My JDM MR2 Turbo Spits Fire For The First Time on the Track!

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Roads Untraveled : For those wondering about the C6 Corvette ZR1, its a very low-mileage car, and to my knowledge has never seen track time. Thus, the carbon ceramics had never been through a proper heat cycle, which caused them to lock up after a couple of laps. At least, that is my hypothesis, I only chatted with the owner for a brief moment.

poppasunny 47 : 3:43 the tires sound like Mario when you slide in game. Memories man memories.

AYardley : beautiful video, always love the cinematography especially how you express the feeling of the area/car over the screen

TX X : My first car was a mr2 turbo 👌

tich18 : I miss my mr2, I will get another.

Henry Liang : I'm only here for the MR2 videos.

Jae Illinbaus : That backfire tho💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥

I’m not a furry i swear : Am i the only one who wanted him to overtake the Porsche 991? lmao

Rennan Lucena : What a beautiful landscape around 5:40. Beautiful track!

dylan t : please dont k24 swap

Kevin Minato : Andrew tapping on your car like a non car enthusiast =p

Kylo Ren : First

Alex Perez : I’m buying my first MR2 this week been a subscriber since years behind, and boy am I happy to see this video.

Tommy Gun : POS corvette zr1!

yes sir : Damn that thing looks slow as balls . Considering we have the same name .... I am offended .

Cokan M : Do you have any over stear problems

Project D : DOT 5 = Silicone fluid - Do Not Use for performance or mix with any other fluid. DOT 5.1 is ok, but the DOT rating doesn't matter as much as the wet/dry boiling points. You didn't upgrade your brake fluid before a weekend at area 27? This is upgrade #1 son! Dot 3/4/5.1 is pretty much irrelevant, you need a high wet boiling point like Castrol SRF or ATE super yellow on a budget at a minimum. Brake fade over 15$ of fluid sucks every time. I knew you needed a little help getting started at the track, PM me guys I'm in the area. The cobalt was a little painful to see on track too, we could have brought my E36 build for a shakedown + baseline; then your producer could've properly wet his beak. Would have made a better chase car too ;) FYI every serious track guy at Area 27 likely had spare brake fluid and a bleeder, you should have asked around! I don't blame ya though as a first track day means everything was coming at a million miles an hour - until you got on track in the open air for a little taste of freedom. You should have taken my advice from the C-section of your track prep vid and come to a track day or time attack at Mission Raceway to learn these setup tips before going to Area 27 where the speed and danger is higher. I'm sure you were in good hands with the instructors there though. To me it sounds like your alignment might be a bit off too (the tire noise is a little odd). I'd be happy to help you see if there are any issues with the setup some time. I'm stoked you caught the bug, hope to see you guys around.

3v4761 : did better than greater cars...just proves just because you can buy doesn't mean you know how to use it

Tork Motorsports : Mods on the car? Are you still running the same set up from the last time we saw the car?

Mintyfresh 96 : nice trackaktion. I Think if you pass somone on the track it's more caused of the better driving than the better car. even the fastest car can be driven slow. if i look to the Nürburgring IG: michi seus  with his e36 325i, he is passing all sorts of Thing.

Atlas : Yeeto

johnavatar331 : Stock intercooler?

Low Land : Any problems with overheating?

Tyler Dowd : Nice

Kevin van Neerven : Great vid! Too bad you didn't get a lap without other cars nearby until later. Reminds me of my track sessions. Nevertheless great video and the page has great content too! Only found out yesterday so i'm glad I found it! I'm sure to check more videos too. And I would really love to drive that track and/or visit Canada it looks amazing!

cody brinkley : nice '94 MR2

Victor Davila : Braided brake lines is a cool under appreciated mod that can help your car in the track.

Shawn Hilario : Sounds like a stock SR20 with an aftermarket exhaust

RockPaperScissors : Fifth

Bryan McKeithen : I like how as the video progressed it seemed like you got more comfortable with getting on the throttle earlier out of corners and braking later into them. Good job keeping up with those newer, higher dollar cars.

driftbro : Probably a bald middle age dude trying to look cool in the Vette

Maurice Clark : Dope is an understatement man! I would love to come there and check out that track. And the flames man! Mad respect for your build!

Tirjuan / 100% MultiGaming : very nice this track

ian mulley : Really cool to see you out on the track after hearing you talk about it on the podcast

solanod12 : This video increased my love and want for the MR2! haha

Cautoy Auto Customs : I like mr2 video And I mean as mine

Samuel Akinmade : suprised you didnt snap oversteer and crash

Dave V.H. : Great vid ! Views and sound were on point ! 🔥

redlinejae : Beautiful Mr2 man! I love the fog lights, the colour really pops and you chose good wheels to go with it . Overall Its real pretty

Donuts Drifter : Nice operators job and video content. Love to watch u guys, always pleasure to see this type of content on big screens with good resolution. Keep going guys...

Pete D : That 'tink tink tink' sound that only occurs under acceleration in the midrange.....

Mimmo : Great videomaker job!💪🏿

tom mcneill : Need to trust it in the corners more. You got a full spec list of your suspension set up?

Jay Baker : This channel deserves way more views.

Troy Cheron : What tires were you running?

mike lockwood : call out ur currant speeds as u drive 90, 100, 120, ect

Ronny Barz : I hope this track ends up on one of the next Forza Motorsport games. Looks like a fun track!

TrinomCZ : Why is your car shooting flames so often during deceleration? Did your tuner forgot to tick the checkbox "Cut fuel during deceleration if RPM is higher than XY?"

JMILK : Thumbnail at 9:05

Donuts Drifter : Did u try heal and tow or rev match on downshift on track? Or u didn't have enough time to think about it. Thanks let us know pls.