(Marvel) Thor | What More Could I Lose ?
Marvel Thor What More Could I Lose

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"Well, if I'm wrong, then... what more could I lose?" ** My Kofi-Page, If you want to donate/support me, I would be forever grateful! : https://ko-fi.com/slyfer Follow me on Twitter ! - https://twitter.com/slyfer2812?lang=fr Tumblr - http://stileslyfer.tumblr.com/ Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/user42907217 #Thor #InfinityWar #fanvidfeed ________________________________________­­­­­­__ First of all, a HUGE thank you again for the 13,000 subscribers we reached few days ago. I'm more than happy, thank you all and this is my gift for you. This video was a real challenge for me but I guess now I'm glad with the result, and I hope all of you will enjoy it. Thanks for all the kind words and support I received lately. You guys really make me happy. Important thing to say Is that I created a Discord, to be able to communicate more with all of you. There's already a bunch of fantastic people in there and I'll be really glad to have you guys there : https://discord.gg/fQnErxW This video is also a particular gift for my dear friend Nate. He's such an awesome personn and a truly talented guy. I hope you will like the gift, brother. https://www.youtube.com/user/Ghost3221 Awesome people : King T'Challa, Boo! Love you guys :) Thank you everyone ! __________________________________________ Vidder: Merwan Fandom: Marvel Music: Audiomachine - I Will Find You Music 2: Audiomachine - The Second Hand Ticks Coloring: mine Program: Sony Vegas 15 Warnings: Spoilers for the whole movie! ________________________________________­­­­­­__ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favourite of fair use.


LitCaveman : Thor literally lost everything Frigga Odin Loki Hela Warriors 3 Heimdall Over half his people Home Hammer Eye Girlfriend Hair Fight with Hulk His fellow Avengers And now he has to deal with the fact that he could have prevented half of the universe from being killed.

Saad Ahmed : Spoiler Alert! Thor: What more could i lose? Everyone: Weight

felynecomrade : Endgame shows us what more he lost: His dignity. His confidence. His self-respect. After all of his loss, his grief, his suffering, Thor lost the will to carry on. He stopped believing in himself. He lost himself.

Dustin Howe : Only Chris Hemsworth can make holding an umbrella look Badass.

leave me alone unu : "i assure you, brother; the sun will shine on us again." i broke

Squishu Pop : *literally almost everyone crying for spider-man *damn can we give love to Thor? He lost everything!*

His Presence. : Captain marvel doesn't deserve to beat thanos.. She doesn't even deserve to be called the strongest avenger in the MCU.

Konrad Kazaniecki : What more could i lose? Your sixpack

Antroz Makuta : If thor is getting a fourth movie, I want it to start with a montage like this... showing thor having his losses recurring in his dreams.

Kulvir Singh : Thanos:I know what it is like to lose Future Thor:You have no idea

Harry Murphy : This is why Thor has to be the one to kill thanos, he’s lost everything and everyone but continues to fight. No other hero in the MCU has changed more as a character over the past Decade than Thor. To complete his arc he needs to kill thanos and then sacrifice himself to save his fellow asgardians

Christian Ruiz : How does a man like him keep moving forward instead of going insane

Multiverse Infinite : Thor is not just a hero, a warrior, a lost man, Thor is a legend🤗

nithin c : Thor: what more could i loose Me after watching Avengers Endgame: Weight

Maddy45744 : He could lose his body... O wait he lost that in endgame

Justin Shen : He lost his brother, his best friend, half his people, his father, his mother, his other childhood friends (the Warriors Three), his girlfriend, his hair, his eye...what more could he lose? Well... 5 years later, he lost his abs, got a beer belly and lost his pride b/c Captain America *spoiler hidden* Like if you want Thor to become O.P. (Again)

bobdabird : He could lose his muscles. Only peoplr whov seen endgame will understand

compilation cosmos : Thor: what more can i lose. Time: your abs!

Bad Chilii : I came here looking for a funny quote by Thor.....I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS HOW DARE YOU

ashish pandey : Thor : What more i could lose ? Rocket : your beer belly dude

Yasir Prince : Ohh something feels about thor will have his Revenge....

Gaming Guru : This shows that along with all those jokes and great fight animation scene, MARVEL movies do have a darker side to their plot to..you just need an experienced mindset to see it and connect with it..


NaandaVB : The one who lost everything that he love. Even after all, still fighting. That's why, he will ALWAYS be my fav. Let's do this, Thor.

Kat Power : The actors that play the roles of Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Logan aka wolverine, and Loki cannot be replaced by anyone

Artistic Rishu : (Thor lost everything see that list) *Father *Mother *Brother *Sister *People *Planet *Friends *Best friend *Hammer *His hairs *His eye *His girlfriend *his abs *his osm beard BUT HE NEVER LOSE HIS HAPPINESS!

Osian Coleman : Tell u what we need Loki back. His death in infinity war was probably the worst one.

Carina Zinveliu : Thor : ANOTHER ONE! Russo brothers : You wanna lose another person? Okay. Endgame : *iron man dies*

Nakor Makor : 40% talking about thor weight 60% talking about thor lost everything

Johannes Fuchs : Potential endgame spoiler ahead: This video made me love thor. They made him so cool the last movies. I really cried during this video and I was looking forward to Thor in endgame. And damn. Why. Why did thor have to be like this. To be funny? It was. The first 20 seconds. Then it was awful. What is even the point of showing us how cool Thor actually is, just to fuck him up in the end. I don't get it and I will forever be sad about what they did to him in endgame

Wulf : Still the strongest avenger regardless of how they portrayed him

Thenujan Jayanthan : Thor has actually lost everything and everyone he has known and loved and still stays strong

John James : Just realized after watching end game that Loki is still alive.

ADARSH R KRISHNA : For me after Tony's death the most hearttouchimg scene is indeed Lokis last line. THE SUN WILL SHINE ON US BROTHER. 🖤🖤🖤

Nikhil Philip : I've rooted for him since Thor 2011, I've been alone in my fandom for a log time...but now, THE WORLD HAS JOINED ME.. this video is the proof of my adoration for this brilliant character, who did not quit in the face of Defeat Who turned his despair into rage Who turned his pain into power Who stared death in thr face and said "You're gonna pay for that!" Who has nothing left to lose, and will unleash holy hell upon Thanos!

TripleFireKill : Thor lost his family but found a new one, which is the asgardians of galaxay! THE POWER OF THOR WILL RISE! AND HE IS THE STRONGEST AMONG ALL! THOR IS GOD OF THUNDER HE WILL RISE! Edit : THANKS FOR THE LIKES never got this much likes!

Panda : Spoilerish!:!:! Who else is sad Thor didn't get his own vengeance of putting it all to an end? I feel he deserved THE victory or a heroic end after everything he's lost.

Sleipher : that's why he became what he became in Endgame, wonderful summary of the experiences and the feelings this character had trough his journey. amazing video.

Rachel Kinlove : Seriously though, I told you I didn't want to cry today!!! >x"0 Good vids bro, really good :3

Sword Man : Thor in Infinity War: What more could I lose? Thor in Endgame: I lost my Cable!! I need it fixed!!

juan guerrero : Now this........ this is Thor ⚡ Not the bullsh*t in endgame

Mike The owner of James' sooubway : He’s 1500 years old and in 7 years he lost Loki Mom Odin Hela Heimdall Valkyrie Guardians of the galaxy right when he thought he could have a new family Jane And half of his whole damn planet

Giannis Tsakma : Ok,we get it.Thor becomes fat in Endgame. You don't have to mention it every time

BOLT Gaming : This guy is like the kakashi of marvel lol, and yeah im a anime watcher. but only naruto

Hermela Belay : This is why Thor has always been my favourite Avenger. He is the destined leader who has no one to lead. To fight wars he wasn’t meant to win. Become the man everyone wants him to be, but doesn’t really know what he wants to be. Blames himself for the loss of his friends because “HE DIDN’T GO FOR THE HEAD.” But at the end of the day, even when there is no one left standing, no one to give him hope, no one to show the path... THOR WILL CONQUER AND BECOME WHO HE WAS MEANT TO BE. NOT a Leader NOT a Fighter NOT a Friend or Foe. THOR IS MEANT TO BE THOR, his actions will always be his and his alone. Not form some old legend or contract he has. But THOR IS THOR. THAT’S IT.

kimah abdul : Thor: what more could i lose? Me: Hm, Your Six Pack..

Michael Schmitz : Thanos: You finally got your revenge, Thor Odinson... what did it cost? Thor: _...Everything..._

Joshua Atoms Morilla : I am Anxious, Angry, and i feel tremendous loss. Me: I want my phone back! Mom: It belongs to you if you are worthy of it.. Me: I shall try to be.

Miya Atsumu : Beautifully made. Absolutely breath taking and heart tearing. Keep it up