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SATURDAZED : Wurtzwave is my favorite music genre

MH : Ok but Bill evolved from "Oh thanks for checking in I'm still a piece or gAaAAaArbage" to "I think I'm gonna be ok and the day goes on" and "I'm finally on my way" and this is just. Honestly so fucking beautiful.

a guy named qaz : why doesn't my church sing this

Interesting maple : QUIZ 1) boat 2) boat 3) not a boat

Moritz Sommer : well you see... the word "hallelujah" whIch is of course the english interpretation of the hebrew הַלְּלוּיָהּ (hallelu-jáh) is a liturgic ode to joy in the jewish-christian tradition and a call to the praise to god with the literal translation "praise jah", "jah" being the short version of "jhwh" (the name of god). usually this call is Made in a moment of joy and liberation. a joy and a freedom detached from doubtS or past trOubles. which is also the inspiration, the theme and the message of this piece. right in the second second 00:02 you can see the waves From his video called "history of the entire world, i gUess" https://youtu.be/xuCn8ux2gbs. where in the beginning of life in that video you could somewhat see the beginning of his success or his joy in this video, since that is his most Known vIdeo. at 00:11 he rides on his way-mobile which he underlines with the line "i'm fiNally on my way". here , the word "finally" indicates a struggle and maybe a long period of time that bill had been waiting for this success, this lonGdeserved sigh of relief we need after hard work or dedication finally pays off. notice also that He doesn't come back to singing about struggles, mishaps or dIsadvantages at all. aren't there too many songs about overcoming struGgles and they always have an underline of the exhaustion about the artists harder times? bill doesn't go tHere of course, bill is pure. he sings about happiness, new days, how no matter what weather it is (00:34) he's indecisive about what to do but he has nothing in his waY. he is free. maybe he got a decent pay recently which would be represented at 00:17 spelling "quarterly earnings", seeming very in his favOr. maybe he paid of his stUdent loans. only bill knows. ah i forgot about a minor part. at 00:13 you can see the letters and numbers "8FH3L4HAOWHE3L" which is of course millenial text slanG for "eight fuckin' hoes, three lsd and four hands on the wheel", indicating a drug driven orgy in a minivan inclUding the sex position "nuclear rat" being performed on the drivers seat. so just a normal regular gettogether under the teens nowadaYs, so much that its just a rgeular abbreviation for when something iS "lit". anywayy bill feels safe (indicated by the safety helmet at 00:49 ) he feels that his love is there to stay, a beautiful feeling to have to finally feel safe, comfortable and loved in a relationship (1:00) he has Worked hard, as indicated through his cowbell score "slammin' it straight to the belfry" and he has acHieved. an overall good feeling surrounds You when listening to tis song. with this said i want to address an interesting moment in this piece 1:13. A moment, in which bills dark thoughts, his subconcious full of nightmarish meMories and of past trauma flash through the ether and latch onto the video, depicted by an inexplicable cut through the music including three dIssonant bongs on a creepily distant, metallic drum. i highly recommend watching this part in quarter speed for the full experience. it displays: " quiz 1) boat 2) boat 3) not a boat " , Depicting an upside-down boat in the backgrOund. this opens up a conundrum, we have all thought about in one way or another, what is a boat? what is anythIng? is a boat really a boat if it's upside down? probably. but what happeNs if it's upside down? it sinks, people might die, things break, they rot, everything ends. is a boatwreck still a boat? am i still me after death? 1) life 2) life 3) not a life. is it just like that? what if there is no God and everything just stops? these are the type of questions this passage blatantly throws at you wiThout mercy. that is why i think this small passage is what really makes this a masterpiece. of course the attention to detail is fantastic but what will really stick in the viewers Heads is thIs quick, quiet scream for answerS. overall good tune, with something to offer for everybody. hope you enjoyed my over-interpretation and read the capital letters for a secret message.

Aztrosist : you are a beacon of light that brightens up this world

thatoneweirdperson i guess : me: i want a new bill wurtz video bill wurtz: *uploads* me:

jiwoo ; : We could make a religion out of this.

Wild Animal : He makes filming on a potato look good seriously

The Bob Blaberblob Show : I’ve finally catagorized bill. He is the first of the genre called abstract happiness

My name is Joey : My monthly dose of drugs

happy llama : Praise the Lord for giving us bill wurtz

KaijuFlips : So my church decided to play this song during service today

Mythical Pancakes : “praise the god damn day” Beautiful.

ZNA Games : His video editing style is kind of retro and modern at the same time Is it weird?

HaliniSnow : bill is a man who makes youtube infinitely better

Hexenjäger : Finally family friendly content for my whole Christian family to watch

Iced Tea : Bill Wurtz is the only drug I need

Roy UHC : Bill is the hero YouTube needs but doesn't deserve

Harry Harris : No one in their right mind would call this wierd

Jesus Christ : Best. Song. Ever. 😇

Gannon Fox : "oh slam that straight to the belfry" 1:42 What does this MEAN!!!!

happy llama : Man you have mad cowbell skills

Mysterious Television : 0:42 when you stub your toe

Dan Kim : In this world of the internet being a dumpster fire in a cloud poison gas, I can always come here and know I'm safe.

Harry Lime : I think bill's diet consists of LSD, weed and nothing else.

iDGi YT : I want tabs on that Cowbell Score. Best be keeping it up there bud.

I couldn't really find a name : *Hear's the school bell ring*

Tionna_H❤ : .•♫•Bill wurtz is the best•♫•.

Senboy 12 : Bill brings backs the lost side of yt

hmm yes interesting. : *_Y'all mind if I praise bill wurtz?_*

Lawrence Offley : I don't remember subscribing to this channel ...

Eskimo Joe : Bill will receive the Noble Peace Prize one day!!

Your Boi In The White Hoodie : I think this a good presentation of what’s going on inside my head 95% of the time

The_Nyan_Cat_Cake_ Sister : I watched this like 16 timed in a row before I left. It physically hurts to stop listening. Thank you.

Mahdi T.Ranjbar : you can make a religion out of this

iDGi YT : Bill is the only person who uses cliche lyrics and make me love it


Father of Good : And remember kids take drugs

THE RISER : 0:49 Took me a while to understand how he did that.

Man Of Your Dreams : Bill uploaded a video *Hallelujah praise this goddamn day*

William WTM : That boat flip in the beginning tho

Shalinado :D : This is honestly the most fucking beutiful thing I've ever seen.

KieferPlayzFTW : You can make a religion out of this Wait a minute... 🤔

Stefany Ga : So this is the thing you found when you get on the end of the Rainbow?

1ik : Hallelujah, a new song!

Jasmine H : His videos always make me feel like I've time travelled to 3092 and 1992 at the same time

Ramon Philyaw : poor horsey couldn't type hallelujah ;'(

Juliette Kostalova : Holy cuss can I find this legend on spotify?