SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Spoke Fists : *_This DC movie is the brightest of all DC movies, still being darker as compared to the Darkest movie of Marvel_* Waiting for _SHAZAM_ Already !

Tarang Nadgeer : 2:17 Phone: Mr. SHAZAM, I don't feel so good

Understandable Have a great day : A lighthearted DC movie is gonna be the best one in a while

Scoppler : Shazam was so underrated before this trailer.

A. Bamatraf : - Say my name !!! - Shazam ... - You're... goddamn... right... !

Captain SHAZAM : Light? Kid friendly? Humor? This is definitely NOT a Zack Snyder movie. Thank god.

Ganesh Tumballi : *ohh hey sup I'm a super hero 😁*

ryann45 : Believe it or not, the Shazam comics was the most popular comics back when they first released. Sales even passed Superman’s comics. He’s quite popular in DC’s animated films and movies as well as it’s video games. It’s about time he makes it to the big screen. Here’s hoping he’s in a future film with Superman and Batman 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Drastic : Why must Marvel fans and DC fans fight, why can’t people just like a good movie for what it is

Varinder Bhandal : This puts the saying “They grow up so fast” to a whole new level.

Oryonn : People don't seem to get this, so I'm just gonna put it here. The Costume is supposed to look Cheesy & Cheap at first. That has always been the point with Shazam. He's the cheesy, childish, fun Superman. He's likely gonna get a suit-upgrade near the end of the movie.

Mark Burns : I like how they are going with the new 52 origin it works better for modern times

Danny Vasquez : I actually think this might be good

AuxicGaming : Wow DC might actually compete with Marvel if they keep making movies like this

Alex Xander : Chuck is that you?

Kembarannya Zhar Borneo : Shazam kid version face looks like my cousin

MormonPlayz : YOU HAVE BULLET IMMUINITY .. starts laughing.. YOUR DEAD.

Clark Conner H. Parker : I hope this movie makes up for Justice League along with Aquaman I liked Justice League, but most of the world didn't. I hope people will love DC again I want to love both DC and Marvel Equally

Wahyu Danuartha : 1:56 what the music ?

Max Minhtet : Zachery looks like he’s having fun!

Sumit Wadile : Jokes don't look forced. Looks excellent.

Too lazy to think of a name : DC makes dark movies: OMG DC is trying so hard to be cool and edgy dark movies are so boring and grey! DC makes light-hearted movies: OMG they are copying Marvel! I Don't get some people sometimes

Otaku. Man Loee : I don't even know how to pee in this thing! That LMAO!!!

Mark Burns : I hope the film is as fun as the trailer

GAUTAM KUMAR : Back to back trailer First Shazam , then Aquaman

S. Levi : As a former foster kid I have got to say this movie is looking really good and I'm also very happy to see Capt. Marvel being produced in film, he is featured along with the number of others in Marvel versus DC comic, one I hope to produced in my life time, and the humor is dead on lol. Great trailer Warner Bros :-)

Ahmad Pathan : 15k Salty MARVEL tards pissed already.😂👍

NBA Youngboy Shooter : I might become a DC fan Or Should i stay a marvel Fan

Lord Voldemort : Warning: Toxic Marvel fans below who think Marvel owns the idea of superhero movies.

Gaurav Ghosh : "I choose you Billy " Now defeat pikachu

mauricio krebs : DC is going colorful. interesting.

XSkullGaming : I'm a marvel fan but this looks amazing

Josh Marcon : This looks brilliant!

Jae Bean : 1:59 he did the fortnite dance

Beukelaers Kelso : Love the trailer so much! I have seen it already more than 15 times.

кенан кулиев : Wow, It'll be really one of the most interesting film of DC

Fortnite Hour : Anyone tell me how black Adam and Shazam are related?

Ray Kon : I dont think people realise how strong captain Marvel ( shazam) really is

BioLightHero : man this movie look fun as hell to watch also that 2:24 the way he transformed look so goddamn cool

waterglass21 : Best superpower: tells you what song is playing.

Andrew Weaver : 1:59 Really? That ducking dance? Look, I'm really excited for this movie, but this seems so pandering. I'm willing to bet there's gonna be a part where they play Fortnite or they do a dab.

Aditya Hasbullah : Red suit always has a sense of humor

Mark Burns : SHAZAM

Mark Burns : I can't wait to see that kid from IT in this film

Tampatec : 2:16 best superpower⚡📲.

john saang : I like how it starts dark like DC has always been, then it gets Marvel like. Lmao

Mark Burns : I checked out the new 52 comic glad I picked it up it's a good read especially if your excited for the film

TonySoprano55 : Jimmy Fallon is Shazammmm

FREAKIN' GAMERS POINT : What are your superpowers? SHAZAM:-*I can find your favourite Song!*