German Coastguard Sinking - Learn English Commercial

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eugkra33 : I can't stop sinking about this video!

Dineth Epaliyana : Hillarious! They would have survived if they learnt german.. =D

Dieter Verhofstadt : Very hard to conduct a software engineering session about synching, without ... sinking of this.

linkuei83 : I'm sinking in the rain...

gtboi : My german teacher showed the class this commercial one day. He also plays Rammstein through the speakers sometimes. Is cool yo.

Danne Ph : I did nazi that comming..

Benjámin Kurilla : A German pilot was trying to make contact with a flight control. Heathrow answered his call but in English. The pilot kept speaking German, while the tower kept saying: No-no, English please!  Finally the pilot freaked out: - I am a German pilot, flying a German plane, from a German city to another German city. Why should I use English? -  "Because you've lost the fucking war!" - came the answer.

jenestra430 : My dad and I quote this to each other every time one of us says "think" or "thinking"

John Hemming-Clark : A coastguard was radioed in distress: “We’re sinking and in a big mess.” Said the German, “Don’t fret, You’re not getting wet. Stop thinking will bring you success.”

ummmerrrrummm : hahaha. Superb

king doggie : my french teacher today showed us in the class. couldn't stop laughing XD

Joseph Winters Music : Like if you got here from +Keralis

David Rehak : wenn ihr Deutsch lernen würdet, dann könntet ihr überleben :D singing x sinking.... Englisch sollte mehr Ordnung mit den Wörtern tun

Angelo H.D. : Das ist Deutschland Deutsch lernen

war chief : About 3 feet per minute !

Kyle Zhang : anybody translate what the old man said?

Primaski : My favorite commercial!

Laser : whats the song at the end?

Usia55 : Hilarious!

Sir Lukachu : Was not expecting that! XD

Mrius86 : Rrrrrradar!

wkruit1 : 55 did not like this. Maybe Germans?!

Spaz : Hide Fedora.

Hannah the band geek : riker lynch brought me here

dinorail123 : Keralis sent me here , although I thought keralis said "hello this is a German castkart"

優さん : What does the guy say in German in the beginning of the commercial?

Daniel Van Nattan : I always sink about this when my emails aren't sinking properly.

Boon : I’m German and I find this video makes me Sink in a wave of laughters

Beagle Barnie : I think next month we'll get 31 May days ;-)

Darien H : gey

Learn English : Keine Fragen, keine Probleme! Wenn du Englisch kennst und du hast einen Freund Google.

John Frymire : I use this in my Professional Communications class. It's an excellent example of how we interpret and decode what we hear, especially when we are learning a new job (or language or new ways of communicating). Sweet!

rockrabbitt : as Japanese,have to learn EngRish rightly.

tomoyopop : Can someone translate the German at the beginning into English, please?

Geert Wilders : i need to watch this because my english homework

EnerGForce : I imagine the guy saying "We're sinking!" Is I Hate Everything

A-Link Rusça : :))))

Igor Platonov : haha that's kinda fun

Mahboobur Rahman : Just for a laugh!!

Emm&Paige : I watched this in German and I laughed SO hard!!!

elcyberguy : Funniest commercial I have seen so far...

vlad lungu : :)  wunderbar!

Harlan Gray : Ich glaube nicht, den Witz zu verstehen. Eigentlich waren sie, was denken Sie?

JGnyc84 : Never gets old!!!

Seth NJ : Hahaha this is hilarious!!!

Yori kitten : Kage brought me here

where is my mind : Great ad :)

TineMaus90 : now this is sad :(

Feinstes Leergut : 0:23 😂😂

dtc.s 1312 : Ludgerrrrr