Coach tucker double leg goes wrong

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LOOTd : I want to hear that scream in movies

Longnguchicke n : I love how he stills jumps after him like "BUT I'M NOT DONE YET"

Wickedstorm gaming : Can we make this the new wilhelm scream?

missing hours : no one flinched when the dude screamed. if this was staged its brilliant, if it wasnt, its also still brilliant.

David Webb : I like how dude kept a straight face and kept on explaining

kstars : love how he goes after him even after he flies off screen. hilarious

Io Kolasinski : I think I'm on my 30th replay this video is going to make me rupture a lung

Yash Garg : I like how he throws the guy away and then jump after him like „we‘re not finished here motherfcker“

Anonymous501 : Beautiful technique, picture perfect execution.

ShadowDragonAJ : 0:12 IM NOT DONE WITH YOU!!!!’

YusukeLn : pretty nice how the guy jump out of frame after that majestic technique

MgSO43 : This is so wholesome. The dude talking with straight face, the scream, the guy flying, Lizzy with some good old booty, big guy who seems to enjoy what's going on. Everything is just perfect.

John Landquist : Can't stop watching this :D

Riden12112 : 0:10 when your dad grabs his belt

Dave Croft : The timing was too perfect

Homosexual African American Aka Nigger Faggot : Hollywood please listen this new Wilhelm scream

Connor Anderson : YEET

Tanya Loika : saw this in 144p a bunch of times and THEN i saw a link to youtube in the comments :/


MegaYangman : Dude sounds like the screaming goat!! Lol!

N2513Yat : Lol thrown out of the shot then the guy pauses.. “MOOAR!!”

Korgon2013 : Reddit brought me here. The sound make it all worth while. Nice throw!!!

tylerx2f01 : 0:10

Joe F : Staged. No way that girl could take down that guy.

Landmarkmoon : Wrastlin'!

Ian Morris : Press 6, you're welcome.

M. : Damn, that girl’s booty be clapping.

JrSpriTe : Play it with speed 0.25 and press 6. 10Q me l8ter allig8er,

Fun4uitstrue : gachiBASS

Darth Vader : Not gonna lie....i only subscribed cuz of that scream

TheAlwaysBluff : Wilhelm scream v 2.0

OMG ninja : ufc ready

styven richmond : Kyv xrdv zj fe, nrzk wfi wlikyvi zejkiltkzfe, dfiv zewfidrkzfe ze dp tyreevc. Nyf nzcc sv kyv wzijk fev kf tirtb kyv tfuv ?

Whistlecube : Press 6

fred rubble : 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

R Lewis : Such elegance and grace~*

alexdowneaster : Aaaaaaaahhh

Anthony Lopez : Is that staged throw in the background supposed to show that if the larger opponent is skilled enough, then the explained takedown won’t have the desired effect?

Clayton Moore : dudes in back smiling well before the guy is thrown, but fun vid none the less

Thirdeye386 : Just keep pressing 6.

李岱文 : That scream hahaha

Stefan Ekström : Mwhahaha

Eclipse.Splixe : Dying😂😂😂😂

Markus Magnon : Press 6 for the scream

Jackson Yuen : Sounded like one of those screaming goats.

MrSmokinGanja : This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

Patrick Bakuniak : Im fucking crying That was so good

TheIosif : I don't care if this was staged or not, 10/10 will watch again.

nabil HEX : I came from Redditwaaaaaaaaa'?h

Camilo Diaz : 5