Cosmos Edit 1: Mars

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FartMaster69 : what is all this stuff

The Stitch : I LOVE science stuff like this, was laughing my ass of the whole time! Best part: "What is all this stuff?" *silent stare for 20 seconds* *Starts mixing shit* "SCIENCE" This is yes. So very yes.

Gramatha : If Aliantos turned out to be David Lynch's youtube channel I wouldn't be surprised

Cherry Voodoo : First... there was nothing.... Then, there was Carl.

Steve J : Damn it, Carl Sagan keeps killing off the martians before we can find them.

John Hooke : You always know when the YouTube journey is over and it's time to go to bed.

ZanzaKlaus : Praise be Sagan, our dark lord and master.

SlayerOfKleiners : I feel less clean now.

JinglemansDog : Atheists: 1 Checkmate: 0

Jack Machen : How do we get you to do this for a living?

GenoX1987 : Why aren't you making Twin Peaks

MinkCrone : I am Hydrogen I am Ammonia The Beginning and the End Thou shall have no other Sagans before me.

Bash : There is none other better than Aliantos...

Tom Schmidt : I am a lil high watching this and scared

Franco A. Scillia Thost : dude... I'm still coming back to your channel once a week waiting to se a new Carl Sagan video

Hippy Jim : Carl put it best: What is...all this stuff?

nuttertube : I've stayed tuned for Party Island for the past year and a half, but it's never come up next. If it doesn't come on soon I'm giving up.

Jenny von Henkelmann : Jesus, that was so good I cried.

hausofpancakes : I feel like I learned something.

Dead Channel : "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." -Carl Sagan

WaveringRadiant00 : The music during the intro and the ending credits pulls me in every time...

ST INC : subscribed a week ago on the off chance you ever made a video, good timing

TheTullipJones : Oh thank goodness. I thought you weren't coming back! I was so worried........

[abaddonswim] : +Aliantos To be honest, this is very.

Oznerol De Angelis : Everything you make is a masterpiece. I love you so much.

wolfgang169 : rustiest telescope ever

maniackgb1 : This was amazing

Mike Peterson : This is fuuuuukjng awwweeesooomeee

spamkinglol : This has such a surreal, lonely atmosphere that I can't help but demand more.

Jay Fiz : This is the best YouTube channel I've found since I found out YouTube existed earlier this month

Noh Mercy : How do you freeze carl and have stuff in the background moving?  like in 0:17

Bradley L : amazing work as always. i really want to make a halloween mask based on the face at 2:30.

ZedSlayer : i still want to see what Party Island is all about

Raul Torres : The most primitive of lifeforms, observing Mars casually, then sending a unit which destroys all lifeforms, becoming alien in the process, at the behest of Emperor Sagan who refused to sit during the Solarian Committee mostly to avoid making amends with the Earth/Martian conflict.  It wasn't until 2335 AD when Emperor Sagan, then 401 years old, agreed to sign the committee's request for Mars' independence.  This video is the result of the signature ceremony.

Slartibartfass : I just can't get enough of this. Really do love its surrealism. More of this please :D

StygianEmperor : You've expanded to live action. Good.

Giupetto Ventelucci : Great video. I imagine you could so a very great, eerie ytp of spongebob squarepants or even something like unsolved mysteries or 90s commercials. I really love what you do man

Oecobius33 : Delightful! Nice work. When he's standing quietly at the beginning, I like the couple of muffled thump noises from off-camera, like the crewmen don't realize they're filming and are dropping crates around. It's a little detail but a good one.

Randy ___ : I'm so happy you're still doing what you're doing, keep it up!

Lucas WhiteBone Blundell : Is it weird for me to say these videos satisfy my soul?

Kryptnyt : Damn Sagan, your awkward is spreading around the whole damn room

Antediluvian Seraph : For the love of everything that's good and fine in this fair world, please continue uploading videos.

Dustin Wallace : This may be THE video that the internet was made for. I think we can call it a day, information super highway...

Fat Brando : I jumped when he shifted the telescope

John Smith : Trying to figure out what he said between 1:20-1:26

ElbowRocket : i cant feel my eyes carl why

mcrazza : Carl Sagan and LSD, brought to you by VHS.

Christopher Miller : you are a genious. i appreciate your videos!!! so off the wall


qazxswplmnko : Yes! I have waited for this!