Wedding Vows Rap Battle Surprise

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JDiGi36 : I have a feeling this will be viral by the end of the day. Nice job !

Laure Boulinier : This is awesome! Hi Will, I work at the MailOnline and we'd love to do a story about your vows. Could you email me at so I can ask you a few questions please? Thank you!

David Carstens : You guys killed it!

Ildikó Mayer Nagy : Sok boldogságot kívánok Magyarországról :-)

Jtzkb : Do not hate upon this wholesome content

Sasi Mallik : awesome wedding vows rap. Interesting and easy to follow along. Congrats to both of you.

Summer vibes : Omg just awesome x

R Lopez : Yeah....this marriage will last about 3 months.

KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental : Good work, cheik our channel if you need beats ! 📈

Radu Ysya : This is awesome! (Love the YouTube description, too.) Congratulations!

klwl : Congrats! Glad that both of you had fun amidst the stressful big day (although the preparations for the rap battle must have been equally, if not more, stressful)... :D Also, interesting colour choice for the wedding suit! Were you inspired by Emerald City/Wizard of Oz or the Goblin? ;P

Mahmood42978 : My cringe-o-meter went off the scale.