Man Eats Beans

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Comments from Youtube

Copyrighted : Imagine this being your first gmm video and you're just like "wtf is this channel?"

Dakota Bird : This ni🅱️🅱️a eating beans

Jordan board : Mum walks in- "what you watching"? Me- "just some middle aged man eating a can of beans why?"

Teriyaki : No wonder there's car sounds. He's watching Cars 2.

Sydnee Craig : I don't know why but I made myself sad by watching this video. What's the story behind this guy? He works at a law firm but no one there likes him for reasons he can't understand. So everyday he brings a can of beans to work, sits alone, and eats them waiting for something, anything exciting to happen to him but it never does.

Devyn _ : I love Andy Warhol so much

Morgan H : I love that over a million people took time out of their day just to watch a man eating beans

Ashteenie Weenie : andy warhol is QUAKING

A man of culture : I spilled baked beans on myself whilst watching Cars 2 at a theatre and the a black teenager shouted “This ni🅱️🅱️a eating beans” and everyone laughed.

Heather Chandler : This would be his life if they never met lmao

Jocob Brody : 99% poeple just dont get the reference here

Ronzos Dad : If mr bean did this it would be 3000x funnier (not hating)

yoyotunes54 : Andy Warhol

UNAVERAGE KYNNGG : you watching cars 2 in the movie theater?

Emanuel Tube : I have questions. 1: What am I doing with my life?

fathima mohamed : i cant believe i spent 4 mins watching someone eat beans

DEATHKIT : For some reason it looks like a scene from better call Saul😂

Albert B : Andy Warhol!

Lemonadder : A short indie film about the modern working man, taking a break from his busy buzzing workday, to eat a can of beans. Incredible, 10/10, would rewatch.

Alana Dunn belladonna1771 : Tell me this isn't a parody of what Andy Warhol did...

random kid : Andy Warhol : 0% of votes Rhett: 100% of votes

Alexis Eckenrode : I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing and drop my phone in front of my parents while watching this

Whitewonder11 : Im so bored yet I'm going to watch to the end. Why? Dont ask me

k_alasmar : 1970: in 2018 we will have flying cars 2018 : man eats beans

Nick Sexton : While watching Cars 2?

That Classy Demon : 1/10 he's not watching Cars 2 in theaters

Dylan Chriiss : u know u made it on youtube when u can post this kind of content and still get a ton of views

Saleem Ghanem : Now this is the quality content i've been searching for. 👌

Da Boi King Pickles : This is the least clickbait video I’ve ever clicked

Midget Dropper : THIS NI🅱️🅱️A EATIN BEANS!!!

Muffin AJ : Bean ASMR. Good job Ret and Link.

Dylan Chriiss : i love the andy warhol reference

IhaveArestingsadf ace : This could stop global warming.

Liam Owen : This will be looked back upon as the peak of human advancement

Jadzia : Making a reference to Andy Warhol has officially become illegal

館山ハナミ : this has the same energy of that video where filthy frank just eats ravioli straight outta the can

Bluntski : Lmao. I was at the Andy Worhol museum last month.

The Three Amigos : what more could i expect

ShawolAD : Ah yes, an accurate representation of my daily life. I sit and eat in silence, alone, as I let the clamour of city life drown me in its din, so that I may be excused from paying attention to my own thoughts, because my mind is my enemy.

Nick Lee : Did Burger King just steal this for their Super Bowl commercial

Muhtadi Haque : This is their best video I've seen in my life

Yuvraj Singh : This ni🅱️🅱️a eating beans

Name : They have been saying that I have never seen a man eat a can of beans like this!?!?? Idk what is wring with this!?!!?

wt t : give us man eats cereal/peanut butter

SuperFunVlogers : And The Oscar for best live-action short film goes too..

Alicia Balderas : This is making me want Pollo Tropical's rice and beans with chicken. 😍🐔🍚 I love Hispanic foods.

Sammy Alsalih : It’s funny how I find it amusing watching my favorite youtuber eating a can of beans is that strange or normal🤔🤔🤔

xXCHEE537Xx : Yooooo this was in the Super Bowl yesterday 😂

alysha gail : Rhett Warhol is my new favourite concept