#HurtBae 2: One Year Later - Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again | Iris

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Jayyy B : He just made himself look even worse 🤣

cookie567i : He is so childish ooooh my god just to prove her that he is more over the relationship than she is🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ „I also had a girlfriend back then“ „I never wanna see you again“ And that last move „I wipe my hands over you“ two or three times I mean wtf🤦🏽‍♀️

Alyssa : all the water in the world not gonna clear his conscience

Luke Ing Hout : Kourtney: thank you, next.


Blasian Bum : She sounds so much stronger

shaelynn espitia : he got so defensive when she said she found love again 😂

malena xx : Ok wow I hate this guy

angel angel : Her eyes don’t have that glow anymore .

Infinity Mixtapes : I just wanna apologize to women everywhere for the mfers like him running around

Lalkaxo : he clearly only did this to clear his name but it backfired lmaoo

K e y l a : *Dude wanted to play victim*

BruhItzSamantha : He acts like he has psycopathic tendencies

exclipse; : damn her confidence against him now Yessss

Fiona Campbell : I can confidently say this dude is a narcissist. Narcissists only care about their image. So yes, once he saw how ppl felt about the 1st video, he wanted to change his story. I have several narcissists in my family and some might argue that I have narcissistic tendencies as well being that I was raised by them. All this dude cares about is his image, but he literally only has himself to blame. I don't see how anyone could defend this man. He is backtracking and nitpicking and because he is such a narcissist, he will never be able to say the words to redeem himself.

Quessswho : I really wanted to smack him in the face this whole video lmfao

Mafi Ikonga : boyy, she said "thank u next".

Leona Andreea : the classic case of a narcissist: he doesn't want to comit, but he will play like he wants to, then he will deny that he ever wanted to, while cheating on the victim. Then blame the victim for what he did/said 'you wanted this, you wanted a relationship, I didn't', yeah she totally looks like she could force you to be with her (anyways why would she force someone? she is probably the one that gets multipe requests a day because she's lovely and looks like a Goddes). Also she said 'I did the first video to talk things out because you never wanted to' - they never want to communicate because a grown up man with the emotional matuirty of a 6 years old child only wants to play with his toys, ain't nobody got time for communication. Good thing he broke up with her because the trash took itself out. What a blessing Edit: Oh, wow, guys, I didn't expect so many thumbs up! I just receive a notification with a comment and went to check, so thank you everyone! Never felt so appreciate hehe - He is an ass indeed, but we have to admit that narcissists are made, they are not born like this, because they suffer childhood trauma and they don't have insight (for me, in my opinion, it's like they seem so concious about their action while manipulating, but at the same time, they are not, otherwise they wouldn't ruin other people's lives, because sooner or later it will back fire - karma, God, laws of the univers, something will come back at him). This is for sure not an excuse for their sh*t behavior, this is just something WE need to keep in mind so that WE can forgive them so that WE can find peace, otherwise, living with hard feelings is.. well, hard. You know that saying 'anger is like drinking posion, expecting other to die'. Take this as a lesson, because it is and next time, trust your gut feeling, even when it makes no sense. ~Lots of love <3

laura : He will never find a wife lmao

Paige Pearson : The hurt in her eyes

Alyssa : “I grew my social following, my career..” “I’m exfoliating. Drinking water.” 😂

Divyashree Rao : He reminds me of my ex. People like this guy and him gaslight victims of psychological abuse.

Renata Hulova : Omg he is a psychopath and she is lucky they broke up. He looks so pissed when she says she is happy, cos he cannot manipulate situation anymore. No normal emotion only negative.

Taylor McCollum : Wow, what a petty man. Can’t own up to his mistakes still and trying to gaslight her into believing they were never together and that she was in the wrong..

coconuts qoqonuts : Exfoliating? Drink more water? That's all he learned in the past year?

Aisha Abdul : throw the whole man away

Anneasia Gordon : I wanna punch this guy so bad right now it's not even funny 😠😠😠

Lucy Oketch : How can so much stupidity fill up in one single man?!

Oliver Lovebug : Ugh, I dated a guy like him once...never again. The "childish, never wrong, narcissist" type of guy. Good luck in life.

x babymerra : What in the world is wrong with him ?!?!

Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House : HE'S SO BITTER 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

kwo p. : now he's the one breaking. the queen has moved on and she is now #happybae

Judy Lewis : When she said, she was in a relationship his voice sound like he wants to cry

Moneke Shallon : hes very hurt his fake similes dnt reach his eyes

Madeleen Scott : Don't any of you find Kourtney Prettttyyy??💛🌈🎈😍✨

SONCERAE : This video made him look worse than the last video did. He is just as obnoxious as he looked the first time around. He just gave us additional confirmation.

dazhibernian : *Drinks water, plays the black card*

Cerina Rascon : This is completely sad... girls know your worth!! My loves if you need anything please dm me @cerina.rascon !! All of your girls are gorgeous & deserve the world 💋❤️

Layla Chica : 5:40 he's like"glad you finally got whatchu deserve sis." As if he was being "supportive " and then immediately after at 5:56 when she pointed out he didn't mention he was in a relationship during the last one, he immediately got defensive like "I don't need to tell you everything. That's not your business."

Ema Guttenová : she is so strong

Sãdï Berry : He a manipulative person and I don’t feel sorry for him. He lying to make her look dumb, saying they were never together wtf. 😑. He a whole waste man 💯

paul cardenas : I HOPE I NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN. I dont think she deserves those words my man

Zuri Noble : Not tryna be rude but this is serious he just hurt a girls feelings he needs to wipe that smile off his face

miloggy : 0:09 feb 15 2017 : " i hope in the future, we can remain good friends, and i can get chance. to see you grow"

Kiki Coultress : Her: I found someone that makes me happy Him:(s**t I have to say something so I don’t look lonely) I was in a relationship in the last video. Her : why didn’t you say so last time Him: ( dang she one to me) well I don’t have to tell you anything.

Dr. Honey Trap - The Astrology Trap House : I'm annoyed she gave him this time... I know he wants that old thang back lmaoooo

Quentai Prent : Such an empty personality. He became more narcissistic and shallow. He seems obsessed with having the most insulting thing to say and expect to somehow identify as the victim in the situation

Lady J : Arrogant prick!

Wachirawit Ruangwiwat : Oky boi listen, u wanna a punch or a sidekick ?

Jay Wilson : He worried about the comments more than he worried about her