hello my future girlfriend

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HaliniSnow : Adam what is this

PDISS : Where did you get this audio of Elliott Rodger at age 11?

Don Juan : This is what I sound like when doves cry.

Skullomadness : Is meme nostalgia a thing?

Roman Shchukin : i listen to this every night before i go to bed

Music to the People : Slide into those Pm's

Rariolu : Adum sent me here for an obscure meme, I was not disappointed.

Squid : i remember watching this 16 years ago when i was like 10

ross : tried this on my crush, end up in relationship

metcard : No Girl PM'd him, so he turned gay. True story.

Rheymet : Hello future girlfriend ..... Goodbye future girlfriend.

Ryuhza : Did anyone ever pee on him?

Sergeant Extreme : lol plz pee on me if I'm on Yahoo chat

Ch0plol : The original memer

ZewperTrewper : This is what a real meme looked like, folks.

francisgaribayABC : Cringe channel mascot?

Jeffrey Lebowski : Still, to this day, anytime I hear someone say "thanks for stopping by!" I think about this badass kid.

Levi Grenko : Stuff that makes you cringe.

PunkyPurplePegasus : Hello my future girlfriend.I am eleven years old,in the sixth grade,from New Mexico.please PM me if i'm on Yahoo Chat.Bye,thanks for stopping by.

darktennisball : Anybody get sent fro, YMS 😂 like my comment to be totally epic and relatable 🤷‍♂️

King Steve : I wonder where this kid is now.

El WaKa : Hello future girlfriend

Ty lord : Thanks Adam... I guess???

Kermit The Frog : HOLY CRAP I LIVE IN NEW MEXICO Spoiler- it sucks to be here

Just a Good Old Commenter : Sardonicast lol

KFC Fat Man : Sardonicast.

Wrought Bedpan : better be careful kid, or else i'll post you to the cringe channel

I need To : Sardonicast

Glem Walker : Pan Pizza is that you?


PersistentPixels : I don't get it. He made this video to show chicks what he looked like on yahoo, and would link them to this? and I guess because of what he looked like and how he sounded it went viral?

JProductions : Wait isn't he like 20 now?

PunkyPurplePegasus : Sorry forgot "this is what i sound like" lol.

Sergeant Extreme : Lol remember when this was a website?

Silver Ibex : the cringe is real, its so real

Ice Shawty : "tell me if i..." wha?

Bruno Vicente : this guy must be around 20 now

Gabe J : He's 21 years old lol

An Owl : Did he ever get a girlfriend?

babykt : I feel so old watching this again. I can still remember the many laughs we shared over this kid's geocities webpage in aimchats in the mid 90s. This was around the time that memes initially started popping up on the interwebz, but back then Inet was still dialup and not very popular. Nowadays memes make the news.

TheArtOf House : I remember this from about 20 years ago! Cutting edge kid - Internet dating was a bit of a joke like dating agencies back then. This kid was way ahead of his time.

nirvgorilla : You should add some search tags to this such as "nova scotia" and "michael" because I couldn't find it on youtube when I searched it. I think his name was Michael because someone made a Counterstrike logo called "Michael Strike" with a picture of this kid on it which I still have.

Exacerbated Fellow : Did anyone here ever actually email kidblount? I did back in 2002

FeralPuppy : *future funk music starts to play*

Dallas Van Winkle : One of the oldest memes on the internet. This was one of the hottest memes of the 90's.

Jac Sanchez / Slash Command Films : The kid that made this is a disgrace to New Mexican citizens (including myself) everywhere

The Interesting Nobody : The first internet cringe.

MINKMAN101 : Thank you so much Adum this is amazing

Video Game Champ : Who knew he would kill people

Tim Kirtland : I remember this guy being memed quite a bit on Newgrounds back in the early and mid 2000s.