SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Hunter : The Comic Accuracy of this... DOES put a smile on my face!! 😍😍!! *SHAZAM*

Dkshadowxyz : Rumours say: the next trailer will be in january 19th

Snapyrock : Shazam>Captain Marvel

Blue controller : I hope this movie is good as aquaman

Matheus Teixeira : So excited for this after the masterpiece that Aquaman was.

youmadbro951 : ok dc you have my attention

Arnold Eli : After Aquaman, and now this, DC is back.

Amer & : Shazam is the real captain marvel.

Vanshaj Singh : Paid disney critics will still find a way to criticize it.

Ganesh Rajbhar : Anyone here after watching Aquaman??

waterglass21 : Best superpower: tells you what song is playing.

Jabu Phiri : Captain Marvel trailer looks trash compared to this 🤣🤣

ChandSlam : Captain Marvel 👎 SHAZAM! 👍

secret roaster : Who's here after Aquaman's 1 billion$😍😍 ???

PKIce : Flossing > Punching an old lady DC’s Captain Marvel wins

Rostislav Paladiy : Shazam>Justice League

Anthony : The real Captain Marvel. First time I’m actually rooting for DC over Marvel.

Omega flash : More intense than Dead pool in comedy. And the first superhero helps people to charge their Mobile phone😂😂😂

Meadow Skye : who came after watching Aquaman!

Sharky Playz : I am generally a Marvel fanboy who only watches DC movies when there are no Marvel movies. Now, after Aquaman, I think I am becoming a Marvel AND DC fanboy; a fanboy of the two best superhero franchises ever. Not one or the other, but both. This Shazam also looks like a whole lot of fun. Great job, DC. You grabbed a Marvel fanboy's attention :D

Solutions : Finally a DC movie where the colour correction is done right.

Baby Driver : Aquaman got me excited for this one. It was fucking awesome

strange and random person : Who came here after watching aquaman

Julio Molina : Who here after watching Aquaman?

get that base : *Shazam was once called Captain Marvel, to avoid confusion with Marvel's captain Marvel they named him Shazam*

Solutions : We’re technically getting two Captain Marvel films in 2019.

Barney Isadinosaur : Aquaman is a great and fun film. I really hope this is good. Please be good.

Chris : Just saw Aquaman so i have high hopes for this. Come on DC, you can do it.

Memri oxox : Wow why are so many haters in the comment section. DC didn't still Marvel's style Captain Marvel has always been fun and goofy... You know why his a freaking Kid.

OMEGASandvich : Better Than The Captain Marvel Trailer

Alexander Clipper : Can someone explain how the disabled foster kid is wearing an AQUAMAN shirt while referencing Game of Thrones that the Aquaman actor stars in?

BIG NATE 22 : *S* Solomon *H* Hercules *A* Atlas *Z* Zeus *A* Achilles *M* Mercury

clue104 : Shazam might make a billion. You never know these days.

Aayush man Singh : Frozone:DC! DC: what Frozone: WHERE'S Shazam trailer 2! DC:what? Frozone:I said where is Shazam trailer 2!

Gamealot 9000 : It looks like DC is finally getting better again

JRplays : This is the spiderman homecoming of dc im calling it rn

Dempsey S : i am a huge marvel fan but i wanna see this more than captain marvel

SEANZO 7 : Almost 2019.. Who else is watching this all over again and waiting for trailer 2?

Bruce Wayne : 20k marvel fans dislike this

Shafayet Shubho : After Aquaman....I'm so hyped for this

Alexander Reinfield : I think DC might succeed with this

Pushpkant Verma : who is here after aquaman cracked #wanbillion !!


Michala Tyner : I'm actually pumped... DC, keep it up

redge fleming : The reason why SHAZAM is being look forward to than Captain Marvel is cuz SHAZAM is relatable, comical and very human AF, whil Cpt. Marvel is Mary Sue and Godlike which makes it very boring and dull, not to mention we dont have a good connection with her with the audience unlike what we have on Thor especially after Thor Ragnarok. I think if done right we dont need Cpt Marvel in avengers 4, we already have good connections with the heroes like ironman, cpt america, thor and the others. Who is Cpt Marvel anyway and why should we root for her?

glowworm2 : I lost it at "Sorry about your window! But you're welcome for not getting robbed!" and that way too casual "Oh hey, sup? I'm a superhero." I think DC may have actually nailed this one.

Vincent Robinette : I will definitely go and see this! It looks like it will be funny. But first, I need to see Aquaman.

Daphi Chelsea Reenborn : DC is the best 😊

OG_Blxde : Avengers 4 and Shazam is coming in april. Guess I have 2 new movies to enjoy in the same month.

crystal : I wasn't 100% sure i was going to watch this but the more i watch the trailer the more I get hyped. 😅 definitely will watch it. Hopefully it will have an end credit scence , really love when they do that.