Introducing Evermore Park - Teaser

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devinsupertramp : This place looks incredible! Stoked! Can't wait, sign me up!

Mustard Plays : I seriously can not wait to come to the park!

ChicHulaGirl : I still wish there were slow ride throughs like haunted mansion style in those buggies. Lol! This place looks scary but intriguing! Lol!

Heather Warren : I am so ridiculously excited, this seems like the exact kind of escapism I sometimes need in life~ so much fun! Hopefully I find someone to go with though

StrankensteinsMonsters : So stoked for Halloween time!

Skunky Wild : I've never clicked a video notification so quickly before! Evermore is looking even more amazing every time I come back to this channel and see more! I can't wait for Evermore! =D

Fast Pass : I haven’t been this excited about a theme park since he Hard Rock Park. My expectations are almost unfairly high with this. I’m already planning my trip to hopefully teleport to this fantasy realm. Don’t disappoint me! I won’t accept anything less than a mind blown!

Klára : I live in Europe but goddamit I WILL come to visit one day!

Xengar : Finally, been wanting this ever since I first visited one of their neighborhood haunted attractions in Pleasant Grove during Halloween. I think it was back in 2014, loved what I saw, loved their dioramas at FanX in Salt Lake City. So excited for this!

Joe Momma : I drove down a couple weeks ago just to see how things are coming. My daughter and I are so excited for this.

Gretchen Faye : This looks absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I can't wait for more updates!! Definitely going opening weekend!

DJ GAMERNATION : Yup n when you all become successful disney is gonna want to own yu😂😂😂😂😂

Jay Jay : This is all my fantasy loving heart could ever want! I'm totally stoked for this!

Marion Swanson : I am full of awe towards Evermore. I hope to visit someday :D

White Dragon : It would be great if Evermore replaced Disney Land/World! They should get BlizzCon and Comic-Con and others to host their events there. Would be very cool.

orpheus : this is literally a dream come true there's no way for me to come by the time it opens, but i will make it at some point!

KOTG king : I'm in love, with your idea and its becoming a reality. Like many i enjoy this type of stuff alot. I was a huge D&D player as a child. Love make-up art.....oct and Halloween is my time of year. Movies based these time and mythical stuff and creatures are so fun. I'm locally a masters in culinary arts and a chef locally in Orem utah, for a major resort. I would love to be a Chef on site at this amazing park. I can take everything back to the midevil ages and stone brick cook everything and roasting meats etc ...the old way would be so fun. The ambiance of a place like this is just brilliant. Please reach out to me. I am very excited to visit this location very soon. Best wishes.

Chris Mills : This looks like the kind of fantasy park that I've been dreaming of - a permanent film-quality fantasy environment to match the amazing costumes that cosplayers create. Can't wait for this!

Ivy Darling : I'm looking forward to this! It seems like it's going to take a really long time to build tho, considering the first time I heard about this was in 2014, I think, and they are investing so much into it

Derrin Smith : This place is amazing and the amount of detail and work you've put in is staggering. I may live across the globe but you can bet on me saving up and coming over.

Joe Momma : I think if evermore opens before the final season of game of thrones we should have viewing parties at one of the taverns. Maybe?

A Raes : Can't wait to go to this someday !!!

Paul Scanlan : So excited for this!

Brian Goubeaux : I hope it does well. I have seen stories of fantasy themed parks in the past that would close down a decade or two later. The photos of the results looked like a post-apocalyptic version of that world. Let's hope that it lasts throughout the generations.

Eric Green : I've been keeping an eye on this even during the time it was on hold. This has more to offer guests than most theme parks. Also I met one of the guys creating the creature make-up at a Comic convention. His name is Logan and he was a contestant on the show Face Off twice. Nice guy.

Sean Hogan : So when is THIS going to actually be built? I dont remember seeing generators in the layout plans and as for "even the security staff is in costume" I didnt think you meant dressed like CSC Event Staff. Seems a little less magical.

RogueScholarBlue : What I don't understand is how has this Park and its concepts and intent have not received larger attention in certain media, i.e. Fantasy enthusiast and other quote unquote "Geek" sites? I follow a slew of them and I feel like this is the first I'm hearing about this! If not for a random Nerdist article, I wouldn't know. I know a Disney Imaginner or two that would be quite impressed with what they are shooting for and the sheer, passionate ambition.

jim52970 : Looks like I'm going to Utah

Chloe Mayer : this is honestly so incredible, i feel like crying it looks so beautiful

Anna Lopez : This is an awesome idea! I'm soo ready to go to this park...I went to Medieval Times dinner tournament show for the first time this past June and I went in full blown renaissance costume and so did my boyfriend and it felt right but no one else was dressed in theme and this concept is exactly what I was wishing for! A place that let's you not only see these awesome scenes but also participate in it! This is perfect!!!! Can't wait for this to open!

TMRproductionstudios : Love this idea! We already work in Renaissance Festivals and would love to be a part of this in some capacity. REAT idea!

Octavian G. Petrescu : This looks amazing and authentic! Can't wait to visit - keep up the good work! -An Imagineer

Keaaah : IT LOOKS AMAZING !! I wish I could teleport, because it's a bit far away :)

Fred Lashure : WANT TO GO.....and live there! This is awesome

Leigh 5744 : This is now on my bucket list. canNOT wait to visit!!

Dreb23 : I can see this park having dark rides

Avery Gewondjan : I went to go see evermore while it is still being built

Avery Gewondjan : It is amazing

cbfute berta : please import this in europe

Christophercomet Bob : So Exited!! Im just wondering if you have to be 21 to enter the park? Because i really want to be able to go.

Sir Fortesque76 : Can I just live here please?

Erbs : Where can I sign up to work there

Pararu Parker : I want to live there and work there !

Fragile Badger : Went there. Amazing

The Lone Wanderer : I am going next fall!

Jessica Parkos Alvarez : I have similar but different life goals and this is so inspiring! Love love love it!

Daniel Quast : looks a little close to the highway and the real world. Hopefully they can make it immersive enough you can not notice the outside world.

Tyson Williams : Still can’t believe I live next to the Bretscneiders and almost as close to the park

mythical : this is amaaaaaziiiing!!!!!

ubernihilist : If they make a LoTR version of the Pirates of the Caribbean, omg omg omg omg!