Navy Son homecoming surprise (to mom) 2015

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Daniel rogers : The woman looks like she was dead inside before and as soon as shes reunited with her son she comes more alive than anything, did he take a part of her soul with him

amira carney : grampa didn't know what was happening but he was ready for anything when he walked out that door lol

B0xfire : Lol that girl was like "really? you woke me up just for this?"

UN Owen : Great Korean reaction; "Are you really my son?"

Josh Whitley : lovely family! was very funny love how grandpas glasses where all crooked lol

Yvan Supartono : "I don't have strength in my legs anymore" LOL

navyman4 : I haven't laughed and cried at the same time that hard in my life. nice video!

Gaileen Yalwala : grandpa is awesome

RONY THOMAS : "You little rascal" loool...i'm dead!

Brad Cooney : This was one of the BEST homecoming videos EVER! Thank you for your service!!!

Smoken Gnomes : Probably the most American thing I've seen.

Wannchanak Wiang : I think at first her mom was scared that Jae is a stranger/robber😂😂😂

L Montemayor : "Let's go get Grandpa!" hahaha! awesome!

Lilly Darkfire : I laughed so much. Especially at your moms reaction. It was beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful video.

Antoinette Malone : THIS ONE MADE ME GIGGLE!!! But anyway, thank you for your service & welcome REALLY gave your mom a MAJOR SHOCK - ONE SHE WOULD NOT FORGET!!! 😂😂😂

kmnewell3 : This was so hilarious, mom looked like she saw a ghost or something 😄. One of the best homecoming surprise ever. 👍👍

SLYSPYHIWAY90 : Family is Family no matter the language or culture . We are more alike than we are different , some day the human race will get it

xzotic92 : very awesome reaction from everyone thanx for sharing

AnthonyD : To every soldier in the world, I would like to say thank you for your service and bravery for your country and your friends countries who are allies for you.

그림자808 : Cute family especially grandpa. :)

babycrystal123 : Haha this video was so nice and your family's reaction was funny

LTM DVP : wELCOME HOME HERO!! South Korean are one the nicest people in the world! very soft, polite and sweet... I love Koreans:D from the Philippines:D

Chase K : A nice homecoming surprise video.  You have a very loving and caring family.

James Carter : ah this is one of the best soldier surprise videos I've seen, so priceless!! Welcome home and thanks for your service :D

Ryan Leininger : this was a great video...thx for sharing!

zOiNhUh : your grandpa's reaction was the best

中村一郎 : Awesome video. The reaction of your family is priceless. Thank you for your service.

James sitati : This family is filled with love,such a nice family and the mum seems to be such a nice person.

nightfall22 : hands down one of the funniest homecoming videos ever. I loved every single reaction.

marly marl : That was awesome

Lami Lee : your mom's reaction was hillarious!!! and when your grandpa said that he couldn't feel his legs! lol nice viideo!

john smith : the best one so far for me grandpa is amazing

Joshua Bom : I love Koreans :)

Marco Păvăloaie : where is the suprise u scared her to death :))

SmaugDaDragon : Wau - she totally changed her face from 70+ to 20 years younger with a smile.

themeatyouworkwith : What a lovely video and what a lovely family :):):) Grandpa's reaction is especially cute!

SAMSON T. DARAMOLA : One of the best surprise video I have ever watched. Men this tight. Natural, real thing going on in that home. Cool, love u all.

Lisa Lee : This was so cute! Yes was bout to cry! Lol

mike g : That was awesome. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

akeem al : i watched this 4 times and still laugh .... best funny homecoming ever.!!

Flower : Tbh put the Closed captions on english its pretty funny

janey rekats : ur mum...omg! best reaction ever!!! i cant stop watching it.. brilliant

apple rizal : dude tak care your family with your own life are so lucky to have me..

devlin7575 : "you little rascal" great line ... hahaha - great upload. nice people.

malek96 i : Lovely family.. :)

EqwanoX : omg that reaction was hilarious

jeremy smith : Such a cute family!

Springtime Kreations Nursery : Wonderful video. I love the mom's reaction. I have never laughed so hard, and, cried, at the same time. Jae, thank you for serving in the Navy, and, thank you for sharing this video with us.

Daniel Savage : thanks for sharing and thank you for all you have done for this country a True Real American Hero

janey rekats : Awww so beautifully done.... love it. X