#HurtBae 2: One Year Later - Kourtney and Leonard Meet Again | Iris

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Alyssa : “I grew my social following, my career..” “I’m exfoliating. Drinking water.” 😂

Christian Castro : Dude is hurt that she finally moved on and can't control her anymore. Good for her!

Ama Governor : He’s soo rude.

e.123 : ‘We were never together’ Good one👍😂

Lily crockett : He's legit so manipulative.

GINOBILEEEH : Man did he really say your not on my team anymore lol this shit better than part 1

Dannie Bee : They are dragging this 😑

kevin espina : This was a bad idea. And please don't overcomplicate this/don't interpret this as a hate comment, but more of a suggestion. Don't make a third video. The first video was so good because it had mutual benefits: they were able to speak their mind, get their closure, and end on a good note. What was the purpose of the second video? Why meet again if you had no intention of rekindling your friendship/no mutual benefit? What were you expecting out of this second encounter? All that being said. What's done is done and you both are moving along just fine, if not better. So let's appreciate that. We all make mistakes and we all get hurt, its apart of life. So let's wish each other the best. Lastly, wether or not its anyones fault. Why hate on Leonard? Negativity only breeds negativity. Again, I wish you both the best.

hipnhappenin : Goddamn he reminds me of my ex and she of me. He would never get together in a room with me though.

Breanna Sloan : 6:23 this fool is so childish he mimicked her because he couldn’t come up with a decent comeback 😂 & he only said he was in a relationship while they were together because he’s mad she’s in a relationship now & he isn’t

MiBay : He didn’t like how he was panned out to be a bad guy in the last video then right after acts like a jerk. Interesting?? With that note she is very gorgeous!

random person : fyi cheaters always blame the other person for cheating...what he's doing in this video. "You put me in fucked up situations" you control YOURSELF there is no way she put you in any situation you put YOURSELF in that situation. YOU'RE in the wrong.

Camille Lynn : He tried to be funny tlkn about he exfoliating and shit ...trynna act unbothered. The facade faded once he called her sis. He’s hurt bae now...them tables turn quick & hard. Good for her

Emmia B : He's a total deusch bag

Bucket Head : Lmao mans was lowkey hurting on the inside at 5:33

Jada D : This was highkey unnecessary.

Alicia Vickery : my god he is extremely arrogant

Saya Saya : She is a strong black powerfull woman. He didn’t deserve her in the first place. why should you treat a woman like that, he has to life with a broken heart and she finally moved on. My respect for her

Treauna Littlejohn : His new name is definitely #BitterBae the look in his face and change in his tone after she brought up having a relationship explains it all...it's okay BitterBae just take this other L cuz u still look like the same jerk as to everyone...🗣#BitterBae

Sierra Francis : Someone needs to beat his ass lmao

Chattabox. : He really thought this video was going to fix his image? lmao

Diaconu Alexandra Vasilica : Important question: What is her skin care routine? She's fucking perfect😍😍😍

Game Player : She’s pretty and got a big heart and he don’t deserve her

VenusVoice : kourtney, he IS bad. he can keep drinking his water and convince himself he’s a good boy because his mom didn’t set her foot down with him strong enough.

Daisy Salinas : He's mad because he got exposed.

hope : smh there's so many guys like that out there too

Claire Simoneaux : Now who's the Hurt Bae? He sounds salty as fuck lmao.

AriannaLynn : Yeah he ain’t shit


Chelsea Silva : Lmao he’s so disrespectful

Will Power : The fact that this dude said he’s “exfoliating” makes me question whether or not this is a staged storyline

Isabelle Stylinson : She is so beautiful omg

Mareyai Freeman : i could never keep putting myself into a position of expressing how i feel about somebody who keeps time and time again showing me how much he doesn't care for me. smh

Jackie Supernova : he is a fully qualified F boy...girl run for your life!


Aisha Abdul : throw the whole man away

Moe 590 : This mans relationship career is done... I don’t think he’ll ever find a woman 😭

ana carolina : “we were never together” what the hell?

Cece Holland : His pride was broke and he TRIED to play her to make himself feel better and it back fired team too much...you know you a lame when you call a women sis ughhh bye boy

Shonagh McDonnell : Boyyyyy you look like the bad guy because you’re acting like the bad guy.

Godot : Why did he decide to grow a beard that makes him look Amish lol

Kathrynne Figel : He’s so angry at her, so hurt by how he was made to look. Saying “I hope I never see you again.”..... makes me sad. He shouldn’t feel more of a person or better about how he acted. That’s not how a mature adult handles things that don’t happen in their favor. Hurt people.... hurt people. And it’s something that needs to stop. We shouldn’t talk to each other this way. Emotions are not an excuse to do so.

Tiffany Vinh : yo she independent ,, she was better then him anyways mad respect for her. what this man doing 💀💀👎🏼

marilyn l : I guess he thinks he so cute now cause of his two lil waves and larger beard...boy what a lil EXPOSURE will do to an already sorry ego.....he wants to be superman......put a cape on now hes just SUPER MAD. 😂😂 #sillyfucker #thirstysimp

we aresupernovas : He’s salty😆omg

NaturallyTheresa : Lmao Leonard changed his hair after everybody dragging him that he looks like a ugly ass flamingo😅

Ab : she still loves him

kerih Markeria01 : 😂😂😂😂THE BEGINNING MADE ME LAUGH

Ally Jones : I hate him

Stela Kau : Omg the first video I didn't think he was a bad guy but I swear if I was in her situation I would've strangled him and killed him with my bare hands because he is acting like a victim when he was the one who CHEATED. Like he said in the first video how she was a good GIRLFRIEND and he was sorry he CHEATED and now he's saying they were NEVER IN A RELATIONSHIP? I'M MAD BY HOW STUPID HE IS.