Hilarious Party Prank! - The Tricky Pencil

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kooky flukes : That was just a good excuse to drink schnapps.

Brian D : Like a true german, you drank for the video and was even unphased

IllogicalBear : Great Video, and an interesting deviation from your standard practice. Keep it up!

The Lamb : I bet this gets a lot of friends drunk. Nice one. I think I may even add it to my "Watch Later" list :) Cheers.

Graham Dez : *spontaneously puts on the shirt and heads out to town after the making of this video.

roboticmind23 : you just wanted an excuse to drink on video lol

bepowerification : even if I knew how to do it I would drink the shots first. FREE SCHNAPS!

Smoke Saibot : Anybody else thought that the red circle wasn't actually a red circle and was edited for clickbait? (In the thumbnail)

Joselina Bueno : Me in the first few minutes: Finally a puzzle that looks like something I can solve! (Brings out alcohol) Me:Aw! I never get to solve anything!

Tommy B : Oh I need a friend for this puzzle? Well, looks like this is another puzzle I can't do :/

Sibis13 : lol i thought from the thumb nail that the red rings were like those click bait circles, but it's good to see our good friend mr. puzzle is still pure

RAZ3R : My favourite puzzle was The Tricky Dick!

S.S. : Being that you are German, I thought you would have used Jagermeister lol

Aironas Koliasnikovas : *drinks 6 shots of vodka*

SeanDS89 : Snaps for schnapps haha love it :)

Jayce : Use Vinegar instead of Alcohol 😂

Jason Flaherty : I love that you gave yourself an excuse to get drunk. 😁

thecaneater : I tried playing along. Am now drunk. Was drunk before, but also still drunk.

SpydersByte : you just wanted an excuse to get drunk for a vid, didnt you? :P

Tristan Rempel : No spoiler break!!! Lol

Aevea Alryca Hexendias : Ask this party trick to your crush while wearing the shirt. Not only will you have her look like undressing you, she'll get drunk in front of you!

Numb Tee : I remember this one from so long ago....still have "the pencil and thread"....more like a thin rope.....thanks for the memories......

blacklion79 : I've read, that this trick with shirt was used as marketing trick for insurance salesmen in USA. Salesman try to sell insurance to you and in converstaion attach wooden stick with engraved name of his insurance company to your jacket's buttonhole. And promise to show you how to remove it if you buy insurance from him.

2000Meilen : The best way to prank xour freinds with this trick is to use some terrible tasting Schnapps, so they panic even more. Pfefferschnapps and Absinthschnapps are good examples. Seriously, NO ONE wants to drink more than one shot of Pfefferschnapps.

WesIsaLeo : Now for the Snap Fingers Produce Glasses of Booze trick. I'd barkeep all over the world.

Daikkenaurora : Hahaha he just wanted a drink

yilmazok100 : I love watching my puzzle it's always amazing how he figures it out

Little Bunny : Solve a puzzle while drunk 😂

Whited Out : So this video was an excuse for your wife to drink six glasses? Awesome

Henry Powell : Now that's cool. With the drinks even

Shupermod is the man : Good thing I subscribed, now I get notified when these awesome videos come out :)

Herson Barreto : Very good video, and nice challenge to do to friends.

Kuleen Tripathi 912 : Wow u just crack every single puzzle and explain it sooo good

Marvin S : A great Video! Ich muss mir sowas für die Party morgen bauen ^^ Danke fürs Video Grüße Marvin

Dan White : Great video. Love your channel

Hattmannen Nilsson : Oh, I remember this puzzle form when I was a child. :-) Thanks for reminding me of it. I need to make one now.

W W : hahaha love the schnaps pun!

BoredPyro : Mr. Puzzle's excuse to drink in a video :P

Eddy Fontaine : Very nice trick ! Thanks !!!

A Kommentár Xiszó : dont tell me you actually drank it

omgwtfbbq : I wanna drink with Mr. Puzzle!!

oldhippy 101 : The shirt I’m wearing has the same pattern.

Marcel Pastek : Super great trick

Tom John : Verarsch die Leute nicht! Als ob Alkohol in den Gläßern war 🤔😉

HYEOL : nice water

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz : "...good stuf"

DaNextIProdigy : @ Mr.Puzzle you're awesome love ur vids

The Wonderland Show : Very clever trick that would definitely be fun to do at a party. Thanks for sharing!

Hisoka Amorou : I liked your vids without that reggae music more tbh

Desperadox23 : Nice one!