Introducing Evermore Park - Teaser
A former Disney Imagineer is opening a park in Utah called Evermore that is Lord of the Rings meets Westworld

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A Fantasy Lover's Dream. Fairies, dragons, trolls, and other magical creatures come alive at Evermore Park — a living experience park that brings fantasy to reality. It’s a first-of-its-kind “smart” park, combining old world mythologies and spectacular botanical gardens with stunning cutting-edge technology to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience where guests step into a story like never before. To follow along with the construction of the park, and join our ranks, please visit: Follow us on Social Media to join in on the adventure! Introducing Evermore Park - Teaser


Heather Warren : I am so ridiculously excited, this seems like the exact kind of escapism I sometimes need in life~ so much fun! Hopefully I find someone to go with though

ChicHulaGirl : I still wish there were slow ride throughs like haunted mansion style in those buggies. Lol! This place looks scary but intriguing! Lol!

Skunky Wild : I've never clicked a video notification so quickly before! Evermore is looking even more amazing every time I come back to this channel and see more! I can't wait for Evermore! =D

Gretchen Faye : This looks absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I can't wait for more updates!! Definitely going opening weekend!

Xengar : Finally, been wanting this ever since I first visited one of their neighborhood haunted attractions in Pleasant Grove during Halloween. I think it was back in 2014, loved what I saw, loved their dioramas at FanX in Salt Lake City. So excited for this!

Klára : I live in Europe but goddamit I WILL come to visit one day!

chloe mayer : this is honestly so incredible, i feel like crying it looks so beautiful

orpheus : this is literally a dream come true there's no way for me to come by the time it opens, but i will make it at some point!

Derrin Smith : This place is amazing and the amount of detail and work you've put in is staggering. I may live across the globe but you can bet on me saving up and coming over.

Marion Swanson : I am full of awe towards Evermore. I hope to visit someday :D

StrankensteinsMonsters : So stoked for Halloween time!

Mustard Plays : I seriously can not wait to come to the park!

Fast Pass : I haven’t been this excited about a theme park since he Hard Rock Park. My expectations are almost unfairly high with this. I’m already planning my trip to hopefully teleport to this fantasy realm. Don’t disappoint me! I won’t accept anything less than a mind blown!

Jay Jay : This is all my fantasy loving heart could ever want! I'm totally stoked for this!

Joe Momma : I drove down a couple weeks ago just to see how things are coming. My daughter and I are so excited for this.

Joe Momma : I think if evermore opens before the final season of game of thrones we should have viewing parties at one of the taverns. Maybe?

KOTG king : I'm in love, with your idea and its becoming a reality. Like many i enjoy this type of stuff alot. I was a huge D&D player as a child. Love make-up art.....oct and Halloween is my time of year. Movies based these time and mythical stuff and creatures are so fun. I'm locally a masters in culinary arts and a chef locally in Orem utah, for a major resort. I would love to be a Chef on site at this amazing park. I can take everything back to the midevil ages and stone brick cook everything and roasting meats etc ...the old way would be so fun. The ambiance of a place like this is just brilliant. Please reach out to me. I am very excited to visit this location very soon. Best wishes.

Paul Scanlan : So excited for this!

Ivy Darling : I'm looking forward to this! It seems like it's going to take a really long time to build tho, considering the first time I heard about this was in 2014, I think, and they are investing so much into it

Chris Mills : This looks like the kind of fantasy park that I've been dreaming of - a permanent film-quality fantasy environment to match the amazing costumes that cosplayers create. Can't wait for this!

White Dragon : It would be great if Evermore replaced Disney Land/World! They should get BlizzCon and Comic-Con and others to host their events there. Would be very cool.

Allareous : I literally just stumbled upon this video while looking at clips from The Never Ending Story for references to help me draw out a fashion line I want to do. This just made my LIFE!!!!

Simon Raes : Can't wait to go to this someday !!!

DJ GAMERNATION : Yup n when you all become successful disney is gonna want to own yu😂😂😂😂😂

TMRproductionstudios : Love this idea! We already work in Renaissance Festivals and would love to be a part of this in some capacity. REAT idea!

Keaaah : IT LOOKS AMAZING !! I wish I could teleport, because it's a bit far away :)

Anna Lopez : This is an awesome idea! I'm soo ready to go to this park...I went to Medieval Times dinner tournament show for the first time this past June and I went in full blown renaissance costume and so did my boyfriend and it felt right but no one else was dressed in theme and this concept is exactly what I was wishing for! A place that let's you not only see these awesome scenes but also participate in it! This is perfect!!!! Can't wait for this to open!

Cyris : I just read about Evermore from a Tumblr post and this is a dream come true!! I need to come here during my life time, and I also noticed this was posted on April 13. That's my birthday and going here would be a birthday wish! 👀

Green Cello : I've been keeping an eye on this even during the time it was on hold. This has more to offer guests than most theme parks. Also I met one of the guys creating the creature make-up at a Comic convention. His name is Logan and he was a contestant on the show Face Off twice. Nice guy.

Alex G : I'm flat out tearing up because I REALLY WANT to be on the costuming or acting team. Like, I've never wanted to be part of a project so bad.

Octavian G. Petrescu : This looks amazing and authentic! Can't wait to visit - keep up the good work! -An Imagineer

Snikyalen 6 : So, I saw this video before opening night a few months ago. I came the second night Evermore was open, and it was wonderful. I come and look at this now, and I don't remember seeing more than half of the creatures, so I am super excited to see how it'll look when it's finished. 10/10

Cindy Montgomery : omg why must Utah be so far away from me? If I lived close I would be here every week!

Brian Goubeaux : I hope it does well. I have seen stories of fantasy themed parks in the past that would close down a decade or two later. The photos of the results looked like a post-apocalyptic version of that world. Let's hope that it lasts throughout the generations.

DJ GAMERNATION : It would be nuts if people gotta ask the dragon for directions that would answer all my childhood dreams😦

dreampsi2 : I would give anything to be a part of this team. Ken's story sounds like a carbon copy of my life except I never got out of my abusive family environment. I had no Geppetto to go to. My life long dream was to create exactly what he has created but I guess I lacked the finances and determination to pursue that dream. My only outlet was acquiring a drama scholarship to a local community college in order to attend college and there I found my escapism. I spent 15 years working with productions and choreography but the drive became exhausting and I slowly settled into a hum-drum life without any outlet. I had never heard of Evermore (in SE USA) and just accidentally landed on a page about it and I've spent my entire day reading and listening to podcasts with Ken. I am so happy that someone created my dream and I guess if I'm honest, I'm beyond jealous. I've sat all day looking at videos and creating ideas in my mind. I created "premium quests" where you could pay an extra small fee per group and be taken on a quest through secret tunnels and give quest items of power, gems, maps and potions unique to that quest while at the same time, unique to each member of the party so that when the time comes to "use" and item, the other party members are treated with an unknown surprise creating a more special party dynamic. Example quest: (once the fee, etc. is taken care of and contingent upon certain elements being created by the studio team and place throughout Evermore for these quest experiences) RECOVER THE CROWN [Recover the magical crown of King Taymore, the first King of Evermore, which has been long stolen and hidden away. Lore says that whoever recovers the crown will be rewarded with King Taymore's lost treasure] The quest begins by way of a guide wearing a hooded cloak. He tells the short story of King Taymore and how he came to be King of Evermore and how he was overthrown by his evil sorcerer sister, Hagitha. In the main tavern where all the patrons are located, the guide opens a secret passage [built without a handle on a back wall/area where the lock on the back side is only opened by using a strong magnet like a hidden panic room] In the hidden passageway, light spills in from the main tavern through a small area at the top giving light enough to see. On the walls are hanging hooded cloaks and the party is instructed to put on a cloak so they will have less chances of being seen. [this way normally dressed guests can easily become a part of the costumed production] They are led down a hall into an alleyway and out a secret entrance behind a fountain or some other piece of landscape. They follow the guide through the streets of guests in their cloaks trying to blend in. They are taken to a mystic in a small room but they must enter one at a time to discover their special ability to help the party when the time is right. Inside, party member #1 is given a small white orb [some type of lighted orb that can be turned on maybe made of quartz] Mystic: Only when the time is right must you use this magical item. Choose wisely...for it can only be used once (and then you must return it to your pouch) and you must keep it secret until then. Remember...."only when it is at it's darkest, can you be saved by the light!" Party member #2 enters and is given a pair of red spectacles and told not to reveal them until needed. Mystic: Remember...."when you are faced with a difficult choice, only the spectacles of truth can show you the way!". Party member #3 enters the Mystic's room and is given a bottle of red liquid potion. Mystic: Remember..."when your friend reveals the truth, only you can fill that which is empty!" [Quest can be tailored for a certain amount of items for the quest and adjusted to the number of party memebers. I'll use 3 for this example] Our guide leads the party to a dungeon entrance where he can no longer follow them but if they escape, they will meet him by the designated area. They are instructed to find a key that will unlock where the Crown has been hidden. Down the tunnel are various rooms with candles, torches or light sources. As they pass down a hallway, and step into the room at the end, a trap is triggered and the door or way behind them is sealed. The room grows completely dark. [Hopefully this is where the orb of light will be used. If not a voiceover could be used to remind of the light in darkness line] The orb is pulled out and turned on. In the room are 5 old urns on pedestals with a warning to "choose wisely". There are red/blue looking squares painted on the walls above the urns. When using a red filter to reveal answers to things like a puzzle or trivia game, the words are written so that you can read them. Party member who must make a choice will use the spectacles of truth to see that each red square has a skull and cross bones over it except for one. When this is pointed out, the party member with the potion of red liquid must realize that only they can fill what is empty when their friend makes the choice. The correct urn is chose and the liquid is poured into the urn. The added weight will cause pressure as the urn sinks and a small drawer pops open in the base revealing a gold key, map and a scroll. The scroll is a Sleep Spell that describes how to use it. "Wave hand in a circle at the target while saying "Somno Sonus" [sleep sound in Latin] A secret passage opens and they take stairs out of the dungeon. The map will lead them nearby in Evermore to Hagitha's hut. Upon entering, Hagitha will confront them and accuse them of trying to steal her brother's crown. Behind her in a locked cage is the golden crown but she may have a few surprises in store. She might use her sorceress powers to flame up a candle or fireplace. She might cause things to be tossed off shelves or slam a door. She'll give dialogue that tells how the thrown was rightfully hers not her brothers but the residents of Evermore would not recognize her as their ruler nor would they her brother without his crown. She tells them she is going to defeat them but tells them she'll give them a chance for any last words. Hopefully the sleep spell will be used and with a wave of hand and words "Somno Sonus" she will fall into a deep sleep. They will use the key to unlock the crown and take it back to the designated meeting place. The Guide is there waiting for them and takes them to a small living quarters where he lives in poverty. They will give him the crown and with joyful tears he thanks them for finding the crown. With that, he places the crown upon his head and takes off his cloak to reveal his is the deposed King of Evermore and with his magic crown rightfully restored, he can now rule Evermore once again. As promised, he gives them a sack of gold coins or jewels that can be used at the tavern for food/drink as a part of the package. Hopefully they fun on a little adventure where they get to be interactive with the environment.

Erbs : Where can I sign up to work there

Fred Lashure : WANT TO GO.....and live there! This is awesome

STAY WOKE : I hope they have hobbit houses with the round doors and grass roofs. That would be so cool.

Jessica Parkos Alvarez : I have similar but different life goals and this is so inspiring! Love love love it!

Lpsrocks 101 : OMGGGGGGGG I AM CRYING!!!! this is a place i have always wanted to be created! you know that place you feel like you were suppose to be born in like a time well my time was the magical renaissance. like with witches and all that i am so happy this is going to happen ahahhahhahhahhahhahhah!!! and its even literally right across the street ehehehehehh i can not wait.

Daniel Quast : looks a little close to the highway and the real world. Hopefully they can make it immersive enough you can not notice the outside world.

Jacob Newman : Never been a fan of theatre but this looks amazing

Avery Gewondjan : I went to go see evermore while it is still being built

Sean Hogan : So when is THIS going to actually be built? I dont remember seeing generators in the layout plans and as for "even the security staff is in costume" I didnt think you meant dressed like CSC Event Staff. Seems a little less magical.

jim52970 : Looks like I'm going to Utah

Lee Brindley-Quinn : :"^) Evermore : a place i will never get to go to bc im poor and on the other side of the globe.

Tara Frederickson : already got my tickets. Can't wait to go on my birthday.

claudia xander : hey wheres the "Hotpeoplefindgeeksattractive" realm?