Coach tucker double leg goes wrong
Coach tucker double leg goes wrong

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Best double leg fail ever. Coach tucker shows how not to double leg. * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.


LOOTd : I want to hear that scream in movies

missing hours : no one flinched when the dude screamed. if this was staged its brilliant, if it wasnt, its also still brilliant.

Wickedstorm gaming : Can we make this the new wilhelm scream?

David Webb : I like how dude kept a straight face and kept on explaining

kstars : love how he goes after him even after he flies off screen. hilarious

Io Kolasinski : I think I'm on my 30th replay this video is going to make me rupture a lung

Yash Garg : I like how he throws the guy away and then jump after him like „we‘re not finished here motherfcker“

ShadowDragonAJ/Ant Jackson : 0:12 IM NOT DONE WITH YOU!!!!’

Riden12112 : 0:10 when your dad grabs his belt

Anonymous501 : Beautiful technique, picture perfect execution.

Tounushi : I now understand what "yeet" means.

tony lusardi : As a Muay Thai practitioner myself. This is without a doubt, the funniest rolling video I have ever seen. That God damn scream

SJay Markland : I wonder how many air miles he collected?

Okolobaha : This is so wholesome. The dude talking with straight face, the scream, the guy flying, Lizzy with some good old booty, big guy who seems to enjoy what's going on. Everything is just perfect.

John Landquist : Can't stop watching this :D

Jack Bowcott : No one bats an eye when he gets thrown clear across the room, so I'm going to assume this happens a lot?

YusukeLn : pretty nice how the guy jump out of frame after that majestic technique

DJSiQRiQ : Win a goldfish here

Dave Croft : The timing was too perfect

MegaYangman : Dude sounds like the screaming goat!! Lol!

Niggor Faggit : Hollywood please listen this new Wilhelm scream

zedrow69 : Collider Live brought me here.

Connor Anderson : YEET


José Baby : that dude threw the other dude into another dimension

M7656King : Lol thrown out of the shot then the guy pauses.. “MOOAR!!”

Darth Vader : Not gonna lie....i only subscribed cuz of that scream

Robin Lundqvist : the way he jumps out of frame too haha brilliant

Korgon2013 : Reddit brought me here. The sound make it all worth while. Nice throw!!!

AutumnRainStorm : My wrestling class in a nutshell.

Matthew Howard : FINISH HIM!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Springfart : this could be the Wilhelm scream of a new generation

AJ Weest : I can never help myself to crack up laughing at the guy screaming as he’s been thrown, or was it a woman? Couldn’t tell as I was crying so hard of laughter 😂😂😂

Tanya Loika : saw this in 144p a bunch of times and THEN i saw a link to youtube in the comments :/

John Keane : A lot of people are missing the joke. As hes explaining how a smaller opponent can take down a larger, that's also happening in the background. When he says size doesn't matter as long as she keeps going forward, that's simultaneously happening in the background only the bigger guy counters. This is obviously a gag. Its brilliantly done to. Bravo.

Charlie Luciano : I wouldn't mind this taking over the famous Wilhelm scream

Candi Soda : Lol and the two behind them demonstrates what to do if YOU are the bigger person =D

TheTrueLlamacorn : The pair up the back looked but they're just like "don't make eye contact! Look away!"

Vasili Sotiriou : The amount of times I laughed at this I damn near piss my self every time

50 Shades of Geek : When did Macuga started doing MMA?

LordMarshall1008 : The fact that everyone continues doing what they're doing without laughing is amazing!

emt5330 : After I saw this, every time one guy I train judo with went to throw me, I screamed WAAAAAAAAUGH! like that guy just for fun.

Yourboi Rob : The scream is priceless, and it's even funnier because the guy was doing what the coach was explaining and it fails😂

Dusty Leaves : I've watched this so many times oh my god

R Lewis : Such elegance and grace~*

WOAH MAR : Who else is here from ig

Tierny Rose : “As long as she runs her feet it doesn’t matter how big and strong the guy is” *guy gets hurled across mat even though he was running his feet* Seems legit 😂

Mark mellow : Ive watched this so many times and i always laugh at it XD

Big Z 619 : I can't stop watching this 😂😂😂