Watch Monty Roberts put first saddle, bridle and rider up in 30 minutes

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Instagram While tracking wild mustangs in Nevada as a boy, Monty observed a nonverbal communication between the horses, a silent language he would later call "Equus." Monty incorporates "Equus" into his nonviolent training approach called Join-Up®. Monty first developed Join-Up® to stop the cycle of violence typically accepted in traditional horse breaking. Convinced there must be a more effective and gentle method, Monty created these consistent set of principles using the horse's inherent methods of communication and herd behavior. The result is a willing partnership in which the horse's performance can flourish to its full potential, rather than exist within the boundaries of obedience. These principles are valuable tools to understanding what motivates horse behavior and increasing effectiveness in any application. Join-Up training methods are most simply expressed in the process of starting raw horses. Without the use of pain or force the trainer persuades a raw horse to accept a saddle, bridle and rider. Working in a round pen, one begins Join-Up® by making large movements and noise as a predator would and begins driving the horse to run away. She then gives the horse the option to flee or Join-Up®. Through body language, the trainer will ask, "Will you pay me the respect due to a herd leader and join and follow me?" The horse will respond with predictable herd behavior: by locking an ear on her, then by licking and chewing and dropping his head in a display of trust. The exchange concludes with the trainer adopting passive body language, turning her back on the horse and without eye contact, invites him to come close. Join-Up occurs when the animal willingly chooses to be with the human and walks toward her accepting her leadership and protection. This process of communication through behavior and body language and mutual concern and respect, can be a valuable tool to strengthen all other work with horses. Experienced horse people, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, have called Monty's method incredible. Two-time, World's Greatest Horseman winner, Ron Ralls uses Monty's methods in the foundation for his training work as well. (For licensing or usage, contact

Comments from Youtube

Vermillion Skye : I am absolutely in love with this man's methods. It's rare to find someone so gentle and easy going with horses like this anymore.

brucelee12 : Real men don't needlessly hurt animals if they can help it. Monty is my kind of guy.

_millgecko : finally someone who uses a small saddle rather than the heaviest western saddle they can find for the first time

Stefan Gabriel : "Press square to calm"

Shmeekums S : regardless if you are lunging or sending away, both give the same message to the horse which is adding pressure to move forward & move those feet.  The mare did not "give up", if she had done that, she would not be seeking him out as a leader & following his every move.  She realized that he wasn't going to hurt her & showed him that she wanted to play nice with him.  Horses prefer when things are easy, having a pecking order & leadership.

Catherine Nash : This handling technique still amazes me every time I see it and has to be the best method out there. It proved invaluable when working with an untouchable pony I took on. It really works and was brilliant to learn.Much happier horses!

ThePlayMaker : Let's be honest, we're here because of Red Dead Redemption 2

Max de Sousa : What a mesmerising video... Hell with that sweet voice you could probably saddle me after 20 minutes.

Ronda Bergeron : Wonderful. I have been using Monty's method on my remedial mare since I bought her six years ago. She was only six months old and afraid of everything I have seen her go from a wild horse to a gentle little mare. All because of montys method. She will always have issues because of the abuse she went through BUT by using this method she will continue to progress to be the horse she can be. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

Alison Alison : I'm in love with this man's thinking. Not dominating a fellow animal.... Helping the animal want to be your partner. Beautiful.

Daisee Equine : This is great!This man is amazing he's not using whips he's just using a lead rope.Unlike Clinton Anderson he doesn't force the horses to gallop around and whip them.This man is amazing.

Angelina Fontana : I love his methods! I love how he includes humor and gentleness towards the horses.

Brittany Overy : Where can I get myself an Alex? The way he mounted Corona was so gentle I just would love to ride with him and I bet he is a great instructor too.

Karen Duenas : Monty Roberts is indeed amazing. A real horse whisperer, he truly understands the glorious power & beauty of horses. ♡

neuemage : This method curiously works with dogs too

NoWrongLife : The man is a legend

Andria M. Simpson-Russell : My Dad was a firm believer in Monty Roberts and after he received his first horse, a foal of out my BLM mustang Rena (foal was a surprise that only Rena and I knew about but no one believed us (:...), Dad bought every book and video he could find and after starting a number of others horses using MR methods Dad considered himself a "horse whisperer" and everyone would call him when they had a young horse, a green horse, an untrainable horse, a problem horse. Up until a few weeks before Dad passed away he was still singing the praises of MR. Dads horse Cheyenne? Well he gave her to the people who Dad gave all of her babies too. Cheyennes momma Rena, my mare? She's enjoying just being horse although she did experience a major loss three days ago. Her best friend, my mare Daelite, was laid down after having owned me for two weeks shy of 23 years. Rena is 21 now, and she's owned me 19 years.

Peter K : No doubt about it, the man's got the "touch".

Marit : The black beauty!! What a gorgeous horse!!

Gone To the Wild Ones : Without a bit as well. Zero pressure on this horse... Just what I want to see! Bravo on this gorgeous black creature. You did amazing! 😍

Teresa Leach : Thank you! I hate to see horses whipped.

Joel Ledesma : Way easier in Red Dead Redemption 2.. so this must be fake...

Madam Vonkook : Monty is such an amazing human being who is making such an important contribution to humanity by teaching people how to live and even work in harmony with horses/animals not dominate and exploit them .This is such an important evolution.Much love and kudos to Monty Roberts!

Dave S. : oh, the original Horse Whisperer...i read that book years ago. Very cool.

Bay Peppard : Yes! Someone that knows how to do things!!! Working WITH the horse instead of being the big bad wolf You're like the Bob Ross to horses 😂😂

Edgar Graciano : This man is a genius my god! He is absolutely incredible!

Tryinnosaurus Rex : I don’t know anything about horses, but I feel love for this man just watching his gentle interaction with the horse. What a beautiful person and you can just feel it in your heart while you watch him. I grew up with no grandpa... well... I wish THIS guy was my gramps 😛 his family is lucky to have him... and so are the horses 😊

Hannah Isobel : This guy is an absolute legend 👏🏻💯💎

Luis Varela : I'm lost of words... Just Magnificent!!!

Marie Mceniery : I absolutely love him. The way I have seen other people train horses are disgusting, like Clinton Anderson. Most people order, tell and force the horse to obey and tie them down. This man goes bitless, let’s the horse take its time and so much more. He has so much patience with that horse. It’s outstanding. I’m ligit speechless! Keep up the good work mate Edit: I just saw that he didn’t even use a lunging whip to make the horse as comfortable as possible, he also didn’t use a big saddle pad, putting lots of weight on the horse. He also didn’t put any leg wraps on, he lets the horse feel comfortable as. And when it came to mounting, he didn’t rush it. He took his time on it. I’m literally so surprised, and I came across you just in my recommendations. You have such a special talent with horses. And you didn’t do too much riding on the mare the first time mounted. You earn their respect and trust. The difference between an abused way of training and yours is so much. You literally inspire me so much. I can’t stop watching your vids. You have earned my respect!

Meredith Sterling : Thank you, Monty Roberts! For all you've done to help horses and people understand and work with each other. You're my hero! ;)

L.V.C : This guy is amazing!!

Karen Y. : 👍💖🐎 Awesome Man! Awesome Horse!

Amy Jenkins : I came to one of your demonstrations during April in Liverpool, best thing I’ve ever watched.

LunaMoona 0129 : I love this guy. Thank you.

John W Dudley : what an amazing life you live. Great work.

Sheryl Menke : Mar Roberts you are truly a horse whisperer and you are amazing. Wished when I was young I had someone like you to teach me about horses, I would have had no fear... love these, and I send your videos to all my horse loving friends.

Hayley Buckley : He is absolutely amazing, my wish is to become a horse trainer and he is my inspiration

Mx2 Martin : are absolutely brilliant...thank you for everything you’ve accomplished in helping us better understand these amazing creatures. Mad respect from Virginia 🏆🐴❤️✌️

w 黑翼冰嵐の實況台w : how the hell did he do this...this is amazing!!

Cydp Palley : Amazing! Such incredible love!

Brent : As said many times in the comments already, this is amazing.

Justin Hollaway : Great lesson, I think this lesson can be for humanity too! Somewhere in here all I heard was love, trust and respect. The end goal was nothing but amazing. Great video!

Crowdy ! : I appreciate you using a small saddle instead of a heavy western saddle :D

wesley belcher : Something magical about this video

Hebard 1700 : Unfortunately he is a fraud. Just google the story :)

My Roan Pony : I love his training methods, i also love how he talks to the horse while tacking her up xD

Anna McGarry : I got your book it’s so amazing

Elizabeth Czepiel : It's always better to have the animal's co operation! Well done sir!