Our Review of the New Horse Dating Simulator

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Emily Hance : "Knuckle your mush" is my knew favorite phrase

Liana Hungerford : Patti is everything

Elliot Jackson : Hatoful Boyfriend is a dating simulator about birds. I highly recommend it. Trust me and play the whole game. I swear it won't disappoint.

TheChicagoCourier : Can Nature Nick be Patti's Horse Prince?

guzma's golisopod : haha y'all should definitely do more game reviews

guzma's golisopod : "its like murder she wrote" LMFAOOO

Eli : ur actually really funny when ur not doing those stupid "haha random" sketches... more of this tbh?

joe47771 : Can I work in your office? : p

sherwood smallidge : knuckle your own moosh!!