Jedi Vs Sith Guitar Battle

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lasarith2 : Whoever would have played the bar theme from Episode 4 would have won hands down 🤔 Ps that was Epic you guys rock 🤟

Cuzjudd : That's the best play on words ever!!!!

SuperTomBro : The guy in the black looks like Jake Paul

Sekelet0n' s : We need a sequal with Darth Maul joining in with a 2 neck guitar.


joelnert : The Star Wars nerd within me is swelling...

FURLICK : This could not be more baddas even if han played a Solo....

Tyler Durden : Typical Jedi, drawing their weapon as the mere sight of someone in stylish black robes minding their own business.

Ramon Jelsma : Why does stuff like this never happen at the mall near me? The most exciting thing there are the escalators...

4Tifier : So this is what Guitar Hero would look like in real life

Caffeinated Nation : Ok, so I've been subbed to Stewart for a long time now but am I alone in the fact that I had absolutely no idea that he could play guitar?? Nice!!!

Dummy Skits : Well there goes the goosebumps again

PMMillard Windowlicker : Brobiwan Kenobi vs Darth Shred.

i7GetRekt : hey look at the woman in the back with the 3D Darth Vader jumper

Ayayron : Stuart, also known as, Darth Shredder.

guillotine283 : I never knew you shredded bro!!!! Nice! May the 4th be with you all

Shtev Corpse : And to add an extra element to the coolness is that YouTube has randomly made this URL address end in the the alphanumerics of "C3b0". Coincidence or what!

BurningSnoMan : I can easily say that my favorite part is 3:00 to 3:27

Ray Wells : Awesome stuff. But in todays world I'm a bit surprised they weren't attacked and tazed by mall security.

Furious Sherman : Only thing that could have made this better would be if the Jedi had a Strat while the Sith played a Les Paul.

Rich ASMR : I can honestly say I don't feel like drop kicking any puppies after watching this! 😂 I knew this video would turn out awesome!

Johanna : ok just me or does the sith look like the 3rd Paul brother

Guitar Jimmy : May the distortion be with you.

Sara Lauro : duel of fate!!

Joseph Lama : Now that's what I called playing it louder 🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥🎸🎸🎸🎸

greenday4ever7766 : You just combined my two favorite things in the entire world: Star Wars and guitars

Jonboybluegaming : if you watching this in 2018, May the 4th is on Friday.

ItsYaBoiBossky : The Force Were With Them

Rick Martinez : Best part at 2:00-2:35

Myah Fisk : Makes me think of cello wars by the piano guys

IamWAR : plot twist: chewbaca shows up!

Bob is Love : you mean, this is what happen when some guitarists meet ?

Billy Price : 2:56...OMG A GREY JEDI!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Someone who REALLY pays attention to the SW Universe...ROCK ON!!!!

valenius the kat : And one Estrogen mic drops two Testosterone 🔊🎸😍🎸🕪

Conspiracy Hub : This has been sent by the gods from heaven

sheckybish : 2:00 is my favorite part

Aliff Norhisham : The Jedi and Sith has ascended from the use of Lightsabers....they now battle with guitars...

Mr poopybutthole : MORE SOLOS! May the dragonforce be with you!

andrewscott95 : This could have kept going. I would have watched a 20 minute video of this.

Chase West : This has got too be one of the nerdiest/dorkiest things I’ve seen and I love it! 😂Nice work!

Van Hogan : I can't believe how awesome this was omg

Sean of the Sun : What was this, some sort of miniature flash mob? Well, whatever it was, it was pretty good. Definitely worth it.

Skyhunter_2K : May the forth be with you Or Revenge of the sixth

Ege Karpuzoglu : I was expecting someone to play cantina theme in the middle of epic fight

ChillerCrow : This reminds me so much of Scott pilgrim. I started expecting floating and beams to shoot out the guitars

D3RRANG3D : The crowd should be headbanging for this this is amazing

Fluresint 92 : The phantommennace build up was lit

Tom Martin : Sith wins!

DaCoolDuude : Have you seen the new Star Wars? How is it?!

Neo Politan : Amazing