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HaliniSnow : bill is a man who makes youtube infinitely better

Jasmine H : His videos always make me feel like I've time travelled to 3092 and 1992 at the same time

jiwoo ; : We could make a religion out of this.

NoCmtGaming : Finally family friendly content for my whole Christian family to watch

ugh life sucks : “praise the god damn day” Beautiful.

Jesus Christ : Best. Song. Ever. 😇

Roy UHC : Bill is the hero YouTube needs but doesn't deserve

happy llama : Praise the Lord for giving us bill wurtz

Mega Absol : Bill Wurtz is the only drug I need

happy llama : Man you have mad cowbell skills

Aztrosist : you are a beacon of light that brightens up this world

iDGi YT : Bill is the only person who uses cliche lyrics and make me love it

Elliot Loyd : I think this a good presentation of what’s going on inside my head 95% of the time

Gannon Fox : "oh slam that straight to the belfry" 1:42 What does this MEAN!!!!

Isaac M : I'm sexually attracted to this.

Man Of Your Dreams : Bill uploaded a video *Hallelujah praise this goddamn day*

Dan Kim : In this world of the internet being a dumpster fire in a cloud poison gas, I can always come here and know I'm safe.

Mysterious Television : 0:42 when you stub your toe

Senboy 12 : Bill brings backs the lost side of yt

The_Nyan_Cat_Cake_ Sister : I watched this like 16 timed in a row before I left. It physically hurts to stop listening. Thank you.

SATURDAZED : Wurtzwave is my favorite music genre

TomK Gaming : His voice is *_LEGENDARY_*

Wrigley Strauss : this helped with my *depression*

Sacha Vlogs : This is the kind of content I miss from youtube

DeltaSceptile : I would love to see this presented in a church and then wait for the point when it says, "Hallelujah. Praise the god damn day." and watch the reaction from the crowd. It would be so awkward.

My name is Joey : My monthly dose of drugs


Aver McCallum : Bill wurtz's songs make me feel so good inside i nearly cried of joy listening to this song its so beautiful.

iDGi YT : I want tabs on that Cowbell Score. Best be keeping it up there bud.

Hectic Binary Rapid Degeneration : poor horsey couldn't type hallelujah ;'(

The Loz3r : Seeing this before 1 mill

Aver McCallum : My cowbell score is 38,902. Yours?

Joe Joseph : 1:45 this guy's playin' the spam

SmileForTheCamera : 0:02 me when i got my computer working again

Lawrence Offley : I don't remember subscribing to this channel ...

FotU : I came I saw I came I saw I praise The Lord His name Is Bill

KieferPlayzFTW : You can make a religion out of this Wait a minute... 🤔

Eskimo Joe : Bill will receive the Noble Peace Prize one day!!

THE RISER : 0:49 Took me a while to understand how he did that.

Notwilliam Mantzel : That boat flip in the beginning tho

lyon. : every time i watch one of this guys videos he stares right into my soul and i dont know how to feel


Emily Speight : This feels like the musicians version of when an artist doesn’t know what to make so they just mess around with art supplies

Xeryun : a beacon of hope after the passing of Stefan Karl Stefansson

X Radioactive207 X : I hope a church uses this

robertmsmsmsm : *is this the new national anthem?!!?!??!*

Alien Doge : 1:25 More Cowbell

Sherman Jonathan : I am so addicted to your videos. There is a hopeless happiness about your videos. Good job. Here some soap,. P.s I am still not Steve. Hallelujah!

nameless anonymous : Thank you for making this. Im going through a really hard time and this weird little nugget of a song made me feel peaceful and really is a small ray of hope and happiness in this dark time

Gem : Pop quiz: 1. 2. 3. No peeking at others’ answers You can use your digital study guide ^