Hilarious Party Prank! - The Tricky Pencil
Mr Puzzle casually gets drunk while showing off a neat party trick

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Graham Dez : *spontaneously puts on the shirt and heads out to town after the making of this video.

roboticmind23 : you just wanted an excuse to drink on video lol

The Lamb : I bet this gets a lot of friends drunk. Nice one. I think I may even add it to my "Watch Later" list :) Cheers.

IllogicalBear : Great Video, and an interesting deviation from your standard practice. Keep it up!

Brian D : Like a true german, you drank for the video and was even unphased

Joselina Bueno : Me in the first few minutes: Finally a puzzle that looks like something I can solve! (Brings out alcohol) Me:Aw! I never get to solve anything!

Tommy B : Oh I need a friend for this puzzle? Well, looks like this is another puzzle I can't do :/

sehbehseh : lol i thought from the thumb nail that the red rings were like those click bait circles, but it's good to see our good friend mr. puzzle is still pure

Aironas Koliasnikovas : *drinks 6 shots of vodka*

SpydersByte : you just wanted an excuse to get drunk for a vid, didnt you? :P

bepowerification : even if I knew how to do it I would drink the shots first. FREE SCHNAPS!

The Angered Realist : Being that you are German, I thought you would have used Jagermeister lol

SeanDS89 : Snaps for schnapps haha love it :)

thecaneater : I tried playing along. Am now drunk. Was drunk before, but also still drunk.

Dylan Munsen : oops... I lost, can I go again? **burp**

Jayce : Use Vinegar instead of Alcohol 😂

Jason Flaherty : I love that you gave yourself an excuse to get drunk. 😁

Fred Sowards : Our version was called the 'idiot stick' because that's what you feel like walking around half the night with it stuck in your shirt.

Dan White : Great video. Love your channel

Reno Rock : Thank you for all my drunk friends. ; )

jay71512 : I saw that work but in my head it still shouldnt work lol!

yilmazok100 : I love watching my puzzle it's always amazing how he figures it out

Smoke Saibot : Anybody else thought that the red circle wasn't actually a red circle and was edited for clickbait? (In the thumbnail)

Hattmannen Nilsson : Oh, I remember this puzzle form when I was a child. :-) Thanks for reminding me of it. I need to make one now.

Kuleen Tripathi 912 : Wow u just crack every single puzzle and explain it sooo good

Grote Griezel : Great stuff. Of course i can solve it (not really), but i would just wait till i have finished all the schnapps :-)

David Toledo : That´s a pretty good tequila!

Little Bunny : Solve a puzzle while drunk 😂

Tedder Machine Works : He lost me at Mr. Pus-zlll. I immediately pictured a pus train on a trestle. The Mucinex guy hanging his head out the side of a locomotive....

Zachariah Grubb : You party hard bro! This is your best episode!

John Baker : Yes, this is diabolical :-)

Frank okiniko : Nice trick man, seen this once before real life and didn't solved it. Can you give me some size specifications or how to make one yourself..thanks

Southern Son : To funny 😄 im gonna get so many people drunk at my bar with this trick. Thank you!

Mr. Cat : I liked the shnopps pun

Aevea Alryca Hexendias : Ask this party trick to your crush while wearing the shirt. Not only will you have her look like undressing you, she'll get drunk in front of you!

The Gif : Great trick! Thank you, Mr. Puzzle. I love your videos!

Whited Out : So this video was an excuse for your wife to drink six glasses? Awesome

Kronk EL Kuzco : also you had me cracking up as you struggled to maintain your finer motor functions lol cheers!

Rookie Lock : Thats a GREAT one! simple but yet complicated :P thank you for sharing!

Gern Blenstein : Fill em with schnapps! Now THAT'S a party trick

mike wood : No way anyone could solve this after 6 shot of ice tea

Marvin S : A great Video! Ich muss mir sowas für die Party morgen bauen ^^ Danke fürs Video Grüße Marvin

Fisher Of Men : That's a expensive trick ..better better atleast $30 lol

Ed M : I think you just wanted to get drunk 😂😂

DaNextIProdigy : @ Mr.Puzzle you're awesome love ur vids

Hisoka Amorou : I liked your vids without that reggae music more tbh

The Wonderland Show : Very clever trick that would definitely be fun to do at a party. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Smith : Hilarious. Laugh? I nearly did.

Hangover Blues : It would take me 20 minutes.