Ernie Anastos F- BOMB Blooper and Apology
Local NYC area news unloads epic moment on its audience

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x60hz : OMG Can't stop laughing at this. Nick's like "OK I'll do that" LMFAO

jack mayhoffer : 0:14 if you ever wondered what it's like to drop acid here ya go!😃😃😃😃

Sohib Versace : the funniest part was when nick said "okay ill do that"

The Woody Situation : He offended chickens!

KarleCrak : 0:19...diabolical...

Hoovermaneuver : I think he said "plucking"

Michael Renn : gay fuckin shit!!!!!

gtb2009b : He got off easy

graphicbrew : I met Ernie yesterday while shopping, haha.

JB : That is so gay!

Emidretrauqe : @MisterGolfer It all makes sense now o_o

Groomp : way to steal someone elses video, dude

MisterGolfer : The girl on the left is the "chicken"

John Fenner : @sensaybooo Gotta remember, there are those who bitch and whine about that shit. "OMG, OH NO, HE JUST SAID FUCK ON A NEWSCAST, I CAN'T LET THIS SHIT STAND! HE CAN'T BE SAYING THAT!!!" You know, those types. So just to shut them up, he apologized.

John Fenner : @RealStealthyNinja That's what I've always thought.

RealStealthyNinja : I guess he meant "Keep pluckin' that chicken" but it came out wrong.

DrSurprise : imagine seeing this while being stoned

SimsMoyal : @sensaybooo the tv is not the real world - you can't talk like that when you are on the air

Terry Gordon : "Keep fucking that chicken" (KFTC) is a phrase coined by television anchor Ernie Anastos during a live broadcast of the Fox 5 New York local news. It is presumably a phrase of encouragement similar to keep on truckin, only with a more pronounced and colorful air of defiance.

phleaglesLII : kkkeeepppppp ffff******iiinnnggg ttthhhaaattt ccchhhiiiccckkkeeennn

Nicolas Martin : Could they both be fans of John Waters' film "Pink Flamingos," with its famous man-chicken sex scene?

vintagegirl1961 : I heard plucking.....

Angel Torres : I am thinking that sounded intentional and the weather man was in on it.

Heidi Svenson : He said "pluckin'" duh

Denise Noles : Is that an expression? I didn't understand the connection between the weather & screwing the chicken but I laughed at the gaffe.

George Keating : Who was offended. Probably chickens

TashaTheSagittariusChicagoan : 😂😂😂

Goddard Bolt : @ 0:23 The black lady looks mortified.

Go Toads : 😳