#HurtBae 2: One Year Later - Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again | Iris

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Fiha Rani : His eyes are so empty, he has no expressions

ilikemonkeys : lmao i mean from the first vid the guy made it clear he didnt want her and she was over here crying and letting him cheat on her again.... he aint shit but shes not a damsel at all

The Gem Show : "And that he was a villain" UM T H A T I S C O R R E C T

Guett af : he's Loser !!

A Z : He is toxic and doing everything he can to hurt her one more time, somehow or some way to tax her on her happiness lmfaoooooo he handles this like a pro! Typical beta male tactic!

Channing Lilly : He's sitting across from the right type of woman. That's all I'm gonna say! Lol

Sheena Bailey : Lol somebody come get their child. You did a hell of a job raising him.

ZadyB : Time has left him so bitter... Comparing both videos, his demeanor is night and day, hers has remained consistent. I wish them both all the best.

Alles Ok : "I‘m a black man living in america..." Congrats buddy but you‘re not the only one..

juvenile melody : it's so obvious he's lying

Godot : Why did he decide to grow a beard that makes him look Amish lol

kem nemjohn : One year later and he still looks like a damn roasted almond

Sheena Bailey : He made himself look worse! He was trying to make it look like a scam like she set him up. But every can see through you.

BodirogaGOAT : you know, he's drinking his water, exfoliating

Jolly Anne Singpet : You're black that's why you're being judged? No! It's your attitude. There's no excuse in cheating. Color is not an exception or an advantage in being judged by cheating

Mykasan : So he decided to play the victim and cheated on her gf because he had commitment issues. Don't invite that guy ever again.

Pamela Raj : The guys a full on narcissist. Blaming her for his problems and hates to see her doing so well. He’s brought this on himself.

Little Girl : This man is the definition of a disgusting person. Kourtney deserves so much better. I hope she finds someone who treats her right.

Sifa Wamuhle : She's lucky to escape him. He might turn out violent. He might be a good man but there is an aspect of a man he is missing.

Shivam Tyagi : "I hope i never see you again" did he just said that 😮😮😮😮

Hannah : He said "we were never together" wtf shut up

Angie Gonzalez : All that salt was making him thirsty 🙄 sad there’s a lot of people who don’t care about hurting others like this. I can’t even step on a bug without feeling bad.

Nie Hernandez : Omg! 😑 I really hope he never finds love and dies alone he's not a real man he's so disrespectful! 🖕

klxsta CG : Well at least he's drinking more water...

LOLANIME : *I smell a poorly written script*

Hannah : 5:40 that was so cringey he's salty af

Ms. Vee : And... He doesn't want to be painted as the bad guy! You did a good job doing so... Best of luck Kourtney

LOLANIME : I wouldn’t want my ex to call me sis smh how did she let that slide even???!!

Gaming With-Splash : "I'm a black man living in America" Look in the mirror😂 your lightskin

Gabriela Jones : What got me pissed is he tried to play the black in america card...🤨😐

NaturallyTheresa : Lmao Leonard changed his hair after everybody dragging him that he looks like a ugly ass flamingo😅

Elvis Enwerem : After things like this, women say all men are trash. Are we him? Him are we? Him we are? Are him we?. Sorry sisters but i aint like that, not as cold as that guy. I would have hugged her and apologise for anything i have done wrong, there is nothing like being in peace with others mate.

Deshaun Tucker : He's a Savage 😂💀

LOLANIME : *No, you went there to get paid*

AK Den. : Bro he so childish and he switching the whole story up and we dont need to know yalls whole dating life and she clearly said "YOUR NOT A BAD PERSON"like a billion times comon dude you can do better....and he putting lies out there like saying they never were together but in the last video he said "to be a good GIRLFRIEND" sooo......can someone please tell me if a girlfriend is a significant other and yall are in a real relationship or in his case just a bestfriend who you can play games with and cheat on and then he wanna sit here and say she making him look bad NO the only person making him look bad is him.....she didnt cheat on him she didnt tell him to make that choice so grow up man like Fr😔😣😑😒and no we dont know the full story in 5 minutes but from the way your making yourself look we dont need your life story like CHEATING?...? (OH YOUR A WONDERFUL PERSON)(*sarcastically*)And SHE FORGAVE YOU MAN LIKE COMON YOU JUST GONE THROW HER UNDER THE BUS LIKE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ABSURD😒😒😒😣😣


Miss Isichi : Aargh i dont want to see his face again😣😣 NEXT!!!

Random Tube : Srsly I wanna punch this dude

Bill Russell : There's no need to see this rat you can see me

Alice Jackson : Hate him

Jill Jenner : HES SO SALTY!!!

Bill Russell : 3:43 "you both wanna take a minute"

lady E : He lost a good one. Smh

V Kirisome : This guy needs a smack in the mouth

chalissa rafeylah : Kourtney's story was same as mine:( i know her feeling though when her ex told "u r playing victims" "Kourtney i really like you and love you. But i don't want to be in relationship with you"

NiNi Woo : Guys love that “we were never together” okay. I’m glad they played the clip from the first one. He is so wrong.

Farrah Array : He's on #TeamStupid!

Elzy Arnold : This guy has been hurt.. All he wants to do is throw it to whomever is willing to be his victim.. She doesn't get a pass either for accepting it..But this guy needs a lot of help. let's start by saying prayer.. Don't be so cold man.

Sean Kiarie : This guy always knew he can't handle her, way out of his league

Nik 183 : I like this guy