The Last Few Polio Survivors – Last of the Iron Lungs

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FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : Sad story, Strong man..

Danial Khan : The machine is not IRON lung but the man is IRON MAN..😇😇😇

Guus Martens : Because i am bored i am gonna explain what a vaccination is (im 14 and dutch so srry if i make a grammatical mistake) When u get vaccinated, they inject you with dead or ill cells from that disease u are getting vaccination from. If they are dead or ill they wont damage the body but ur body will react and make antibodies. Then IF u get the disease, your body is better prepared and it can almost right away make antibodies to battle the disease. (If u meet a disease for the first time, ur body takes longer to do whats necessary to battle the disease). Hope u learned something. The injection hurts maybe 3 secs but if u get disease it hurts much more so pls be wise and take the vaccination.

OJ_Man : Use this as a respect button!😭

Jacinda Lacroix : Please show Kat Von D this.

ShadowWhelp : Someone should get this guy a mic for his computer so he can have an easier time working.

Blah Blah : Anti-Vaxx Mom's: "He won't be the last for long"

Mister M : Patient: "Doctor, should I vaccinate my children?" Doctor: "Only those you want to keep."

- OlivenickO -2 : I swear antivaxers are the some of the dumbest people on earth

Murdoch Last name : guys the polio vaccine WASN’T INVENTED WHEN HE GOT IT! I want this to be known so that people don’t blame his family! People seem to skip over the part of the vid where he says that the vaccine wasn’t invented yet!

excusemyawkwardness : It still baffles me that there are parents out there who are against vaccinating their infants and children.

Richard Ramis : God bless Paul :( I hope god give him another chance :( god bless

GreenPoem : What. A. Guy. It's absolutely unbelievable how strong he is. He makes it look like it's easy to life like that. Like it's totally normal. And most of us are moaning about little things. We really should be thankful and fight to get the best out of our lifes and help others to get the best out of their lifes. ❤️

Bebi The hippo : Please can someone explain what polio is. My granny contracted polio when she was little and it left her with a dodgey foot, but she had a small surgery on it when she was 12 and then she lead a perfectly normal life. She's 70 now and she seems fine. She's told me that she had polio but I never thought it was such a scary disease. What happened to this man is terrifying. Please can someone tell me more about it? 😕😨

Gabby Mouse : This should be required viewing for those brain dead parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated.

Anakin Pisswalker : If I ever had that diseases just gave me a sleeping pill until I'm deas

Superintendent Chalmers : *anti vaxers have left the chat*

Manuel Jansen : That man is a Trooper, Soldier, and a inspiration

i cut off children's pinky toes : anti vaxxers think having a child living like this is better than having a child with autism

SweetXoXMira : This video should be shown to the people who believe vaccines aren't important. Edit: ...wth? Guys are you serious? Ok. So far as i made my A-Levels in biology and micro live, i learned AND experimented with real bacteria. Yes in vaccines is mercury but not that mercury who is toxic for the human body. It's for the bacteria only and their cell membrane to be able to manipulate bacteria. Bacteria always pick up foreign (must be lighter than his own) DNA to evolve. So you put the already old, nearly dead bacteria from an deadly illness in the syringe and add the "mercury". After the illness gets released in the human body it will pick up human DNA witch is absolutely deadly for the bacteria. Now the bacteria is dead witch your white blood cells don't know and try to "catch"(yeah they are walking) the bacteria. After it's inside the withe blood cell it tries to figure out what "doc system" the bacteria uses to be even able to attach on human cells to make it sick. (bacteria docs on human cells and manipulate the cell to produce his DNA--> new bacteria until it bursts and new bacteria roam free again) After it found the doc system of the dead bacteria the blood cell evolve and make an fake doc system where the bacteria think it's a human cell. So if you once again get the same illness the bacteria thinks the white blood cell is a normal cell he can put his DNA in it. But no. I twas running in his death.

Fiona LoveHorses : OMG I FEEL SO BAD...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 BLESS him! Bless him!!!

Henry Black : I guarantee you the anti-vaxxers think this is "vaccination propaganda."

Life with Irmak : God bless this man! He is so so strong! ❤️❤️

Leo The pc gamer : I feel bad for him 😭😭😢😿🤞🏻like if you agree sad

Nudge : Avengers Endgame trailer dropped

최민서 : A victim of polio, but a true winner in life. I admire his willpower and I also agree to the importance of eradicating polio globally and permanently. Thank you for your story, Mr. Paul Alexander. I deeply respect you.

Jim Passias : Ok YouTube I watched it happy?

J de Pape : My oldest brother also contracted polio around the same time.  He was confined to an iron lung until 1976 when he died of kidney failure.

CrypticApathy : Better figure out how to make them again. Antivaxxxers are bringing it back!

Justin Y. : Honestly this does not look like a life worth living

Danny Retana : Wow this shit is real, I always thought it was only from Spongebob

Berthold Heisterkamp : Wow, i would have killed myself, couldnt handle it. This guy is tough.

Maja xmemes : Nah man If I were religious than God bless you

Shane Bailey : fear not, iron lung manufacturers, anti-vaxers will make sure you stay in business

Mariyah Ali : You’re a hero, Paul. A bloody inspiration.

Stephen Stumpf : This video should not only show the power of vaccines, but it also should show that even in the most dire circumstances, you can still accomplish your dreams to the best of your ability. This man has inspired me.

• •Trippy • • : "period" LSNSBNSNSB

Racoon : It might sound rude but should that man still be alive? He suffers everyday? Dont you think he is done tbh?

z u c c y : Weirdly, this went viral on indonesian tv a few days ago which is weird af. I saw it when i was in bali.

Da Dragon Durp : Welp and I thought that scene from Spongebob where he was attached to a machine like this one couldn't possibly be real....

Danielle the dragon : to be honest, i disliked this video. not because i'm heartless or something. but i can't give a like to a video with a poor man that is suffering.

Ashish Saundade : May you find eternal rest, Paul.

AlwaysDragon : i want to give that man a big hug

Лиля Овощ : Show that to Kat Von D please

Syrtech : Such a brave man and thank god for Jonas Stalk. That man saved so many lives from being stuck into this or losing their life from polio

Eter Wael : And I’m complaining about my baldness 🤦‍♂️

ColdFlameKing TV : So this man is the last of the iron lungs

Roberto Quevedo : We are strong but he is waaay stronger

csreindeer : Only a couple months after the vaccine was discovered... OUCH