Watch Monty Roberts put first saddle, bridle and rider up in 30 minutes

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Vermillion Skye : I am absolutely in love with this man's methods. It's rare to find someone so gentle and easy going with horses like this anymore.

_millgecko : finally someone who uses a small saddle rather than the heaviest western saddle they can find for the first time

Catherine Nash : This handling technique still amazes me every time I see it and has to be the best method out there. It proved invaluable when working with an untouchable pony I took on. It really works and was brilliant to learn.Much happier horses!

Shmeekums S : regardless if you are lunging or sending away, both give the same message to the horse which is adding pressure to move forward & move those feet.  The mare did not "give up", if she had done that, she would not be seeking him out as a leader & following his every move.  She realized that he wasn't going to hurt her & showed him that she wanted to play nice with him.  Horses prefer when things are easy, having a pecking order & leadership.

Ronda Bergeron : Wonderful. I have been using Monty's method on my remedial mare since I bought her six years ago. She was only six months old and afraid of everything I have seen her go from a wild horse to a gentle little mare. All because of montys method. She will always have issues because of the abuse she went through BUT by using this method she will continue to progress to be the horse she can be. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!

brucelee12 : Real men don't needlessly hurt animals if they can help it. Monty is my kind of guy.

Andria M. Simpson-Russell : My Dad was a firm believer in Monty Roberts and after he received his first horse, a foal of out my BLM mustang Rena (foal was a surprise that only Rena and I knew about but no one believed us (:...), Dad bought every book and video he could find and after starting a number of others horses using MR methods Dad considered himself a "horse whisperer" and everyone would call him when they had a young horse, a green horse, an untrainable horse, a problem horse. Up until a few weeks before Dad passed away he was still singing the praises of MR. Dads horse Cheyenne? Well he gave her to the people who Dad gave all of her babies too. Cheyennes momma Rena, my mare? She's enjoying just being horse although she did experience a major loss three days ago. Her best friend, my mare Daelite, was laid down after having owned me for two weeks shy of 23 years. Rena is 21 now, and she's owned me 19 years.

Daisee Equine : This is great!This man is amazing he's not using whips he's just using a lead rope.Unlike Clinton Anderson he doesn't force the horses to gallop around and whip them.This man is amazing.

Tiriltoget : The man is a legend

showjumperz86 : Yes he is real experienced with horses and I have used some of his techniques with my horses but is it necessary to basically rush a horse into these things, yes the horse was relaxed and communicating with him but why couldn't he gentle the horse instead of breaking, breaking a horse in is the easy way out, just put a saddle on and let them buck till they stop, I believe gentling a horse is the more appropriate way to go, I'm 15 yrs old and already broken in my first 3yr by gentling, started off with natural horseman to gain trust and did join up lots of desensitised, slowly introduced bridle then next day just the saddle then eventually both at the same time, when it came to riding him got no buck or anything out of him because he trusted me

Karen Duenas : Monty Roberts is indeed amazing. A real horse whisperer, he truly understands the glorious power & beauty of horses. ♡

Hannah Smith : RICK GORE WHERE YOU AT MAN? I need him to make a video about this dude, I'm curious what he would say about this. I'm a fan, hell yeah👌🏻

Peter K : No doubt about it, the man's got the "touch".

Madam Vonkook : Monty is such an amazing human being who is making such an important contribution to humanity by teaching people how to live and even work in harmony with horses/animals not dominate and exploit them .This is such an important evolution.Much love and kudos to Monty Roberts!

Gone To the Wild Ones : Without a bit as well. Zero pressure on this horse... Just what I want to see! Bravo on this gorgeous black creature. You did amazing! 😍

Angelina Fontana : I love his methods! I love how he includes humor and gentleness towards the horses.

Marit : The black beauty!! What a gorgeous horse!!

Das Reitteam : Why ist it neccessary to put saddle, bridle, and rider up in only 30 minutes???

neuemage : This method curiously works with dogs too

Brittany Overy : Where can I get myself an Alex? The way he mounted Corona was so gentle I just would love to ride with him and I bet he is a great instructor too.

KC M. : I love that he connects with the horse but to me it seemed rushed. Teaching a horse to accept a saddle and rider takes time, also the bucking could have been completly avoided with taking it slow. Other than that this was beautiful.

Meredith Sterling : Thank you, Monty Roberts! For all you've done to help horses and people understand and work with each other. You're my hero! ;)

Teresa Leach : Thank you! I hate to see horses whipped.

PkWannaBee : Bob ross of horses

Alison Perkins : I'm in love with this man's thinking. Not dominating a fellow animal.... Helping the animal want to be your partner. Beautiful.

麦わら帽子L.V.H : This guy is amazing!!

Mark Syrett : This was amazing to watch

The Prancing Pony : That is the most amazing thing I have ever watched. If ever you, anyone reading this, get the chance read Monty Roberts the Man Who Listens to Horses. It is amazing!

John W Dudley : what an amazing life you live. Great work.

See hazel ride : amazing method !

Renaye Sirianni : What I wouldn't give to meet him! His methods are gentle and allow a perfect and understanding connection with horses. Way to go!

Hannah Isobel : This guy is an absolute legend 👏🏻💯💎

Edgar Graciano : This man is a genius my god! He is absolutely incredible!

Karen Y. : 👍💖🐎 Awesome Man! Awesome Horse!

Luis Varela : I'm lost of words... Just Magnificent!!!

BaileeGermanotta : So cute

Elizabeth Czepiel : It's always better to have the animal's co operation! Well done sir!

Kalynn Carlson : Like the patients this man has for this horse

Josh Myers : Wow ! Jaw dropping !!!

Terry Russel : Mr. Roberts has been education humans for many years now, . . . showing us that the first, and most important thing humans need to learn is we have A LOT to learn, about the mind, and both vocal and body language of these magnificent creatures. PLEASE NOTE : No Damn Bit in the mouth Either.

Louise Nejkov : what a cute horse! awesome video!

Brent : As said many times in the comments already, this is amazing.

Molly K : You Guys Have a great Bond and Dont stop what your doing!

Connie Monsterbaker : that rider who was on the horse... doesn't even know how to keep his back up like ur supposed to LMAO. Doesn't even know how to ride.

Kelsie Beaulieu : What is this guy doing with the mare in the beginning? Is he trying to lunge her? He's giving her no direction and is being a predator chasing her around and throwing a rope at her flanks. That is just chasing and has nothing to do with trust or a 'special training' thing. I could do that in my pasture with my horses. Only difference is I dont say nice words and charge $100 for it.

Elizaveta RoseStone : My horse did not care if you put on a saddle we put on a saddle pad on her first thing,guess what she did not care so we said " about a saddle?" So we put a saddle on her..she did not care she walked and trotted around like it was nothing ;-; so we put a rope instead of a sintch she did not care she did the same thing every single time.. we got it down in about 5 or 10 mins :-:

Roland Ives : God at work hard hats required

PachaDash : Thank you thank you thank you for not using bits! Your horse language is spot on! Totally in tune with the horse. Keep doing what you're doing - you're an amazing man!

Minka Langehanenberg : Apparently this happened with one of my mares. I’d love to see a video of her.

Shelly Kennedy : Great immediate establishment of leadership and use of exercise to gradually introduce new things while in between returning to familiar things. Bucking turns quickly into cantering then trotting and calmness. Similar techniques of controlled exercise, rewards, and leadership work well with dogs, which are pack animals and also need hierarchy and a dominant pack member.