The Last Few Polio Survivors – Last of the Iron Lungs

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Gizmodo : Watch what happens when Gizmodo reporter Kashmir Hill tries to block a tech giant like Amazon from her life:

AVI : This guy is a lawyer with thousands of clients, passed the bar and led a full life? Damn.

Ernestina Asiamah : God pls forgive me for been ungrateful😭😭😭

Leopaws ™ : For the people who say vaccines cause autism, instead of saying you're wrong, I'll just ask this question: Autism or this?

Matty GT : I know thousands of people have said it but I’m going to say it again. Vaccine your children. They will thank you.

FSXNOOB - GAMES & MORE : Sad story, Strong man..

Humanity's End : Those 4.9 dislikes are the parents who believe that they don't need to vaccinate their children.

I'm a Bot : Yet there is still people who protest against vaccination

Kuuna : “vAcCiNeS cAuSeS aUtIsM” -antivax mom

Noelia Gutierrez : What pisses me off the most is the argument that vaccines cause autism. 1. It doesn't 2. You're willing to put your child and other children through deseases that can have long term damage on them and could kill infants exposed to the desease because you are afraid they will get autism 3. We need to end the stigma against autistic kids because autism is 1000× better than putting your child through this.

ShadowWhelp : Someone should get this guy a mic for his computer so he can have an easier time working.

Nick Menendez : I am so lucky. We are so lucky. appreciate life.

Kitty Coyote : My great grandmother got polio when she was 21 and didn’t get out of bed for a year. She was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. But she learned to walk with a walker and kept on going, and she still had five kids and lived till she was 95 years old. She’s truly inspiring to me.

Ellie Krueger : Please vaccinate your children and yourself if you are able to. Protect yourself and others, this is completely avoidable!

Hurshell Curtis : is paul still alive today? (i hope he is.)

Gabby Mouse : This should be required viewing for those brain dead parents who refuse to get their kids vaccinated.

Pillbug Monkey : This is why I hate anti vaxx parents, they ruin the lives of not only their child, but endanger all other children.

Caity C : When I watch this sometimes I can't believe my grandmother survived this

lil roblox : To everyone with polio, My heart goes out to you and your family. I may not be the most experienced but I can only imagine how difficult having polio is. Stay strong. Polio is tough but you are tougher. God bless you and your family.

Silas Clausen : Man if all those anti vaxers saw this 😮😌

Danial Khan : The machine is not IRON lung but the man is IRON MAN..😇😇😇

rhoads' girl : My parents, myself, my children and now my grandchildren are all vaccinated and we have no problems . Thankfully . So as said by many people, please vaccinate your child.

NotJustinY. : As someone with autism, I am glad I have it and not this.

Emilie Harrell : I honestly rather die...God bless this man😢

Moonbeam Moonbeam : These anti vaccine morons need to watch this and see what they could be risking.

Diamante Dea : Wow. Incredible. So sad that this man has had to live his life this way but how incredible he has accomplished so much!

*insert witty username* : India became completely polio free 5 years ago because of the free polio vaccine campaign by the health ministry. Eastern countries are becoming disease free while the countries in the west are going back to the 14th century and having an average lifespan of 40.

Philadelphia G : That was the most nice and most sad thing I have ever watched. It is amazing what this man is going through and tho he could just kill himself so he doesn't have to go throught all of this, no, he goes on to life and shows people that life can be hard but the nice parts are stronger, better and they worth it! My big congratulations to this man for what he is showing and teaching the world.

Michael Smith : I thought that it was a spongebob creation

little miss : I would rather die than live like that. He's so strong

SweetXoXMira : This video should be shown to the people who believe vaccines aren't important. Edit: ...wth? Guys are you serious? Ok. So far as i made my A-Levels in biology and micro live, i learned AND experimented with real bacteria. Yes in vaccines is mercury but not that mercury who is toxic for the human body. It's for the bacteria only and their cell membrane to be able to manipulate bacteria. Bacteria always pick up foreign (must be lighter than his own) DNA to evolve. So you put the already old, nearly dead bacteria from an deadly illness in the syringe and add the "mercury". After the illness gets released in the human body it will pick up human DNA witch is absolutely deadly for the bacteria. Now the bacteria is dead witch your white blood cells don't know and try to "catch"(yeah they are walking) the bacteria. After it's inside the withe blood cell it tries to figure out what "doc system" the bacteria uses to be even able to attach on human cells to make it sick. (bacteria docs on human cells and manipulate the cell to produce his DNA--> new bacteria until it bursts and new bacteria roam free again) After it found the doc system of the dead bacteria the blood cell evolve and make an fake doc system where the bacteria think it's a human cell. So if you once again get the same illness the bacteria thinks the white blood cell is a normal cell he can put his DNA in it. But no. I twas running in his death.

Rock Stone : One Nigerian kid + an army of anti vaxxers.......recipe for disaster

Ceddyboii : Poor dude at least he lived a great life 💪🏽

M LG : If a parent gets it in there head to stop immunizing their children; show them this.

the depreshed bean : 1 like = this man will no longer have polio

Parcoure Masters : I feel bad for this legend😢

kintsukuroi8 : So happy I stumbled upon this video--just when I was about to give up on LSAT prep because it's been stressing me out too much. If he can become a lawyer, so can I.

vonwolfie : Strongest man on earth. Love him, God bless you Paul. ❤

Awesome_ Karenlyn : Wow what a strong man, that is why children should get their flu shots/ vaccine shots or u will get ill

Fahad Jamal : You gotta respect people who don't give up on life even after this. I know I would.

Nudge : Avengers Endgame trailer dropped

Just a Towel, Nothing to see. : I'm Vaccinating my children.

ZeekielGames : Wow. He still lived his life to the fullest - passing a bar exam! Wow, those test are extremely difficult and passing rates are very low. No excuses, live your life to the fullest!

Tafs : I feel so bad he can't move and his disease I feel so so bad! 😭😪

theblastfrank #1 : Is it me or it’s annoying how his head is about to fall off the pillow

Jourley Jr : This guy is a warrior!

Jane ILISCUPIDEZ : Pray to god for him to be ok and to be safe cause I feel bad for him he couldn’t walk or anything so pls pray for him

Ryan Hall : Just like Mr Glass....This man is not a cripple. He is an absolute Genius. A Mastermind. He Accomplished more in his life than what most people couldn't do combined. And he did it in a weakened state, in a Iron Lung. But his Mind is fully intact and it's absolute Astonishing. A real life Mr Glass, Except instead of Evil... he does Good for the world. Imagine if this guy used his gift of Intelligence for malicious acts. Imagine if he was Evil?

Jeremy K : How does he use the restroom?

Regular Apple : Fortnite is the fastest spreading disease since minecraft