

busway27 : This made my day so much better.

Austin Beal : This was beautiful.

Teach Better : I need to know this man's opinion on Jarritos

Bram06 : He's drunk? That doesn't seem fair

silversobe : Who loves orange soda..... I do I do I Do OOOOOO!

Finian Blackett : I don't give a shit about orange soda and yet I really like this.

whatisthis131321213 : The hardest part was memorizing the location of all of those while drunk.

Prammetacon : This was so well made. You made a boring topic and made it seem interesting and exciting. You should make more shorts like this.

SweatyBallsSuck : Tremendous

Catson : Is it an ad?

Mason Durst : this is amazing his reaction!! "Really?!"

wizkidme : hell yeah man, keep making this sort of stuff

Danny Sillivant : I rarely drink soda, but the next time I get an orange soda you can best believe that'll it a be a Sunkist

iammattyc : This guy really likes his Sunkist.

Dommie : Can somebody just tell me how many of these he got right becase I don't have the patience to sit through the whole thing?

ilan levine : Totally going to assign this video for home-viewing to my gen-ed students when we cover the scientific method.

Michael Gutierrez : simply amazing <3

Jimena Sobrino : This video has changed my life. I now want to fallow passion !!!!

Ayyemco : I throughly enjoyed this! Also filming + editing skills were ALL THE WAY on POINT!

Kyle Priest : This is 100% . Haha. Choice video. I could do 12 for 12 too. Sunkist forever forever Sunkist

Nilgizmo : Drinking game: Take a shot every time the video says Sunkist

Robert Anastase : I also enjoy diabetes

Connor Carlile : Trey beat it up