hello my future girlfriend
hello my future girlfriend

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hello my future girlfriend. this is what i sound like.


Rheymet : Hello future girlfriend ..... Goodbye future girlfriend.

Roman Shchukin : i listen to this every night before i go to bed

ross : tried this on my crush, end up in relationship

Don Juan : This is what I sound like when doves cry.

Jeffrey Lebowski : Still, to this day, anytime I hear someone say "thanks for stopping by!" I think about this badass kid.

Music to the People : Slide into those Pm's

Squid : i remember watching this 16 years ago when i was like 10

Skullomadness : Is meme nostalgia a thing?

PDISS : Where did you get this audio of Elliott Rodger at age 11?

Ch0plol : The original memer

ZewperTrewper : This is what a real meme looked like, folks.

ULOIRAR : Adum sent me here for an obscure meme, I was not disappointed.

francisgaribayABC : Cringe channel mascot?

Levi Grenko : Stuff that makes you cringe.

PunkyPurplePegasus : Hello my future girlfriend.I am eleven years old,in the sixth grade,from New Mexico.please PM me if i'm on Yahoo Chat.Bye,thanks for stopping by.

King Steve : I wonder where this kid is now.

Ryuhza : Did anyone ever pee on him?

El WaKa : Hello future girlfriend

Kermit The Frog : HOLY CRAP I LIVE IN NEW MEXICO Spoiler- it sucks to be here

metcard : No Girl PM'd him, so he turned gay. True story.

darktennisball : Anybody get sent fro, YMS 😂 like my comment to be totally epic and relatable 🤷‍♂️

Ice Shawty : "tell me if i..." wha?

Wrought Bedpan : better be careful kid, or else i'll post you to the cringe channel

Noel N : this is gold i remember seeing this when i was like 14 on aol haha one of my first high experiences this and that website acidtrip.com which i dont think is there anymore!

BlitztheDragon : I found that out shortly after commenting. Found his follow-up video.

BlitztheDragon : Kinda mind-blowing to think this kid is now at least 25. As silly and creepy as this is, I hope he found that future girlfriend.

Kyle Cott : so creepy

yerk55 : Every couple months this pops in my head for no reason at all, and I lol Then I remember a parody some guy made back in the day where he changed "please pm me" into "please pee on me" and I lol some more.

teufeldritch : /watch?v=S76RtBnU-Qs

Loro sono umano : Ol skoo! "The problems of the future, today."

Twin Crystals : cute

Wegra : Fuck yes Newgrounds

dylanpaek666 : It's sad to say that this kid has already graduated from high school. lol

TheGame : Hello future serial killer

LunaStark : I'm not sure what I just watched

John Guzman : what he actual fuck that

BIGBOYTM : omg..........

BIGBOYTM : rest in pieces the cringe channel

Tommy Lee : Takes me back to the good old days

Sycorax Rock : Oh, this poor kid... I did plenty of dumb stuff when I was his age, but no one remembers it because there was no internet.

Zex Eios : What.

Electric Roach : Say what

directorman98 : He'll be forever alone

freakyfadge : ironic thing is, he sounds gay as fuck

redwolffire : 11 in 1998? He's the same age as me....

ubychi999 : Ah... Classic!

ab3 : Well-said my friend. Well-said.

Wesley Erdelack : this really takes me back

Steve Banks : bye thx 4 stopp`n bye