hallelujah Bill Wurtz

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Jasmine H : His videos always make me feel like I've time travelled to 3092 and 1992 at the same time

jiwoo ; : We could make a religion out of this.

NoCmtGaming : Finally family friendly content for my whole Christian family to watch

Sheep With credit : “praise the god damn day” Beautiful.

Jesus Christ : Best. Song. Ever. 😇

Roy UHC : Bill is the hero YouTube needs but doesn't deserve

Oneiros : Man you have mad cowbell skills

Jarrå Vinst : I think this a good presentation of what’s going on inside my head 95% of the time

iDGi YT : Bill is the only person who uses cliche lyrics and make me love it

TomK Gaming : His voice is *_LEGENDARY_*

Dan Kim : In this world of the internet being a dumpster fire in a cloud poison gas, I can always come here and know I'm safe.

Wrigley Strauss : this helped with my *depression*

The_Nyan_Cat_Cake_ Sister : I watched this like 16 timed in a row before I left. It physically hurts to stop listening. Thank you.

HaliniSnow : bill is a man who makes youtube infinitely better

Mysterious Television : 0:42 when you stub your toe

DeltaSceptile : I would love to see this presented in a church and then wait for the point when it says, "Hallelujah. Praise the god damn day." and watch the reaction from the crowd. It would be so awkward.

Gannon Fox : "oh slam that straight to the belfry" 1:42 What does this MEAN!!!!

Senboy 12 : Bill brings backs the lost side of yt

SuperGamersGirl : Is it just me or have his videos gotten less cryptic and more positive?

Sacha Vlogs : This is the kind of content I miss from youtube

SmileForTheCamera : 0:02 me when i got my computer working again

Joe Joseph : 1:45 this guy's playin' the spam


Ryan Barrett : Pretty sure this is the, "secret chord" that David played to please the Lord.

Aver McCallum : Bill wurtz's songs make me feel so good inside i nearly cried of joy listening to this song its so beautiful.

Hectic Binary Rapid Degeneration : poor horsey couldn't type hallelujah ;'(

iDGi YT : I want tabs on that Cowbell Score. Best be keeping it up there bud.

Aver McCallum : My cowbell score is 38,902. Yours?

AwesomeRobot15 : I don’t know what exactly what it is that Bill Wurtz does but I know he’s the best at it.

Gem : Pop quiz: 1. 2. 3. No peeking at others’ answers You can use your digital study guide ^

Lawrence Offley : I don't remember subscribing to this channel ...

Eskimo Joe : Bill will receive the Noble Peace Prize one day!!

Sherman Jonathan : I am so addicted to your videos. There is a hopeless happiness about your videos. Good job. Here some soap,. P.s I am still not Steve. Hallelujah!

henwill1001 : He invented his own music genre


Steve Stein : He plays two different cowbells; the second one (the larger one) has a lower pitch. Insane amount of detail in the music and the editing.

Tri ni ty : LYRICS: [Chorus 1] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah I'm finally on my way Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Today's a brand new day [Verse 1] And the sky's so blue I don't know what to do And the sky's so grey I don't know what to say [Pre-Chorus] And we sing ay oh ay oh ay oh ay oh ay oh ay [Chorus 2] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Love is here to stay Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Praise the goddamn day [Verse 2] And I can't go on If I don't know where I'm going And I can't go back If I know where I'm at [Pre-Chorus] And we sing ay oh ay oh ay oh ay oh ay oh ay [Chorus 3] Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah I'm finally on my way Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Gonna find a way Hallelujah Today's a brand new day https://www.google.com/amp/s/genius.com/amp/Bill-wurtz-hallelujah-lyrics

Arctric The Arctric Fox : This is something my teadher whould like xd

PJDLS Entertainment : *When you get a good grade on a test you didn't even study for*

X Radioactive207 X : I hope a church uses this

Fandom guy : 1:58 aww, horse can't say it!

Blah blah blah Blah blah : Holy cuss can I find this legend on spotify?

RatinGaming : Bill Wurtz is one of the few people on YouTube that actually makes life worth living

Man Of Your Dreams : Bill uploaded a video *Hallelujah praise this goddamn day*

William Mantzel : That boat flip in the beginning tho

NyobiFox : "oh slam that straight to the belfry" Cowbell high score!

nameless anonymous : Thank you for making this. Im going through a really hard time and this weird little nugget of a song made me feel peaceful and really is a small ray of hope and happiness in this dark time

Jaeden Madrid : I showed this to my Christian family and they told the Church now I'm a priest

Cinnamon Noir : I love how bill wurtz's songs are so catchy, yet at the same time completely uncommercial because the lyrics are _so_ insane. It's like the kind of thing you'd hear in a car commercial, except it could _never_ be in a car commercial. Neil Cicierega is kind of like that too.