I Hired a Retoucher on Fiverr for $5!!

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Manny Ortiz : This is such a funny video. I literally died when the shrek edit popped up

Matt Abalos : I’m gonna have nightmares with the first edit for .25 cents. Hahahahahaha thanks Irene.

Anita Sadowska : I think the first guy is a definite winner 😂

Paulo Ferreira : The cheapest one was clearly the best. Imagine all the work he/she had turning the model into Shreks wife? That's not easy)))

Ivan Ulyanov : "I might be biased, but I do think that my personal retouch is the best" Damn right you are biased! I mean, sure, your edit is by far the prettiest, and the most natural one at the same time, but think about how much joy the Shrek one has brought to the world. All that joy for 25 cents. Amazing value.

Billy Ben : I would like to see the Cheapest Editor do a full shoot of 20 of your shots.... Just to see how consistent their work is.

Rami H : The first guy can't be serious. I think he was trolling you, 100% for .25 $ .I mean no one in their right cracker would have to look twice to know they did a shit job. 100 % trolling at the finest level.

Memeorandum of Understanding : damn....and i thought that the thumbnail was clickbait...

Mathieu Stern : This is so great, i could not stop laughing !

Yusuf Maulana Aripin : Is not that they charge cheap price because not respect with their skill, but because the living cost in their country are cheap, so there is no reason to charge $100 or $500 to retouch while they can live with $2 per day and using pirated photoshop or lightroom. A lot of freelancer are from third country like pakistan or india, with poverty and lack of job available are force them to survive and fiverr bring solution for them. Yes a lot of them having a very basic skill and sometimes have difficulty to communicate, but that's why you need to find a 5 star reputation seller and see the rating before order to be more selective. I also see a lot of designer, photoshop artist, graphic designer, etc in US or UK complaining about how cheap fiverr sell the creative work, but in the end, it's about helping other people to survive in their country, and that is what fiverr doing.

Mathieu Stern : You should do one where another YouTuber retouch and color grade your photos ;)

Irene Rudnyk : Hey Guys! This is a reupload as i previously had some trouble with YouTube processing the video and making it only available in 360. But now its fixed, and you can enjoy the full glory of these"amazing" edits in 1080p :)

ragdolllibby : You picked cheap prices. I saw there were more expensive retouchers and they probably do much better. It's interesting that you think $12 is too expensive. What do you think the price should be? I'm curious. The terrible retouching job was just frightful!! Will you give reviews on these people?

cyberwasp461 : Try a professional retoucher as we are well worth it. A pro receives about $250/hour. You get what you pay for!

Tomas Ramoska : From now on I will be sending all my weddings to cheapest version 😂

Brad Guerrero : It would be cool to provide the Original in a link for your viewers to try.

Nurb 2Kea : First of all: All the images look terrible including your edit. Second: What do you expect for a range from 5-10$ To properly edit your image you need to give more detailed instructions and time. You'll need at least 45min. to edit it to become a top notch edit. And no one can deliver top notch in under 45min. and 10$. You have, like most photographers, the problem with color theory & Photoshop. You're only looking for the looks and feelings you get when seeing the edit. But is it printable and are the at least the basic edit rules are fulfilled...? First mistake is made by the photographers not knowing their gear and how to use it to deliver good images. If the image is good, the need of big adjustments isn't there, unless you will create art. Most of these buggers are using a small range (like their brains are functioning ) of actions and don't know what they're doing & why. White balance, exposure, saturation, blacks, neutrals, whites then continue with masks if needed to change saturation, luminosity and colors for specific areas. After that you'll control with check-layers the overall luminosity, saturation & colors and correct your work if needed. What I say here has nothing to do with subjectivity. Subjectivity comes after this process, when you then start with a good corrected & basic graded image to make subjective changes. Just snapping a bad image and run some instagram lut's over it has nothing to do with photography and color grading. Everyone can do such sh..t with a mobile phone these days.

Ben Hinman : As a retoucher who actually knows what he's doing, this makes me die a little bit inside. I much prefer the original picture as shot.

d135 : In the first retouched photo, even though I LOL, I was very impressed with the retoucher's artistic vision but, I am a little disappointed that the first retoucher missed the eye color so completely. The eyes should have been a bright vibrant emerald green to help accentuate the red lips and orange hair. Please send this photo back to the retoucher to have the eyes finished! Thanks for a great video!!!

Marcus Florschütz : hi irene, i think you also should edit your photos more shrek-ish xD

YXLtheMAN : The first one thought it was supposed to be a Halloween picture didn’t they 😂😂😂😂

Robert Elkins : You’re being too nice to that 2nd picture. That was awful and makes me wonder how they had 1700 5 stars wtf lol

THATGIRL BRIT : Bahahaha what in the Ronald McDonald did they do to her!😩 😭😭😂

Juan Quispe : 7:51 I like it. He probably just watched "The Nun"!

Eric Havard : What? It's a hack spot... you get what you pay ( or not pay for.. ) I mean $5 for pro work?

AJ Johnson : So.....that first picture was......interesting. I have SO many questions. I'm having trouble picturing this person's reality. Like, what software are they using? What did they think they were doing to the face? When they delivered it, were they expecting a positive review? So, so, so many questions. Also, yes on the pro retouching video, I'd love to try and see an actual outsourcing option.

DVSM : *Fiverr is just a complete scam. I have tested many sellers for photoshop editing. I only bought from "professionals" who charged at least 15$. More than half of the "professional photoshop editors" don't even have photoshop. For example I have recently paid the seller "aldodel" that you can see at 2:16 20$ for editing 1 pic. He is a top seller, claims to have worked for 15 years with photoshoo and has 7203 positive reviews! He wrote me a completely confuse message, telling me that he doesn't know what the file I've sent him is and that his "Photoshop" can't open it. When I asked him if he knows what a Raw-Image is, his answer was: "A HIGH QUALITY PIC?!". My tip is to just stay away from this website. You don't even get your money back.*

Eric Fullerton : Art is subjective, so it's hard to please everyone as a retoucher. Honestly, I think every photographer should learn to retouch their own photos. Taking the picture is only half the work. Why only do half the work and trust a stranger to finish the job?

Linus Wärn : All three are bad in different degrees. First one must be a joke surely?

Yana Miller : The video turned out to be very funny! :) Though if to take it a bit more serious, the prices of $13 for a pro edit is a bit cheap in our world. I live in Australia and there is nothing called $13 edit. :) hahaha the cheapest you get is like $50 or so. It would be just slightly better, than the last edit. The $5 and $10 ones would be for people who order it through websites like airtasker or something

Andre Maagad : I guess the editor really be feeling the spooky szn

stepitup : I would ask that model if she would let you put that first one on a T-shirt. I bet you would sell a bunch this month. I use People by the Hour.

Alex : Thank for the nightmares, Fiona

Abid Dyer : Your retouch is the best !!!

Photo Tamilan : I know there are plenty of great artist for really affordable price - but finding a good one really depends on what kind of keywords do you use while searching for one! - Do search "Editorial/Beauty retouch artist" am sure you will find a great one!

The Emo Emu : Cheapest edit: "Nice photo you have there. Would be a shame if a vampire bit her!"

Joseph J. McAllister : Totally Shrek! Your's turned out perfect! That is how I would have done it, (Natural and subtle). I think photo retouchers might be good for people that have no photo skills at all. Like someone who took their own wedding photos, and now realize that they look horrible, and should have hired somebody. The thing I hate is retouchers hitting me up all the time. I'm like... Yeah, I have a copy of light room. Why would pay for this? Also, putting your images in the hands of someone else's personal taste is always going to be a bad idea. I think if you were going to keep the last 2 images, you would want to take them into light room and do some adjusting, and then what is the point?

PF : OMG OMG OMG!!! Are they blind or smthng... I feel myself now like super-luxury high quality expensive editor!!! I definitely must try myself on fiver!!!!

Momo Lopez : Was the first one supposed to be a Halloween makeover? Omg

Monzer Faisal : Yo this comment section is SAVAGE🔥🔥🔥!!!

Natalia Mi : OMG 0.25 cent edit so scarrrrry maybe this person was thinking about halloween already ...

sickology187 : Hhahahah dam I'm no professional editor , but dam I know I could do a way better job than all 3 on my iPhone using free apps and I can do it without destructing the photo and keeping it high quality

Chad Roberts : Bwhaha! I hate Fiverr! I've had clients whom I've done animations/designs for in the past after I've quoted them, come to me and say "Why is this so expensive, I can get it done on Fiverr for like $20..." My general response is to explain why Fiver is a bit of a joke, and if your looking for a generic template design that probably 100 other companies share, go ahead..."

Robert Jensen : I used to do retouching for other photographers and websites. Twenty years ago I had one job where I charged $3 per image for this website. They needed 500 images over the weekend so I busted my butt, and suffered carpal tunnel on my right hand/wrist and had to wear a brace for a couple of weeks, but I got the job done on time and the client was happy with the results. Then they got the $1,500 bill and blew their stack. It took a lot of back and forth to get paid. I never retouched for another person again.

Wesley Finch : woah!! first one is scary! Irene, you were far too kind with the mid and upper level edits.

world wide : Don't like the expensive one, the area around the mouth/cheeks to distracting...looks like she has a white mustache .

Jakov Jakovlev : O my god, O my god, O my god, O my god, O my god, O my god, O my god, O my god, ..... Oooo... my... god!...(9 reps) Shrek idea is the best! (7:35 - 8:40) cool video.

Duston McCreary : Now I must create a troll designer account... everyone looks like Shrek.

UbdU : Cool concept for a video, but you should have had all five different versions up on screen at the same time for us to compare more easily.

HuanSown TV : lmao i cried 7:50