Electra Meccanica Solo EV: a tiny three-wheeled electric car

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Gustel : no just no for 20K i can almost buy a tesla model 3 wtf

OPEN MIND : 20k is much too expencive. If it had 2 seats I would consider it for 10k.

Corvus : I'm calling the police.

Ovo dio : 20k are you kidding Me... for what

Abdulkadir Vlogs : Don't let Mr Bean catch you driving this

SDG Danny : Whoa, that's a strange looking car. Wouldn't mind if it becomes way more affordable than an old gasoline

Techozu2 : More like half a car

G Smith : 20k? LOL! What about that 7k three wheel gas powered car? EDIT: ELIO! 7k brand new...

Altamash Parwaiz : Cars like this take down the name of electric cars

Max : It is like a monster has eat out of the back of the car

Hideika : You’re just asking to get roasted 👋😂

RoRo : Stop calling it a car. It is not a car. Try having an accident in it. They have to register it as a bike but you can't lane split. Waste of time for all.

el shaddai : Looks Dumb

craig2web : If it were half the price, it would have a halfway decent niche market and do ok. But for around $20k, you can get a decent hybrid for now, and before much longer, probably a full EV for around the same price.

Prashant Shenoy : Haven't they heard about rickshaw vehicle from India?

GrimX : If it cost around $20,000 then you might as well buy a nissan leaf or pay an extra 15k and get a tesla model 3. Good luck picking up girls with that car, oh you cant... This car can only seat 1. That company is going out of business very soon

Damien Wilson : 20K... smh... They must be crazy.

VoltGe : I would spend 5k. Nowhere near 20k. LOL

Roshan Sundram : Even the three wheel car in Mr Bean is way more practical than this lmao

SkeleCrafter : If it were cheaper it would work well in developing countries like Thailand. It may also work in Europe with narrow roads.

signetring : No thanks

Daniel Souza : Please put a guy less ignorant about efficiency and that can actually understand what's he's reviewing. Everyone can agree that the price is high though. 82hp but it's probably around 300kg which makes the weight to power ratio really really good comparable to a sports car. It also has a electric motor so probably the torque is better than most gasoline cars. So it probably accelerates faster than a gasoline car as well. Then this guy seems like he is trying to bash the car in any way he can just because he personally doesn't like the concept. That's bad journalism. A review should highlight pros and cons, what's the market, and if he can't do that, ask the makers, because they probably understand that since they make it.

Marshmallow 7 : they really wanna drive alone

TR BLITZ : $20,000 Looks like it costs $2000

Issac Sven : Look like a safe motorcycle

kertone : 20K??? ahah NO

Ovo dio : Looks like a catfish

Erick Rodríguez : What about a motorcycle?

Richard Anthony Rios I : Yuck

Emre GoesYT : 20k?? Not even for 2k wtf ?!

Hector G. : Solo EV: I was born a tricycle, but I feel like a car.

Rasik Narula : front wheels fine ! rear wheels .. ,where are they?

Sam G : I don't know why people are hating so much. This *IS* a car. It is exactly the same, but smaller. It is expensive because it is coming from a tiny company and is more of a proof-of-concept than anything. Give these guys a break. Plus, why are you idiots disliking the _video_ ?

Francisco Gutiérrez : Toyota i-road looks more fun.

Joannot Fampionona : Looks like the result of inbreeding, seriously guys! 😂

Iono Sama : I understand that economies of scale means it's impossible for the vehicle to be reasonably priced given the extremely low number of manufacture. But there's no way the vehicle will ever sell at significant scale at such price range, for what it can do though i guess on the flip side there's so few of them made anyway to begin with so perhaps enthusiast with the money to burn might be sufficient to clear it. Tiny small vehicle have potential, we already know that given how popular many of the ultra compact electric vehicles are in Europe where there are a lot of incentive for them... but that only works with good price.


Ammar Alkhatri : The existence of a 3 wheels car is just WRONG!


Tim Z : 80hp. should be way faster than 8 sec 0-60. maybe 80lb torque. Should be like 5. That thing is small. I bet it plays like a dog and rolls over like champ though. LOL

Elsie Viola Dupuis : One passed by yesterday. Does it have trunk space?

Landon Thomas : It doesn't have airbags. It doesn't have DC fast-charging. It's costs 20 thousand dollars US and it's a death trap. There are cars on the market for 15 grand loaded with airbags. Gasoline cars, yeah. But still much safer.

New Boss Media : Cool Idea but needs to be more affordable. It should compete with premium EV scooters rather than Teslas and such.

Benjamin Burkhardt : This reminds me of that transwoman who conned Americans with a weird car called Dale

DEEPAK Kumar : *Can u suggest me good laptop under 35 k*

Neth Dharmasiriwardena : It better come with a girlfriend for 20k too cuz you know you're not getting one driving that.

Suban Nimodya Basnayake : Wow

Usman Tariq : This car seems like just returned from war zone.

Zeus : 20k? A new sports bike for 7k with money to spend A car for 10k pre owned. Used Mercedes And possibly in the future some used teslas for about 17-19k

Zubair Z Vlogs : Most ugliest ev I’ve seen till date 🙄