Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to His Mother Gloria

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Yelu C. : 😢 at the end we are all just little kids needing our mommy. I wish they could be immortal. Lots of love for Jimmy he’s such a beautiful soul.

HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 : He is such a beautiful man, I bet his mom was gorgeous inside and out

Sheila Dey : The loss of a mother can never be replaced , but the love of a mother can never be lost

Reaction Go2 : *mom is everything and I love my mom too much. She is working hard for our family.*

Jay Reed : Some ass hole's going to say he was faking this emotion

Chicago Critic Gerald : Respect for him and may his mother rest in peace.

Serin Muah : He's trying so hard ṭo not cry , :( jimmy thanks for always making us laugh i really adore your show. Deepest condolences your mom

This Guy : How could anyone not like this guy?

Zidders Roofurry : Can people stop calling this guy a fake? This isn't fake. Dude bares his soul in front of millions of people to show appreciation. He deserves some, too.

JollyCanadian : The 1k people that disliked this are soulless

The_other_black_guy : Y'all better go hug your mommas

shunova : This made me cry omg seeing someone who’s usually so bubbly and happy, cry is devastating

Monika G : I watched this over again and it made me cry even harder😭😭 R.I.P Gloria Fallon xx

mermaid.o 委果運 : Props for his mom for raising the most humble funniest and amazing host and person 💓

ruby99 : anyone else have tears rolling down their cheeks? :'(

BLAQK ! : Did this hit home for anyone?

ahepperl : Every funny man starts with trying to make their mother laugh. To lose their best audience, and biggest fan, is the greatest tragedy of all. Doesn't matter at all if Jimmy Fallon was famous or not. That pain is soul crushing, honestly amazing he came back to work after a week. Jimmy seems to be a decent guy, and I truly wish him luck, love, and the good thoughts that his mom got to see his success and experience it with her son. We all have to pass from this world, but I know she left knowing her son's success and knowing his wife, and her grandchildren. Rest in Peace Mrs. Fallon, you raised a good boy, who makes so many people laugh, and makes so many people happy.

Connie Craig : Jimmy Fallon is so precious

Ligeiaravenpoe : 😢 so sorry for your loss Jimmy. Who are the heartless people disliking this video? Like him or not, his mother passed away have some human compassion.

suryaharris007 : So much love in his voice.. :( Rest in peace ❤️

Madilyn Schroeder : i'm crying, Jimmy we are sending so much love to you. it's hard losing someone no matter what age you are, especially parents.

Shannon Moore : Such a beautiful tribute to your mom Jimmy. I lost my mom 6 years ago and miss her every single day, so I understand what you're going through. You brought tears to my eyes because when my mom could no longer hold my hand back, I knew she was slipping away. God bless you and your family. Go forward and be happy. I'm sure that's what your mom would want for you. Thanks for bringing laughter to us all.

adriana nadine : who cried when he started crying

Fuck you : Jimmy crying at this video is like the most upsetting thing ever..cause he laughs so loud in every video and then we have this one:(

AceDT311 : Sorry for your loss Jimmy, your mom sounded like she was a great individual.

This Little Critic : Oh man that is so sad. Moms are such a blessing.

Anthony Morales : 1k dislikes? You people are cruel and heartless.

Ehriykkah : how could anyone dislike this video

Laura Riaño : Oh Jimmy! Watching your videos pretty much everyday makes me feel like I know you... sending you my condolences.

johnieporter2 : im not a crier but damn that almost got me. I think what made this more difficult is to see a man with such a kind spirit going through such a hard time and seeing and hearing the pain.

TheMakeupChair : Oh gosh, How amazing is he. She's raised an amazing person, what a fantastic women she must have been! Jimmy always makes us feel like family when we watch, I feel we lost a family member too. Xx

Denise S : I avoided commenting for a few weeks because I couldn't get through the message without crying...still can't. Jimmy, not sure if you will ever read this but know that you and your family are in our hearts. #WeLoveYou

allison jones : So brave! Jimmy, you are so brave putting yourself out there and showing celebrities are regular people and suffer the same problems and hardships and losses as anyone else! I bet your mom was one of the best ones in the world and the proof is in what a wonderful person her son has become! ✌🏾❤😊🙏🏽

Seneca Davalos : Jimmy I love you so much, I’m so sorry this happened 😔 my condolences to you and all your family ❤️

Amy Yates : God bless you Jimmy Fallon....may your Mom rest in peace.

Yes Theory : Damn it you're making us cry Jimmy!!

Shana rachelle : How dare some of these people dislike the video? They should be ashamed of themselves

MaGa Nz : I don't know what I'll do w/out my mother 😭😭 much❤❤

DJACOBS77 : How can 1K people dislike this ? Such a shame of what our world has become. Like we were always taught, if you don't have anything nice to say or do don't say or do anything at all. Such a sad sad world to troll or dislike a video of a man remembering his deceased mother. God bless you Jimmy!

Josh Abbott : I love this man. Your the best dude. Don't stop doing what you do. Moms watching you brother. God dang man, make me cry in front of my wife. Much love

TheVintageRomance : MAN. I can't imagine losing my mother. She's my light, my backbone and my everything.

Wendy Mardeda : He such a good man

Najat Júnior : JIMMY DONT MAKE ME CRY :(

Gamer_Ash : I lost my nan last week, I miss her everyday, I’m in year 6 and struggling to transition into highschool, but I’ll always now she is there I’m my heart and I can talk to her whenever I need you nan. RIP

Sharmila Borker : Heartless idiots disliked this video

mariel ivana : Oh my god I've never seen jimmy cry this is so sad

Joey J : Keep it goin jimmy. Youre the funniest man on the planet next to will. Keep it goin.

Naomi Malone : Sorrow is the price we pay for love! Stay strong, Jimmy.

TaylorSwiftStuff #1 : My mom recently passed away from cancer and I am only 10

Thot Patrol : This was hard to watch. I have tears rolling down my face and I've never even met the woman. My condolences jimmy