April, week 1 pick-ups ft. drugs/police!

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Culture shock Life network : Very real very scary

Jayzibbit cropper : Cud of never opened it. Got arrested years later on a search.

That Person With A MLP Icon Who Starts Flamewars : How ironic would it be if it was in a copy of Wally Bear and the No Gang

SonOfAKing : So all this time we had it wrong. We weren't supposed to blow in the cartridges, we were supposed to snort them. ^_^

Eddie O : Dont Do NES Kids

metallurgicarborist : drugs start at 7:44

Kalvinjj : I was gonna say it's a "cracked" game but it's not what it's got there

SpitfireMkIIFan : "Sir, we found 4 packs of drugs in these old cartridges" "Have i heared right, 2 packs?" "Exactly, one open packed of drugs." "It's a shame we haven't found any drugs."

Andres E. Gomez M. : Good thing you noticed, it could have been worse. They could have arrested you.

RDJ 134 : So you got Golf and Chasing the Dragon in one cartridge??

Summoner Arthur : Glad to know I'm not the only one to walk in circles while in my phone

Paul Vanukoff : Should've used gloves and worn masks. No telling what was in those packages.

VERGUCO18 : great, free drug and a videogame at the same time

J C : Has the scale out weighing up drugs haha

Dave Liao : Haha crazy! I'm surprised this video doesn't have more views. Love that one of your associates knew what it was (or thought they did).

Cody Frank : Congrats on the 80k views.. but this was entirely over hyped.. no final updates, no confirmation, how old it was, person u bought it from.. 23 minute video that coulda been 5 min.. cops said "synthetic" ???? It's could be synthetic anything.

C N : Your loss, you could have had the best Rollergames and Golf experience anyone has ever had in the history of the universe. Just think about it, "Let's play Rollergames...ON MYSTERY DRUGS!" That's gotta be a million+ views.

Race Blakhart : Whoever said that dope was worth five figures was full of it.

American Brony : Today on cops

BytemeVV - : I'm addicted to games but this is ridiculous!

Cody Frank : Who in there right mind just grabs an unidentified substance with bare hands and starts cutting it open? Very suspect. This whole video could be staged, we don't know if that's a real cop, he parked a 1/2 mile away.

microbusss : oh I has THE ultimate rare Atari 2600 mail-away game in my house! congrats on calling the cops to check the substance out I'd of done the exact same thing too

FoolishFlock : someone contact Courtney Love and tell her she sold the wrong "game" cartridges!!... ; )

FORMINGSHADOWS : Those parcels could have been in those cases for a long time...looks like meth to me

Caleb Bridges : Those games are dope

Bings : nerds

KuraIthys : Ah broken things. It's funny I bought a SNES of ebay that claimed to be broken. It didn't come with a power supply or anything else (but what else is new these days?) Anyway once I got a PSU and some games to test it (it was a PAL system and everything I owned was for Super Famicom - the games physically fit, but they don't work), initially it didn't look promising... But ultimately it's the usual culprit some kind of corrosion on the cartridge connectors. In this case it's possible the connector in the console has seen better days, but overall it still works, so the listing claiming it was broken isn't exactly right. XD

SiMs : Could have just sold it it like everyone else now the cops are just going use it and plant on on people nice

Alain Durkae : Captain D's is a phallic superhero*

John Dela Cruz : fake, prop drugs and friends dresses as cops

Justin A : Now you are in possession of contraband.

lkjyuiop : I have a nest camera but don’t know how to use it the damn cat chewed up the power wire My neighbor likes meth. I like to spy on him cus he’s weird

Unorthodox Otaku Guy : Wow got to the part with the synthetic heroin. WOW you never know what you are gonna find! Also thanks for getting that stuff to the police and off the streets.

Nerdgasm_Reviews : Steel Collectables rules.

t0nito : So *this* is how pirates crack games!

Brian Griffin : People commenting that heroin is white have obviosly never seen black tar heroin.

justin rivera : Imagine some kid playing this game in the 80s and now he opens his cart because he heard about the famicom adaptor and finds drugs

gamerculebra : Nice pickups, just subbed!!

Ryan Reckers : Wow you just got the most killer deal on what ever kinda drugs that was I bet lol.

Unorthodox Otaku Guy : Holy crap that's a lot of Ultra HDMI kits...

joey s : fentanyl from a lab in china %99.... im clean 6 months with the help of methadone evryone should urge for more MAT funding (medication assisted treatment) its the only thing that works for some of us.... it could be china white (uncut H) but thats rare in the states

purepetroleumjellly : why not just do the drugs?

emikuchiki : Alguien viene de gamer friki

Jacob Schute : Lucky it wasn't fentanyl

Mcnickle : Very interesting. Nice video.

Richard Kelbe : Just happens to have dug dealer scales haha

NinjaPcMaster : lets touch it everywhere its so shiny.

caprimann87 : what a bargain

Emma Robbie Us : This is the FBI. I need to coffin skate your drugs.

d : Why do you all use your middle name for everything?! In contact lists? Telling the police lady? Crazy.