April, week 1 pick-ups ft. drugs/police!

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[EDIT - Picked up by Kotaku! https://kotaku.com/game-collector-finds-drugs-hidden-inside-nes-cartridge-1825193456 Their article was published while I was on my way to Zero Gravity Games in Fayetteville where I found something else inside an NES game: https://youtu.be/Gat0t0jVrbw Not nearly as exciting, of course (hard to top this).] [EDIT - NY Post obtains police report for independent verification: https://nypost.com/2018/04/13/video-game-collector-finds-drugs-in-old-nintendo-cartridges/ If you STILL think this is staged after that and the full police visit linked below (unlisted), I feel sorry for you.] Yes, I’m rolling the update into a pick-up video. ;) Skip around if you only care about the big one but that wasn’t the only (cool?) thing I got that day. If you’re interested in the full police visit including a second officer, see this unlisted video: https://youtu.be/NrBN509-jKo [audio fixed] This isn’t the first time where filming myself disassembling an NES cartridge proved to be prudent: https://youtu.be/neUTZNb2CV4 (Xexyz prototype discovery on my old YouTube ID) Some expressed doubts that I routinely document disassembly of my games. Only the night before I disassembled Crossed Swords for Neo Geo AES, which I accidentally left out of the March pickups along with Bust-A-Move MVS and a second Neo Geo AES console. As you see in the video, I took apart Goldeneye 007 only a couple night later. Here are pics of the Crossed Swords unboxing and legitimacy check: https://imgur.com/gallery/7EqEd The video wasn’t useful so I deleted it but the roller-coaster ride was still worth sharing for those who understand why that reused box was relevant. Similar reported incidents of smuggling inside NES/FC carts: $5K in NES Golf (sound familiar?): https://imgur.com/gallery/1oXvy https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/z52pp/5000_found_in_a_nes_game_updated_pic/ http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?StartRow=1&catid=10&threadid=82952 Nintendo cartridges used for smuggling illicit substances: http://www.konbini.com/us/lifestyle/drug-dealers-nintendo-game-cartridges/ Live spiders smuggled in Famicom (Japanese NES) games: https://kotaku.com/live-spiders-found-smuggled-inside-bootleg-nintendo-car-1795113221 More drugs hidden inside Nintendo games reported on only days earlier: https://kotaku.com/suspected-drug-dealers-arrested-hiding-cocaine-lsd-ins-1823875295 It seems that the combination of lots of empty space, tamper-resistant screws, and enough intrinsic value to be worth mailing around without arousing suspicion makes NES games a popular mule for this stuff. It looks like North American Golf was used to smuggle payment and then it was returned with drugs inside alongside a locally-obtained European hybrid of Rollergames and Isolated Warrior (also containing drugs). Golf made a round-trip. No, that’s not “a drug dealer scale” as some have suggested. It’s used for determining ink levels in Epson T58 ink cartridges after the chips have been reset. https://youtu.be/ALahTXu2rSY Yes, I have a compatible printer (Epson 3880): https://youtu.be/lInPCHhxSVY No, it’s not an excuse (ordered with a chip resetter): https://i.imgur.com/Jm92wQB.png

Comments from Youtube

SonOfAKing : So all this time we had it wrong. We weren't supposed to blow in the cartridges, we were supposed to snort them. ^_^

Caleb Bridges : Those games are dope

Kalvinjj : I was gonna say it's a "cracked" game but it's not what it's got there

BytemeVV - : I'm addicted to games but this is ridiculous!

SpitfireMkIIFan : "Sir, we found 4 packs of drugs in these old cartridges" "Have i heared right, 2 packs?" "Exactly, one open packed of drugs." "It's a shame we haven't found any drugs."

C N : Your loss, you could have had the best Rollergames and Golf experience anyone has ever had in the history of the universe. Just think about it, "Let's play Rollergames...ON MYSTERY DRUGS!" That's gotta be a million+ views.

t0nito : So *this* is how pirates crack games!

Eddie O : Dont Do NES Kids

That Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts Flamewars : How ironic would it be if it was in a copy of Wally Bear and the No Gang

VERGUCO18 : great, free drug and a videogame at the same time

metallurgicarborist : drugs start at 7:44

Summoner Arthur : Glad to know I'm not the only one to walk in circles while in my phone

RDJ 134 : So you got Golf and Chasing the Dragon in one cartridge??

Gucci Mane La Flare 1017 Brick Squad : You should of called the cops but left out how many you found. I wouldnt of called anybody though.

J C : Has the scale out weighing up drugs haha

Race Blakhart : Whoever said that dope was worth five figures was full of it.

Paul Vanukoff : Should've used gloves and worn masks. No telling what was in those packages.

Stalin and friends : Today on cops

Dave Liao : Haha crazy! I'm surprised this video doesn't have more views. Love that one of your associates knew what it was (or thought they did).

johneygd : Hahaha now that’s a great way to hide drugs, by taking advantage of the emty space inside the nes cartride,just awesome.

microbusss : oh I has THE ultimate rare Atari 2600 mail-away game in my house! congrats on calling the cops to check the substance out I'd of done the exact same thing too

Andres E. Gomez M. : Good thing you noticed, it could have been worse. They could have arrested you.

FoolishFlock : someone contact Courtney Love and tell her she sold the wrong "game" cartridges!!... ; )

Brandon S : Damn son you got the deal of a lifetime

Jayzibbit cropper : Cud of never opened it. Got arrested years later on a search.

Alain Durkae : Captain D's is a phallic superhero*

gamerculebra : Nice pickups, just subbed!!

caprimann87 : what a bargain

Justin A : Now you are in possession of contraband.

FORMINGSHADOWS : Those parcels could have been in those cases for a long time...looks like meth to me

Ryan Reckers : Wow you just got the most killer deal on what ever kinda drugs that was I bet lol.

Jose Mary : That's insane !!

RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles : Kid from the 80's: Yo are we going to get high today!? Kid #2 from the 80's: Yep, i'll stash the weed in a video game cardtrige! :)

Emma Robbie Us : This is the FBI. I need to coffin skate your drugs.

NinjaPcMaster : lets touch it everywhere its so shiny.

Domingo The Shadow Mist STRATOS : Wow that's crazy about drugs are hidden inside the Nintendo game i have never seen anything like that before

Bluemilk92 : Some guys get all the luck (says a first world citizen, in his PJ's at noon on a Monday)

Adolph Oliver Bush : The cops probably seized the inventory for their personal gain. Nobody sells more narcotics than the police themselves.

SpyroGyro : That's one way to get YT views.

First Name Last Name : Imagine some kid playing this game in the 80s and now he opens his cart because he heard about the famicom adaptor and finds drugs

Jay Sin : Dude in the hat looks just like a famous poker player named Phil Hellmuth.

lil chxrrpp : Has a new meaning on BLOWING the cartridge

Nerdgasm_Reviews : Steel Collectables rules.

One Armed Retro Gamer : You made the CU Podcast.

KuraIthys : Ah broken things. It's funny I bought a SNES of ebay that claimed to be broken. It didn't come with a power supply or anything else (but what else is new these days?) Anyway once I got a PSU and some games to test it (it was a PAL system and everything I owned was for Super Famicom - the games physically fit, but they don't work), initially it didn't look promising... But ultimately it's the usual culprit some kind of corrosion on the cartridge connectors. In this case it's possible the connector in the console has seen better days, but overall it still works, so the listing claiming it was broken isn't exactly right. XD

Blank Stare : So youre telling me cips can find drugs in 30 year old game cartridges, but cant find any of my stolen guitars or guns or car or find who kicked my door in on camera in broad daylight. Next time anything gets stolen, tell the cops there are drugs inside. At least then they can find your stolen 18 wheeler.

Sanse : mate rly rly cool :D

5:30 Time : can you put the ebay name i wanna bye NES games 😉 haha crazy

don juan & twos : This is one rare VEIN in 'Shoot Em UPS' 4 Sure...