Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019!

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every thing : Fake taxi might feature this

HENRY THE RC CAR : What if the customer won't exit the car at the destination? Will it kick the person out like in Transformers?

JoshJepson : Taxi drivers are some of the craziest drivers in the world. I would feel so much safer in a self-driving taxi tbh, haha.

MoonbearDiedHere : Yes I would try it. Computers make less errors than human beings.

r e i r y u u : In America, you drive the car. In Russia, car drive for you.

Shivam Trivedi : Hundreds of CES Videos around but you still manage to put out the best ones🔥

Cardinal : *Speaking to the car:* "Can you take me home?" *Car:* "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."

brian gillis : Cops are laughing now but how about when they don't get their ticket income anymore

Mister Trayser : Охренеть, я в американских трендах натыкаюсь на беспилотные такси от яндекса! Я охренел!

Red Dragon : I can just hear that charger screaming as it is about to break

Mohamed Elsherif : 90 dislikes! Taxi drivers are mad

Michael Soriano : A lot of companies focus on the looks when comes to futuristic vehicles but if you built an advanced software that makes a car drive itself without any issues YOU’RE WINNING❗️

TUPA KOVALTCH : Когда Беспилотник ездит лучше чем любой другой водитель в России

Channel 53 - Herbie The Love Bug : I've been driving on my own since 1963 😂 This is absolutely great to watch. Awesome beginning to what's to come.

Не баг а фича : еее яндекс в лас вегасе, молодцы ребята

Alphon : Imagine Police trying to pull over this car

Sugh Emmanuel : Wonder how many people could lose their jobs to this

Akshay Kumar T P : 3:26 the lightning cable will break now!!!!

Иван Ромашев : На хуа себе)реклама яндекса какая(((

Мопс Мойша : Кто то из русских есть тут?

ClawBoss : Imagine falling asleep in the back seat of this car and ending up 3,000 miles away from your destination 😳

Huni Tai : Welcome to AI the job killing machine.

Isaac Ali : Self driving cars rip off someone's job of being a driver and sustaining Life! Not cool

Drew : No more drunk driving!!

ckj1103 : I could see car dealerships being put out of business too. It'll be point and click and you're new car arrives within a week. Electric cars only have something like 20 moving parts I heard so service demand will drop off almost completely. Manufacture direct pricing will be awesome. Bye bye dealerships! Can't wait!! Car salespeople are the lowest of the low. Despise them.

Вячеслав Горбатенко : Яндекс красавцы! Много ли здесь русскогорящих? 😎

Vincent Vega : Yandex is a Russian company, the liberals will lose their minds when they see this video. Go Putin!

shahspice : Wonder how many Cab Drivers will lose their jobs over this new crap??


Capitan Capitanov : *1.6K taxi drivers have disliked the video*

Emjay _ : In America you drive cars, In Soviet Russia cars drive you.

jraw : Does it detect someone being sick all over the back seat for the next customer? plus anything computerised can be hacked.

ᒪᎥᗴᔕ : Бляя Яндекс и до Америке дошел хаха, молодцы

Charles Fitch : I wouldn't don't care if this was 2050, I aint getting in no driverless car.

Katherine Umansky : Dude this is literally my nightmare coming to life

Dull Fiction : Thank you Russian Google

Bottom text : And... It's a Prius 😂

Колян Плетнев : Taxi drivers will burn up these cars every night

Solo Stainz : Technology taking everyone’s job nowadays

AusNAVI : Brain* Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me* Been busy tonight mate

Sure Thing : This is wonderful technology but it will never work in over populate countries like INDIA 🤣🙄 unless they reduce the human population somehow 🤣

tampafloridabeachbum : Every self-driving car/vehicle represents 2 to 3 lost full time human jobs. 2 - 12 hr shifts or 3 - 8 hr shifts per 24 hrs. Cars need no sleep or lunch breaks etc. Something to think about when you're given the option of choosing between a driver or driverless car for your next ride. Self-driving cars will only make a few corporations filthy rich and powerful and kill millions of full time human jobs. No good.

Roxic12 : Im not interested to be driven without a human driver.

DustyTV : This is just a stunt. Russian hackers are going to infiltrate using self-driving cars and will rig the 2020 election ... ( sarcasm ) : /

Tony : In Soviet Russia car drives you.

tqmmm_ : The biggest problem of this type of cars is what happens when someone hacks them. Not a single one but like hundreds at the same time. Kinda scary.

acldechateauguay : People are insane. Would you put your children in there? What if there is a bug with that "stupid idea" car? What if there is someone driving drunk? Don't people remember the story of the Titanic? What bout NASA space shuttle failures? What will it take for people to become sane again? Why are people utterly crazy these days?

Renit Rift : If you ever see one of these delivering pizza do the community a service and let the air out of the tires. Geeks cannot go around acting with impunity here.

jon wilson : Seems people can't give away their freedoms fast enough.

Jay & Rengin : I'd be freaking out for a few rides before I got used to this I recon