(Marvel) Thor | What More Could I Lose ?

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maria xxx : okay. i have so many emotions and feelings to share right now. you can't keep on killing me with those videos, if i am to continue writing my analyses, Merwan! i remember watching it for the first time, right after you uploaded. i was so crushed with a sea of different, very strong emotions. i couldn't get myself to right anything back then, but damn i am now. so here we have it, a video about Thor, from you. let me just say how happy i am, because i feel like we don't talk about Thor enough. like we talk about him, but not really t a l k about him. he has literally lost everything, everything he held dear. ughhh, my heart is already breaking. let's jump to the analysys and break it fully. so we start with a conversation between Rocket and Thor. a talk about how Thor has lost everyone. and i love how you used his vision with Heimdall telling him that he was leading them all to hell from AOU. because let's be honest this thought must have been stuck in his head just as long as Tony's thought of being the reason for avengers death. everything that happened after, odin's death, hela's death, loki, the asgardians, heimdall. in his mind he led them all to hell, got them killed. and maybe we don't see much of that in the movies, but we should talk about it more. i love how when rocket mentions dead loki, you show use the glimpse of that vision, the beginning of it, and how you show us more throughout the conversation, because that's exactly what thor might have been thinking about at that moment. and then you put Thanos talking about how he knows what it feels like to loose, about feeling so right about something yet still losing. and then you little genius you put a scene with Thor seeing his portrait. and that does such a great job showing thor as a character. it shows thor's past, a person so sure about his own ideas and beliefs, a person a bit careless and selfish in some aspects. how having all of this confidance, he still failed, he failed to save his people from hela. he maybe even failed to become a king he wanted to be for his people. and then we go one with a heimdall saying "wake up" and we jump to loki being stabbed. and damn that sudden transition gave me chills, great job! we are having thor trying to change what he heard in the vision, but yet he sees his father death, his people are running for their lives, he can't change what's already been predicted. and then, with soft sounds of a piano we travel to the second part. which isn't even a second part, the video is really well balanced and exsist as a whole. so the transition happens with odin saying that the hammer is his if he is worthy, and thor pleging that he will try to be. so in that part we see the issue of being worthy, and how thor sees it and what actions he takes to become the best man for his people. okay so the first thing that you show here is i think the weight of being the odin's son. his friends, his people are praising him, seeing him as a great leader, son of a great Odin. so in their eyes he is destined to be great as well right? well, no. we see how unsure thor is of that, that even though he is the best warrior asgard has, a person who makes his enemies tremble with fear. he still sees his survival only as a part of fate, maybe because of the fate of being odinson. also i love how you have been showing mjolnir from time to time, because due to how you showed it, it seems that the hammer is somehow maybe thor weight, or it holds some of it, for sure. even though he doesn't see himself as a worthy king, he still fights to save his people, to help his friends and stop thanos, he brings all the determination he has, but still fails. this man was ready to kill himself in order to get a weapon to fight thanos, and i just, i'm-. then we have mantis explaining how he feels. how anxious he is, how he is suffering, how guilty and angry he is. putting scenes from thanos's attack on his asgardian ship before and after that clip and also throughout the voiceover really highlights how much this man has been through, how much he lost. the guilt of not being able to stop hela, of not being able to save loki, heimdall or even the space stone. even though the stone wouldn't be there if it wasn't for loki, still how thor must have felt seeing the stone being taken by thanos right in front of his eyes, with him not being able to move. how much guilt that must have given him, being powerless, how in his mind loki and heimdall died trying to help him. as i said before we have mantis talking about all the emotions but she is also talking about him being anxious and it's so damn important. because even though his destiny is to be a great God of Thunder, the ruler od Asgard he feels unsure about it, he feels uncertain about his power. but he is still such a strong of a character, he takes all of those feelings, all this anger and pain and determination to draw a new path for himself. like after that "wake" from mantis, we see the death of loki thor had to witness, we have guilt added to weight he carries by the words "you were supposed to protect us", he couldn't, and in his mind he blames that on himself. we see that with fight with hela, how he is showing his full potential, we also see that when he goes to fight thanos, we see him snapping, from all the pain and loss and guilt that became unbearable to hold inside. we truly see the greatest warrior of asgard, the great god. but we also see a man filled with a desire to kill thanos for everything that he did to him. he sufferd so much that he wanted thanos to suffer the same, that's why he didn't go for the head, he went for the heart. to pierce thanos heart, they way he shattered his. after he realizes that he made a mistake, it's too late. in his mind he didn't avenge his brother, his friend, his world that thanos took from him. he didn't give that meaning. ooooooooooooooooooooooh man, these few last sentences might have could too far, i just couldn't stop writing. i feel like i missed some things, but damn, i have been writing this for 5 hours, i am too tired at this point. so i just want to say how important this video is. how it gives thor the representation he deserves, how it shows his human side. how it shows that he isn't just an avenger, just protector of earth. he had asgard, he had his home, his family and he lost all of it. he witnessed all of it. he has so much tragedy inside, and it has to be shown more! i don't even start on how flawless this video is like in editing area. it's perfection. i am blown away by every aspect. your talent keep on shining as bright as the sun itself. i know that even if i tell you to take a break, you won't listen. so just make sure to take care of yourself while doing those masterpieces. love you, good night!

Mother Chaos : I can't think of who has lost more than Thor. His family and friends dead, his people dead or lost to him. Poor bastard deserves a break. 😢

Codex : started out as the worst character now he's on the top best redeem arc

Beni Manggala : Thor: Dad................ Died Mother............Died Sister..............Died Brother...........Died Friends...........Died Hammer.........Destroyed Agardians, valkyrie, or the other relatives......Nowhere in the movie Thor literally "broken inside"

Michael Schmitz : Thanos: You finally got your revenge, Thor Odinson... what did it cost? Thor: _...Everything..._

Hayden Sevak : Started out wreckless and acted careless and learned he would give his life for his friends and the people he loves

Ghost3221 : Well Merwan, let's begin with this masterpiece! The start is just perfect with what Rocket said "So dead brother, huh? Yeah that can be annoying" and the kinda flashback scene of Thor in the past that you did, like suddenly, he could remember the good moments of his life! 0:20 "Remember this place, home!" This got me real bad because of the loss of their home, Asgard. And the following quote about the loss of his mother, brother, sister, best friend... And the quote of Thanos "I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless." with Thor lookin this old paint of him on a stone, in the past, in the old time, that was just heartbreaking my friend... 1:00 Now this part was like a transe, the nightmare of Thor and his wish to wake up from it, the fake death of his brother but the hurt he got from it... 1:05-1:22 "I need you to help me, help me see" was a good parallel with Heimdall helping the people of Asgard and "See" with Thor taking control of his power. 1:17 Odin ashes flying to the sky and the song reaching its point, that was just an intelligent idea brother, I had big chills watching it! 1:23-1:26 For me this is pure art, the way you put the paints on the walls scenes together with what Odin said, it's a pure enjoyment of cinematography and I do love this 1:35 A masterpiece of a switch man, his hammer getting broke and "It belongs to you, if you are worthy of it... I should try to be!" And then BAM, 1:38, the next song, this scene, the nightmare of Thor again, his weakness, his failures, his torment, but nothing is over because he remembers what he has been teached by Heimdall and that faith wants him to survive his path! 2:10 The anger of Thor coming and even if he might be wrong, he knows nothing could stop his vengeance against the one who took his brother and best friend lives but a vengeance to also put an end to his internal suffering of loss. 2:14 "Right now, those people need your help!" Thor remembers the advice of Odin and that he has no choice but to do what has to be done, even if it's suicide and that it might put an end to his life! 2:25 "Facing Thanos without that axe" and the scenes of Thor fighting against Hela and the quote of Loki together, excellent truly! 2:35 Now Thor going back to his nightmare of being anxious and angry for all he lost, Mantis showing what is tourmenting Thor and Thor saying "I'm not as strong as you" just shows how Thor is affected by everything but still want to be better and to have his revenge done! 2:52 "Wake..." This is the part of Thor starting to take control of this chaotic situation and knowing that he won't lose more nevertheless... 3:05 "I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again." Yes it will because Thor will shine again and return to take control of his pain for good this time, he will return to Thanos and face him in combat! He will remember all he lost but for the better, because this time, all the death will have a meaning for him, the meaning of life, the meaning of stopipng death, which is Thanos and his destruction of half the humanity. 3:17 "Bring me Thanos!!!" He's back and will not leave, he will try his best to kill him. 3:20 For his brother, for himself understanding that he is strong, that his power can't be underestimate, because that's who he is "The God of Thunder" and no one can say the contrary about him. 3:35 But we can't always win against death, and we gotta accept its end "You should've gone for the head!" 3:40 the final Snap of Thanos, the memories of Thor (which you did edited perfectly here) and the story of fate. A Ragnarök interpreted to a story, the destruction of something, but maybe to see a new beginning? We'll have to wait to know this. In conclusion, a great video, an extremely good editing and an amazing interpretation of an idea and character's troubles. You did very good Merwan and I'm glad to have this wonderful masterpiece for my birthday, I truly hope you will enjoy this comment. Thank you so much man, it means so much to me, specially to have put "Happy birthday Nate" at the end and what you said in the description, you're a great friend of me, a very intelligent one with remarkable ideas for his videos, never fail to amaze us brother! :)

marvel nephilim : this video really shows how powerful marvel films are. They are more than just popcorn flicks, they connect with us emotionally. Beautiful job!!!!

Salty_ Kidz : Got goosebumps when Loki said, “I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again.”

SameerSamon : *But This Does Put A Tear On My Face*

Eli Vera : He better be the one who kills Thanos

Alex Chan : Damn Hemsworth is such a good actor, i completely forgot this is a fictional based storyline. 10/10 on the video gj

Ari33sa : wow ... ragnarok and infinity war really made Thor a lot more attractive. I mean I liked him before, but before that he was more of a badass, and somewhat awkward warrior. Now he's .... so damn human. I mean he's still a 1500 year old, worthy and damn powerfull god but ... the issues he deals with over the course of his movies (not just now, but also with the first thor) are all so human it makes him weirdly relateable for a god.

D.J. : Thor's character development is so sad . He's gone from a selfish brat who's always got his way to a selflessness person that will sacrifice himself for others .

elise nls : Thor literally lost everything, let him be happy please

Docteur Dewey : No wonder why Thor is by far the best character by the side of the heroes in Infinity War. He's the only character on the MCU who went through real consequences in all (or almost if we put the shitty Age of Ultron aside, where Hawkeye is the only one to get interestingly developped anyway) of his movies along with Captain America. But what make Thor's journey more emotional and interesting than Captain's is that he's the MCU hero who has evolved the most. He went from the arrogant, ruthless and selfish heir of the Asgardian throne who had everything to a complete and invested good man who lost everything in that process. The tragedy of Thor is that to became a true hero, he had to lose all that mattered to him. The logical ending for him would be sacrifice, because being alive is all that is left to him. And then, he will become the eternal god of heroes, in a shining constellation among his peers and family ...

Christian Ruiz : How does a man like him keep moving forward instead of going insane

Crewmate : Its decided. I knew this will be special but so that far special ? I said this in your previous video about Tony and i must say this again now. This is my friend belongs to best Thor tribute i ever seen. Marvel should give you a work for making them videos after films comes on blu-ray. I mean its like you truly care about editing and care about Marvel videos. Just the beginning ? I was not sure if i want to cry or laugh so hard. Brilliant way how to start a video my friend. Then with going through video it came more and more serious and i was trying to be serious too. Honestly i forgot this scene between rocket and Thor and its more reason why i enjoyed it more in your video and how you made this conversation between them as a main storytelling of his character. But lets go into details because this video deserves that and you deserves that twice. 0:05 - 1:00 - If someone asks me to show him really emotional video with full of scenes where is beauty. I will show him/her exactly this. Your story telling and how much are you focused on details not just adding voice overs but scenes which brings more atmosphere into persons feeling who watching this. I really love that way of story telling. It more original and beautiful. But also sad how the last people who he cared about died in 2 minutes. 1:00 - 1:05 - "Wake up" love the paraller you made how he catched thor and then loki scene, also the music is fits and brings too much emotions into this. I love how after Thor's Mjolnir is broken and how he smash with his spear with deep sound the atmosphere of the video turned into something else 1:40 - 1:43 first thing which reminded me this scene was a dance and i think you meant it into this atmosphere. But truly it was so beautiful edited. Then i love how scenes are in different feeling. I am not sure which film it reminds me, but its somehow special and powerful. This speech Thor had about Killing bastard like Thanos is deep and it shows how he believes in his Ego that he is somehow stronger. I think THE ROCKET reaction on this was priceless and best he could say because Thor really believed in that he can defeat Thanos and i think he just underestimated him. But next scenes after this "Ego" speech you gave him justice with that he must believe he is stronger. Because Thanos took everyone who he cared about. I mean the last one who he cared about. So its obvious he wants to kill him for what he did to him. I love how you potrayed his anger and sadness with adding scenes 2:34 - until end belongs to my favorite definitely. You storytelling is priceless and should be more awarded. From 3:10 until end i almost cried. It was really emotional and the way how you potrayed his character, anger, pain, sadness but also happy scenes is just amazing think. As i said title of best tribute for THOR is yours by right. I love people like you who doesn't just love editing but really giving a heart into this thing. Feel with this thing and are able to create beautiful things. Great work my friend. I hope you will do Peter Parker, because i love his character so much and i voted for him in selection haha, but Thor is brilliant character too. Thank you for this Marwey :)

Julian Thorn : Avengers Infinity War was in reality a movie about Thor and Thanos, how they both lost everything ( Thor lost his brother, his best friend, his race was basically wiped out at the beginning of the movie and in Thor Ragnarok he lost his father, his home, even his identity since it was revealed that his father changed the history of Asgard to hide his shame because his eldest child was a psycho and a mass murderer and he himself was a power hungry conqueror ). Thanos lost the one person that he truly loved, his daughter Gamora, and when he saw her again in a dream or in the soul stone, she asked him what did it cost and his answer was perfect, "Everything". ) There are no winners in this movie, not really. Thor was the main protagonist of this movie in my personal opinion and Thanos could be considered to be a misunderstood Antihero even though i admit his tactics and his goal are very sinister but his intentions are actually not that selfish and he does have a point once you really think about it, he wanted to end the suffering in the entire universe, but in the process he destroyed Thor's life. I hated how he said that he respects Tony Stark but didn't say the same thing to Thor... the guy who is actually worthy of his respect and who almost killed Thanos at the end of the movie.

Nohf : Thor better be the one who kills Thanos.

Инешина Мария МГИК : Thor deserves better ... He lost everything. Yes, he gained strength. He became Mighty God, but he is alone .... Loki, God, the most charismatic character in Marvel (I hope he will rise again). And after all the brother was the only living close person for Thor ....They grew up together, they played together, they fought together. And Loki was killed.. . Thor lost everything. In the film, though he smiles, it is clear that he is trying not to cry. This is very hard to watch. I cried when he pronounced this monologue ... And I'm crying now, watching this video. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. And the saddest thing about Marvel is the story of Thor and Loki, they deserve better. Thanks to the author for the masterpiece! I'll go look for handkerchiefs. Sorry for the clumsy English, it is not my native language

MC KING : Only One Thing Thor Didn't Lost... He's Smile....

Natarajan Dhayanandh : They said that they have nearly 30 heros in infinity war but I saw only 2. Thanos & Thor

WeebNextDoor : Man that build up with mantis describing his feelings just wow keep up this tremendous work 👍🏻🙌🏻

Friendly Trash — : He has lost so much my goodness

Mine Pete : 3:15 - 3:32 was better than all the DC movies together.

FIDSea : oh my god. it's the whole life story as it should be told in the film. without jokes and fun. cause Thor deserves it. he's come through a lot of things, he suffered a lot, we should remember him as the God of Thunder, not a fool son of Odin. you showed power of his soul. thank you.

Joseph Maalouf : To be honest I think Thor telling Thanos that he would die for that would have been a better ending.

Rahul Singh : I felt sad for Thor throughout the movie.... He is my favourite hero.... And the way he laughs in the movie shows how that man has lost everything but still trying to keep his sane.... I cried for Thor

Jesse JR : THE BEST THOR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE MAN, what the hell just happend, you broke my heart a million times with that video, i can't even talk about one part because everything was perfect in this, thank you so much for that masterpiece you created brother <3

emma rosalie : 😭😭Thor and Loki are slowly becoming my favorites along side Spider-Man.

Boo : Already watching it for the second time... And you're breaking my heart a second time... This is so amazing, i don't have the words. See, you did not disappoint. It's even better than i thought ! The songs are perfect, it fits with the edit so well. Or the edit fits with the songs, i don't know ! Thank you Merwan, thank you a thousand times for sharing this with us and giving us so many emotions ❤️

Tamara Edmunds : I don't think a lot of people realise exactly what characters like Thor have gone through, because its always overshadowed by humour and action. But then you come along with a video like this at it hits home exactly all that his characters has endured. Incredible video <3

leader ayoub : Thor is the best and the strogest avenger

TNovix : Very emotional but perfect for Thor!

LitCaveman : Thor literally lost everything Frigga Odin Loki Hela Warriors 3 Heimdall Over half his people Home Hammer Eye Girlfriend Hair Fight with Hulk His fellow Avengers And now he has to deal with the fact that he could have prevented half of the universe from being killed.

Thediamondninja 360 : Wow all of Thor’s family members are dead

Anilplays : he litteraly lost almost everything in 5 days

Jovalin : "I assure you brother, the sun will shine on us again." D'ya think Loki was trying to tell Thor he needed to go make Stormbreaker? I mean, it's forged from a dying star/sun, and Thor had to endure it literally blasting him(shining) to do it. Probably not, but hey, Loki's a tricky SOB

little lionman : Also you didn’t show his other friends die from hela

Mike The owner of James' sooubway : He’s 1500 years old and in 7 years he lost Loki Mom Odin Hela Heimdall Valkyrie Guardians of the galaxy right when he thought he could have a new family Jane And half of his whole damn planet

Joseph Kuang : who are the cold hearted people that could dislike this video

Kane Kestle : At least he had his badass moment when he digged stormbreaker in thanos's chest

Goten Son : The actors that play the roles of Ironman, Captain America, Thor, Logan aka wolverine, and Loki cannot be replaced by anyone

Cisco Soto : Hah hah hah! Marvelous! Another masterpiece by Slyfer! In my opinion, Thor has had the 2nd best character arc in MCU, right behind Iron Man. This video shows how he's lost everything and yet he still has the willpower to keep fighting, and is reminded by his father and his friends that he is undoubtedly strong. But what I think is sad is his vision was ultimately correct, and almost everyone he loved died, all because he wasn't strong enough to protect them, and to top it all off, ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS GO FOR THE HEAD! Anyway, fantastic job as always! Hats off to you Slyfer!

FluFflE WaRrioR44 : I am just so speechless... *tries not to cry* *cries*

Abhishek Anand : He is a man with nothing but A brokern heart

chicodean16 : iconic edit, i got the chills. my baby thor deserves better, the russos better give him the happiness he deserves!

Cohen Scabeebner : Honestly it seems like Infinity War is almost like a Thor movie because of how much they focused on his Character arc, Thor’s amazing

Naqi Hassan : Make a video of loki with hans zimmers time