12 Sips To Glory

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Sorting Myself Out : This is not very interesting but it was edited in such a way to seem very interesting.

Rishi Varmaa : I don't even know why I'm watching this

Kathleen Firth : Aaaaandd, he's drunk. Lol

jeff : This is a great little documentary. I had actual fun watching it, definitely made my day better. Excellent video. Keep it up.

squirrelbong A : wow matt, you have a real skill for this. this was 'fanta'stically done. You crushed it.

Scott Hebert : cut that man open and his soul would be the color of sunkist

James Doughman : Who loves orange soda?

ilan levine : Totally going to assign this video for home-viewing to my gen-ed students when we cover the scientific method.

Gabrielle DeLaney : best short film i have ever seen

CriticalCrass : This man's passion for orange soda gives me life.

aknight47 : haha this was great, idk why I was so happy watching this. you're a pro for sure!

zvarwig : This video has a very complex flavor profile, it's truly boutique in it's approach, but objectively delicious

siarghh : 1:13 lol his tongue is already orange and he JUST got here

Ben McCann : The colour of every single one of them is unique to the American market. Fanta is supposed to be orange, not fluorescent crimson.

Commander Oh Yeah Yeah : This was so well made. You made a boring topic and made it seem interesting and exciting. You should make more shorts like this.

wizkidme : hell yeah man, keep making this sort of stuff

dchamb : You should try the European Orange fanta, it is completely different than the US version. Its more fresh and natural, it actually has a % of orange juice concentrate.

whatisthis131321213 : The hardest part was memorizing the location of all of those while drunk.

AKG : This was really well done. Trey seems like a super fun guy. And this was also probably the most hipster thing I've watched all month.

Danny Sillivant : I rarely drink soda, but the next time I get an orange soda you can best believe that'll it a be a Sunkist

Finian Blackett : I don't give a shit about orange soda and yet I really like this.

The Exploration with William C. Fox : This was so pleasant. Your editing made it

Divad Nwahs : I am impressed, however, with that said, I feel bad for Trey, because these flavor profiles are all damaged by post-modern chemical hybridization of reality. If he had been born 40 years earlier, he might have been able to enjoy a true delight in an original Nehi Orange. Back then, no one dared to try to slip in cheap ingredients like high fructose corn syrup. Royal Crown was original royalty of Pop before Michael Jackson, and Royal Crown bottled Nehi Grape and Nehi Orange with natural sugar.

Merjot : Alright, this was fantastic. Shockly wholesome too

busway27 : This made my day so much better.

Kilo's World : Drinking game: Take a shot every time the video says Sunkist

Benjamin Hall : My fave video in a long time. Simple, yet hilarious. So dumb yet so well thought-out. So silly yet so meaningful. Absolutely beautiful. Great vid.

FLoat Sam : You tell a good story. I enjoyed it, good work.

Bram06 : He's drunk? That doesn't seem fair

Ayyemco : I throughly enjoyed this! Also filming + editing skills were ALL THE WAY on POINT!

OnQore : This is just a Sunkist ad smh

TheOneRedlight : Only one with Caffeine

Tiberian SnowCloud : This was wonderful thank you. Now I'm off to the store to buy some orange soda.

Catson : Is it an ad?

Michael Gutierrez : simply amazing <3

silversobe : Who loves orange soda..... I do I do I Do OOOOOO!

James Arnold : Cool video myself I love orange crush,it goes down.

Spencer J : You can totally see the different shades of orange lmao

Kyle Priest : This is 100% . Haha. Choice video. I could do 12 for 12 too. Sunkist forever forever Sunkist

Austin Beal : This was beautiful.

D Mc : Awesome piece of art. Great job capturing such a moment.

Eric Beich : That was a bright spot in my day :)

Jesse GrothOlson : This is fantastic. You guys get it. Well done.

Jimena Sobrino : This video has changed my life. I now want to fallow passion !!!!

Alexis Marie : What a wild ride. That was so well done, best 6 and a half minutes ever. I really want this guy to make more videos on mundane things.

sunking25 : Ah but have you tried Tango?

C C : Trey beat it up

Kayli Jarosz : Do you wanna watch the Big Bang Theory of Orange Soda? Or do you wanna watch the Parks and Recreation of Orange Soda?

Tom K : I should be studying right now

Based Jason : This is real talent