Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to His Mother Gloria

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This Little Critic : Oh man that is so sad. Moms are such a blessing.

Sheila Dey : The loss of a mother can never be replaced , but the love of a mother can never be lost

Dr. Royal : He kept his shit together very well just then; I know I couldn't. Respect.

ToonieMama : Jimmy, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. There are no words to express the pain of losing a loved one, especially a parent. It will be 4-years in January that my Mother passed and I miss her each and every day! Please know that your Mother will always be with you; a Mother's love is forever. Praying for you and your family during this difficult time. God Bless you and yours.

Baby Baby TV : *mom is everything and I love my mom too much. She is working hard for our family.*

The_other_black_guy : Y'all better go hug your mommas

Fernando Barbosa : 992 twisted heartless bastards

HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 : He is such a beautiful man, I bet his mom was gorgeous inside and out

Justin Lal : Over 69k saints, over 1k cold hearted brats. I'm so sorry Jimmy.  :(

Luke Clement : Who’s cutting onions

kim yugyeom : i’m sorry for your loss aw :( may her precious soul rest in peace 💓

Jiren : This should be #1 on trending

Nahla Anwer : I would say he needs more time to recover. Made me well up. 😢

steph4691 : what heartless bastards seriously disliked this video?

Brooklyn Fan-1 : You have my condolences. I recently lost me father a month ago at 64. I’m only 22. It hurts so much I bet we would give everything we have just to hear their voice one more time. Rip loved ones

Jordan Cooper : I am just bawling. Your mom was very much loved Jimmy May she Rest In Peace 🧡😭

Naya Dab : I started crying when the vid started... Ik how it feels like to lose someone. #staystrongjimmy

Divyansh : Who the fuck can dislike a video like this?

Jay Reed : Some ass hole's going to say he was faking this emotion

Sarah Hennessey : i’m so sorry jimmy. i was never very close to my grandmother. last year, around 10 pm on my birthday, my sister got a call from my uncle. he told her that grandma passed away. she had stage 4 brain and lung cancer. my sister came into my room to tell me. i spent days after i heard the news crying and even went to the guidance counselor at my school. a year later now, i feel closer to her than ever. on my birthday this year, i spent the day with my sister. as we celebrated my birthday and i blew out my candles, i wished for her to come back. i miss her more and more because i wish i was closer with her when she was alive.

Ellen Fan Channel : I'm crying.R.I.P GLORIA!!!

Sarah Englishbee : #LoveYouJimmy

Jahirul Islam : Respect to Jimmy Fallon & his mother for rest in peace .

Middle Aged Mother : <3 Losing a parent is shitty - been there, done that. Love and Light x

Raw Potato : Give the man a break he just lost his mum. Fuck the haters

Yes Theory : Damn it you're making us cry Jimmy!!

Wendy Mardeda : He such a good man

Monika G : I watched this over again and it made me cry even harder😭😭 R.I.P Gloria Fallon xx

Serin Muah : He's trying so hard ṭo not cry , :( jimmy thanks for always making us laugh i really adore your show. Deepest condolences your mom

matthew zinnecker : It's so sad.

Angela Zamora : Im crying ;(

Michael Anthony : Legend. #StayStrongJimmy

OctobersVeryOwnPremiumStation : 🙏

Ligeiaravenpoe poe : 😢 so sorry for your loss Jimmy. Who are the heartless people disliking this video? Like him or not, his mother passed away have some human compassion.

mybestblood TV : 😪❤

Nikhil Mistry : #StayStrongJimmy

MG Nz : I don't know what I'll do w/out my mother 😭😭 much❤❤

Aoife Murray : Tears in my eyes right now

ALPHA AF : How could anyone not like this guy?

Megan Downs : starting crying when you could start to hear his crackling voice..ily jimmy

charley15z : Losing your mother, no matter what your age is, is one of the hardest things anyone has to go through. But you just know Jimmy's mom raised him right.

Minty Mint : Gloria has Fallon

JollyCanadian : The 1k people that disliked this are soulless

suryaharris007 : So much love in his voice.. :( Rest in peace ❤️

Lorraine Kadirgamar : I watched this today, November 15th which is my sons birthday. Jimmy, I send all my best wishes and hugs to you. The bond between a mother and son is special. This morning my 24 year old said" mom thank you for getting me this far" . No more words🇮🇪

TheVintageRomance : MAN. I can't imagine losing my mother. She's my light, my backbone and my everything.

Najat Júnior : JIMMY DONT MAKE ME CRY :(

Jackson Williams : To all the people who say Fallon isn’t genuine on TV, y’all can fuck off. This was beautiful.

Alexa Careri : I'm not crying

Kalax Iatal : Whoever dislikes this fuckkkkkkkemmmmmm