SHAZAM! - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Varinder Bhandal : We’re technically getting two Captain Marvel films in 2019.

Vitriou$_G@mer : let me tell you i am a huge fan of MCU but dayum this is whole nother level, finally DC has some cool stuff coming 2k19!!😉

TheBluefox Network : This is definetly what a kid would be like with powers

Nadeem Akhtar : This movie is gonna take DC studios on a next level

Fried. Gengars : This is hilarious because this is exactly what a 12 year old with superpowers WOULD act like.

youmadbro951 : ok dc you have my attention

Divyanshu div : Woaahh HUMBLE'S remake on fire .. I actually didn't like the song but this woaah is on fire💥💥

Roberto Ruelas : Shazam trailer > Captain Marvel trailer

Carlo Drilon : Aquaman and Shazam trailers are so cool. Marvel fan here by the way.

Fullmetal Shenron : Worst part of 2018 is waiting for the movies of 2019

waterglass21 : Best superpower: tells you what song is playing.

ByTocker : Although I like Marvel, I have to admit that this trailer is better than Captain Marvel

Sandeep Bjm : Wanna hear a feminist joke.. Captain marvel

Nadeem Mohammed : Much more entertaining than "Captain Marvel's" trailer lmao, brie is expression less in the whole trailer

Digilady99 : I'm gonna say it... I'm MORE hyped for this movie than Captain Marvel. Everyone's been saying that Brie Larson looked and sounded monotone and emotionless as the character... and they're right and now I'm worried. With this trailer, however... not so much. U can tell that Zachary Levi and the kid actors are having so much fun together. That's the thing! This movie looks and feels straight-up, light-hearted fun! This is hopefully a big turning point for the DCEU along with Aquaman.

Varinder Bhandal : Thank god they didn’t use that obnoxious grey and blue filter and just fully embraced colour. Got a strong feeling that this one is gonna stand out of all the other DC movies for all the right reasons.

Swison Padiyalingam : It's actually funny. Watching this trailer again after months made me realize that DC's smart for adding Kendrick Lamar's 'HUMBLE.' track. It works in the story and for marketing. Kendricks 'DAMN.' album held the top spot of the billboard 200 for a while along with 'HUMBLE.' being up there in the top 100. It's still a crowd pleaser song heading into 2019. Now when you think about the story, it's about this kid who lives in the world of superheroes, gets superhero powers and decides to be cocky. Why? If it were any of us who got superpowers like Billy, then we'd know what having these powers would entail us. And in the midst of all that, we'd probably get cocky and egotistical with our powers. Hence, Billy's gotta learn to be 'humble' with his powers.

Mumtaj Ahmad : This is way better than captain marvel trailer

COREY BOWMAN : Unpopular opinion: Shazam is better than Captain Marvel

Doctor Sam : Came here to wash my eyes after the Captain Marvel degeneracy...

Varinder Bhandal : This puts the saying “They grow up so fast” to a whole new level.

Kandis Rodriguez : "Ha you have bullet imunity" Shazam"Ha ha......youre dead

Jayson Oro : Shazam vs All Might.

Potato Stuffed Chicken : “So they can fly away from this conversation” me

Mi Stein : Shazam ! You mean Captain Marvel.

24 Frames Of Nick : Aye this actually looks fun

Annarzcjbdvjkvxnpmt7mro8 zh7jk4invdghLisette : Some idiot bullies at school call me shazam now that I saw thus trailer they are gonna see what shazam really is me gonna shazam their butts

Sajid Aziz : This captain marvel is better than other captain marvel trailer and if you don’t agree with that your a fool.

richarddr1234 : DC Captain Marvel is better than Marvel Captain Marvel.

Lana Aurora Vukić : Who else thought of pokemon when the voice said: Billy Batson... I choose you.

Chicken Little : Not gonna lie, this looks pretty damn good.

Lydia Kristavian : This trailer is better than marvel captains

Ajay Mishra : This one is going to be a lot better than captain marvel

Ironwarrior29. : I love both Marvel and DC. So don't say shit. I can't wait to see this movie.

Dkshadowxyz : When the second trailer ?

Internet Today : This actually looks pretty awesome... high hopes for this!

Andi Ashadi Salam : "yo whasup i'm super hero", pls be good movie

I'm Random : My birthday is in April, maybe I can see it for my birthday

Ifti Hossain : ZACHARY LEVI

Aaradhya Deotale : Why is the viewcounter stuck at 21m?? God youtube is biased against dc asf!

glowworm2 : I lost it at "Sorry about your window! But you're welcome for not getting robbed!" and that way too casual "Oh hey, sup? I'm a superhero." I think DC may have actually nailed this one.

youb tube : im a really big marvel fan but DAMN this trailer is sick!

Yonathan Shiferaw : "Hey there watzup? I'ma superhero" Best DCEU quote yet

Elijah Miniuk : #1 Comedy of the year.

Lxst Pxtter : Learn, Brie Larson

Nomicro4u : Its like if Jimmy Fallen was a Super Hero.


Jude Harry : Well DC, I must say . . . SHAZAM!

NoOne Alive : Much better than Captain Meh-val