German Coastguard Sinking - Learn English Commercial
German Coastguard Sinking Learn English Commercial

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Ad that makes fun of German accents and encourages you to learn a foreign language. Hilarious!


linkuei83 : I'm sinking in the rain...

Dieter Verhofstadt : Very hard to conduct a software engineering session about synching, without ... sinking of this.

gtboi : My german teacher showed the class this commercial one day. He also plays Rammstein through the speakers sometimes. Is cool yo.

Dineth Epaliyana : Hillarious! They would have survived if they learnt german.. =D

jenestra : My dad and I quote this to each other every time one of us says "think" or "thinking"

John Hemming-Clark : A coastguard was radioed in distress: “We’re sinking and in a big mess.” Said the German, “Don’t fret, You’re not getting wet. Stop thinking will bring you success.”

ummmerrrrummm : hahaha. Superb

war chief : About 3 feet per minute !

Kyle Zhang : anybody translate what the old man said?

Sir Lukachu : Was not expecting that! XD

Primaski : My favorite commercial!

Krzysztof Bosak : Me goodly impressed.

Nomosowicz : Actually, it's a phonetic issue, specifically, an issue between phonemes and allophones. Some languages differentiate meaning between two sounds (like the B in English bat versus the V in vat), where other languages don't differentiate meaning (such as in Spanish, there is no differentiation between V and B and therefore Spanish speakers generally can't hear the difference). When two sounds are not two different phonemes in one language, foreign speakers struggle if the opposite in their own.

TheHUnter : I spoke englad very best

Poyu : Wait, we're not a bunch of ignorant pricks?

chriscuenta : Ha, this is great!

LoLphysiQQ : no, just no.

fudgecakesss : Well, the public schools are generally shit.

hackslary21st : stupid? Maybe this spot is also for you :D

Rayan Al-Ballaa : Why would you call the coast guard for help if you were" singing"?!

Callogh : -we are "singing", we are "singing"... -what are you "singing" about...? much funnier...

vladimir vladisavljevic : Keralis brouth me here

mbrunnme : That's a weird thing to say for someone with the internet.

Ayy lmao : It's kinda cute because he seems so innocent and friendly. xD

Frank : lol love your comment!

323superdude : Not really. Their English is like anyone elses.

D Lally : wtf...

DindellaTheDefender : It's just a commercial, though. . . It doesn't speak for a whole nationality of people.

Ennizen : Oh my good,it's embarrassing!! Germany sucks at English!!!

omgfackdehell : Meneer Ruudje van Dumpert, dit filmpje heeft totaal niets met die kano's te maken... -1 kudo voor jou!

Roger Dinhelm : Srsly what were they sinking about?

Axel White : I hate when this happens.

Joshua Issac : You guessed wrong. I have no Jewish ancestry as far as I'm aware of, though I admit I've not traced my family tree.

Jo Kane : Ten new berry muds ;0)

Markimus : Omg, it's like we watched the same video!

FeistyPenguin : This is my favorite commercial. Hands down.

Ivan Kovac : EPIC xD

mdmm : best commercial ever.

Pablo Noriega : Maravilloso

Dattucha : fantastically hilarious commercial

Meterbaza : Actually no, no, its not..

Philosopher : hahahaha. i first watched this in social studies(5th period)! Our teacher is a real card!

DameMitHermelin : What are you expecting from someone, whose name is Joshua Isaac? :) I guess he's an Ashkenazi Jew himself and that's the only reason for his pathetic propaganda here...

DarkLadyPhoenix : This is actually a great example of tonal language differences. Because English depends on stresses and not tone, the ear of an English speaker isn't listening for those differences, much like how a native Japanese speaker has a great deal of trouble hearing and speaking the difference between 'r' and 'l'. For those native English speakers that tried to learn Japanese, the difference between ame (candy) and ame (rain) is very difficult to hear the difference and know which one is being said.

Maxawe Some : you must be American.

ZPSBestProfileName : But studies done by groups such as Flynn's have shown how too much of the test relies on knowledge and thus has nothing to do with intelligence.

Joshua Issac : IQ is indeed a rough indicator, but it is also the best one we have, since intelligence isn't well-defined. It may not work well on an individual scale, but it works when comparing large groups.

king doggie : my french teacher today showed us in the class. couldn't stop laughing XD

ZPSBestProfileName : I mentioned Newton, but I should not have; IQ tests weren't out back then... The principle stands, though.