Heavy Metal Star Wars Shred Battle

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Demon Flare : If I was in danger and the only Way to stay alive was for someone to play that song I would call the SHREDI masters. And by the way I just downloaded the song! And I BOWE to the SHREDI’S. And may the force be with you.

lasarith2 : Whoever would have played the bar theme from Episode 4 would have won hands down 🤔 Ps that was Epic you guys rock 🤟

Guitar Jimmy : May the distortion be with you.

Shtev Corpse : And to add an extra element to the coolness is that YouTube has randomly made this URL address end in the the alphanumerics of "C3b0". Coincidence or what!

N J : If only all the battles were like this, this world would be a heaven

Радимир Столярчук : Супер

joelnert : The Star Wars nerd within me is swelling...

#1 White Male : the guy in the black has the same guitar as me

Mark Arnott : Now u get a saber thats a trumpet sax or ??? u mite have something here LUKE use your force 👨‍💻👍🧙‍♂️

Сергей Панарин : Постановка конечно так себе но качество контента и музыки нормально - зашло )

The Star Wars Fangirl 77 : One of my favorite parts is how mall security just doesn't even try to intervene🤣🤣

Sekeleton : We need a sequal with Darth Maul joining in with a 2 neck guitar.

josh271203 : You just combined my two favorite things in the entire world: Star Wars and guitars

Charlie Burnside : It's a battle to see who has the worst looking guitar!

GAVR : 🤩👽🛸STAR ROCK WARS🖖🏻😎🤟🏻FAIL FIST 3:42🧕🏻👊🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

FURLICK : This could not be more baddas even if han played a Solo....

Eric Gordon : You forgot the cantina song

Chase West : This has got too be one of the nerdiest/dorkiest things I’ve seen and I love it! 😂Nice work!

Follow_dreams : Anyone here??...September 2018!

Rick Martinez : Best part at 2:00-2:35

Rich ASMR : I can honestly say I don't feel like drop kicking any puppies after watching this! 😂 I knew this video would turn out awesome!

Blah : Didn't know Logan Paul can play Star Wars

Divyesh Pawar : They are using the force...

Sean of the Sun : What was this, some sort of miniature flash mob? Well, whatever it was, it was pretty good. Definitely worth it.

Max Naumegus : херотня

Tyler Durden : Typical Jedi, drawing their weapon as the mere sight of someone in stylish black robes minding their own business.

MayTix Gaming & More - Lord of Gambit : 2:00 - 2:26 this. This is what the March was supposed to sound like

Sharon's Artistic Corner : The Shredi vs the Riff. This is Battle of the Guitar Heroes!

D3RRANG3D : The crowd should be headbanging for this this is amazing

Lychaon Gaming : This is perfect

Ramon Jelsma : Why does stuff like this never happen at the mall near me? The most exciting thing there are the escalators...

g cardoso : vários gritos e nenhuma boca aberta, devem ser ventríloquos


James Hales : That girl at the end is totally my cousin! Go Amanda!

Oscar Lee : Jedi, Light side always wins.

Art Studio : McFly!

Stoned : I was expecting the darth vader at the end with a djent

Neo Politan : Amazing

redd paradox : The force is strong in those two..

Ege Karpuzoglu : I was expecting someone to play cantina theme in the middle of epic fight

Folkmar : Dude, I've heard that Jedi girl is shredded!

Кошкин Дом : good music...and so bad film.

Sara Lauro : duel of fate!!

Maximum Ride : Cool

4Tifier : So this is what Guitar Hero would look like in real life

ACORNFlæK : Duel Of The Fates. 10/10, hands down. Revenge of the 5Th.

Hal Jordan : Grey Jedi came in too??? Nerdgasm!

Big Butt Lover : "Shredi" Hahaha, I'm weak

STICKTATOR : Anyone agree the one in the black hood looks like Logan Paul?