#HurtBae 2: One Year Later - Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again | Iris

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Aisha Abdul : throw the whole man away

K : His characteristics are literally like my ex. Manipulative, fake and rude.

rainbobrite214 : God he's so trash. 🙄

Dimitris Kechagias : "i actually was in a relationship when we made the first video" "you didn't mention it Last time" "cause that's none of your bussiness" Dude, make up you mind. Are you a 3-year-old kid or something?

Gingerly : HE DriNkS WatER

Jayyy B : He just made himself look even worse 🤣

VanityDivined : Damn he’s so angry & bitter. He thought he could string her along forever? Typical narcissist. And he said he “had a girlfriend” just to match her new relationship. He might have made that up or exaggerated. & he can’t say he has a gf currently, says a lot. Like I said last vid, if he commits, it will be to a thot or a women as nasty as him. Those are the only ppl a narcissist will respect dating-wise. When you see these ppl for who they are, they actually pretty pathetic.

Natália Cunha : He was SO mad when she said she found love again...a man with a little ego...and she is strong! Go, girl!

Ms. Lynn : He only brought up that old dating story to get a reaction because he felt your happiness when you said it. Enjoy your new and improved bae. Your ex is and will forever be toxic. Someone failed him growing up. Your initial intuition was right with this little boy.

Elsa Hagos : You definitely need holy water to exfoliate your lies and character!!

Lalkaxo : he clearly only did this to clear his name but it backfired lmaoo

Zeke Pressly : He is a bad person. He's absolutely worthless. He wants to pull the racist card but he's the type of guy who makes his race look bad. I've been in multiple difficult relationships and been cheated on multiple times and never once thought about cheating on anyone. I'm finally with the girl of my dreams and we are so in love and so loyal to each other. No one ever deserves to be cheated on an lay awake at night asking themselves why there weren't good enough for the other person. Once a cheater always a cheater. I wish she would punch him in the face. He's an ice cold, heartless, loveless cheater

Sara Lammiman : This dude just made himself seem even worSe

lorraine french : Why was he unpleasant to her??? Was that really necessary??

III • XVIII • XV • XXIII : *Married for 15 years* Someone like him: We were never married! Me: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

Alyssa : “I grew my social following, my career..” “I’m exfoliating. Drinking water.” 😂

Laila 0o0 : He ain’t happy for her....he mad. Good for you girl! He only said he was in a relationship to hurt you. Don’t nobody want that.

Blessed Andhighlyfavoredlynn : Wow what a jerk and the worst part is that he doesn’t except and responsibility for his own actions instead he is sitting there blaming the viewers and everyone else. Grow up!

Emmanuella Idasimebara : He called her sis!? He is sooooooooo petty!!!!!

Clorox Bleach : i think he doesn't get that he lost the best thing that's ever happend to him.

Quessswho : I really wanted to smack him in the face this whole video lmfao

Maya Lawrence : The smile on his face was priceless. Clearly, that burned his ass.

Raven J : He just mad karma hit him 😂😂

M Nasar : Plz get run over by a bus plz

ashash cash : He’s mad because she’s shining and I bet everyone says “hey cheater” when he’s out and about. He’s bitter. 😂

Sãdï Berry : He a manipulative person and I don’t feel sorry for him. He lying to make her look dumb, saying they were never together wtf. 😑. He a whole waste man 💯

TheNunududu : Leonard = #BitterBae

dangerous sarah : he is such a douchebag lmao, it’s so funny how he was literally saying that people thought he was a bad person because of that video. yet his actions are showing us that he is a bad person. & honestly his charecter is so pathetic, he could not be more of an ass. first he cheated on her, then claims he’s a good person, then he insults her by saying they were never even in a relationship. like how do you expect people to not judge you when you act like that. talking about learning lessons the hard way, but he clearly hasn’t even learned any lessons.

Destiny Moss : He says he's not a bad person but clearly he makes himself look like the asshole he is, despite the relationship he is not a nice person, i wonder what she fell in love with and how he could ever be her best friend being so cold

sahara ben : The "I actually was in a relationship when we shot the first one" come oooooooooon man lmao

Aisha Abdul : OOOOOO when he got up at the end and did that hand thing again in her face, I was screaming *pick up the chair sis, pick up the chair* that boy needs to be disciplined lmao

docstef MD : beeing caught by your GF having someone in your room and sending her out ... then saying sorry and promising that´s never gonna happen again ... now saying that you never were in a relationsship and patronising her ... that´s what a BAD, CALLOUS PERSON does!

Jazlynn : I almost faced palmed, she handled the situation so well and he was acting like a freaking toddler. Congrats girl, you grow and be happy

NiahRupiah : the first video on this I thought leonard was actually sincere and all that but now I see he was just getting used to his surroundings before he shows what kind of person he is in his heart. I think hes jealous, he lashed out on her for no apparent reason and that made no sense so thats my only conclusion... ?????

Calton Stephen : Asshole

Blasian Büm : She sounds so much stronger

Angiee. xvi : He makes me want to yank his ball out 🙄🤚🏽 .. but he prolly doesn’t have any

:3 235 : Cheating is a choice. Not a mistake

Amanda Petersen : After she said that she has moved on and fell in love again, he just had to try and break her again by throwing out that he was actually in a relationship when they filmed the first one. Like, WTFIWWY DUDE????? She says," you didn't say that then!" of course he didn't say that then, because it is a lie he is trying to tell to try and hurt you all over again! Good for you for finding love and peace again girl! I applaud you!

Egypt Tate : He actually mad she moved on with true love from a real man🤔

Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House : I'm annoyed she gave him this time... I know he wants that old thang back lmaoooo

Eliz G. : He doesn’t wanna see her ever again bc everytime he sees her, he’s reminded how much of a jerk and undeserving he is to have this very special and great girl. She deserves to be genuinely happy and loved by a mature man.

Janeth Albert : This guy is a complete ass wanting to clear your name a year after everything has changed and situations are forgotten is sooo dumb.....he’s got issues🚮

Taleyah Martin : He really made hisself look bad now. He only tried to hurt her feelings to get a reaction. That is no man any woman should want

Thotty Dotty Hoe : Ksi can fight him

Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House : HE'S SO BITTER 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Masego Adelaide : I punched him on my phone screen😂😡 now it's cracked

xAddiTheCorgiLoverx : I'm so happy she's so much stronger and independent. She deserves better than him.

Fiona Cristiana Twagira : The way he said that he was in a relationship while shooting the first time without being asked then proceeded to say it wasn’t her business? Dude you are a living contradiction, grow up!

heh heh : I really dont like this guy