MGS 2 Bathroom Easter Egg

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TheSmithersy : 2:03 Don't tell that to the SJWs!

darthkahn45 : Return to your doodies.

Jéssica Pina : If you do the bathroom thing many times, she'll get pissed at you and everytime you try to save she will be really cold. xD

LaVitaNouva : Funny thing is the bomb is actually there, in women toilet.

Southern Discomfort : HA! "Return to your duties." I love how Raiden as swap between wigs so fast...Because he's worth it.

zaberfang : One for Otacon...

zaberfang : Campbell ain't the real Campbell in this game... XD

Ian McLean : Far as the women's shitter goes, I'm generally of the opinion the only one who acts normally there is Raiden. In a place under siege and no women in sight, any place is fair game for hiding places. Rose is grossly overreacting and Campbell is just plain creepy. Must be a Japanese thing...

Aptom7747 : I hate wen ppl Mention the light since we all big an in darkness.

DerBrunoBaumann : Colonel disapproves!

omegapwner0 : "i disapprove of your methods." I DISAPPROVE OF YOUR MOM! (another thing later) "i'm sick of watching you." then join me rose.

Pmm368 : XDDD stop imagining things I see what you did there XD

Pmm368 : You have to get so many dog tags, I forget what the number is. In order to get dog tags, you have to sneak up behind an enemy soldier (make sure no other soldiers or surveillance cameras are around or looking) and point your weapon. If done right, Raiden will say "Freeze!" Then you go in front of the soldier and point the weapon at their head. Once they feel threatened, they will shake their dog tag. Make sure to knock them out after they drop their tag so they don't call for back up.

Pmm368 : You're welcome. Check out the others I put up, I heard of other easter eggs and tried them myself.

Koby Robs : wow i tought i would know every single codec moment after playing the game for the 20th time. but the first one in the vid was totally new. thank you sir for completing my mgs2 experience

davidcrf150 : How do you get the wig?

AzzyWazpaz9 : that bathroom looks hell similar to the msg3 one the graniny gorky lab one

LuigiYoshi3DS : Colonel: Uh, Raiden...

Shas'O Swoll : watch this with.eyes closed for fapping

Fiftythousandfrozenfoxes : This gives me an idea, i'm going to start calling random people when i'm in the bathroom.

moneyboy503 : did he pee or masturbate

Pmm368 : Return to your duties. That's what I feel like saying, but I'm beginning to feel like putting you in charge was not such a good idea.

Matt Davis : i disapprove ಠ_ಠ lol

Mario2980 : so Snake gets a bandanna while Raiden gets a wig? i feel bad for Raiden...

Andrew Jackson : Wait, so nanomachines let them see through Raiden's eyes now?

TheThasvin : but Rosemary is his girlfriend...She can look at his dick....I'm sure she sucked it many time

ISetYourFaceOnFire : lmao they get so angry.

SuperGeronimo999 : :D

SuperGeronimo999 : One for Olga, One for Emma, One for Raiden...

SuperGeronimo999 : But she don't need four different toilets?

Pmm368 : It's a wig for unlimited ammo. You get wigs by collecting so many dog tags.

Pmm368 : Both.

SuperGeronimo999 : Why the hell is there an toilet for woman, if there are no woman in there?

Channel of T.W.O (Trevor World Order) : lol u should tell snake haha!

Pmm368 : It should. This version i'm playing is the Substance version on the xbox original.

TheGTAkid100 : does this also work in substance??

Pmm368 : There's another part I'll have to do when I get my tv tuner card set up in my PC, you can get a Porno magazine and get reactions from the Colonel & Rose.

TheGTAkid100 : Return to your duties....... IN THE BATHROOM!?

TheTacoman555 : how are you going to yell at someone for having to poop?!

Gesreg : Ahh ok thanks.

MrMikehunt87 : Its his version of the "Bandanna" item for infinite ammo, he also has blue and orange ones for inifinite 02 and hanging

The Lonely Delphox : ...thanks

jochimdewandel : equip yourself with a book and go to the left-hand cubicle in the men's toilet (you'll see a poster hanging on the door). if you use your codec to contact the colonel, you'll be greeted with a reproachful monologue and even rose chips in. then try to save the game...

KingMechaDorah : Cool story bro... ;)

The Lonely Delphox : ... he isn't a wussy, when i play i just go right infront of a cypher and blow its mechanicel brains out.

Gesreg : y raiden has brown hairs

KingMechaDorah : Lol I didn't actually mean it, and it wasn't because he is blonde, it was because how wussy he was XD (In MGS2 anway).

The Lonely Delphox : OBJECTION! just because he is blonde doesn't make him a girl!

knuclear2010 : hehehe, duties. hehehe, diarrheas.

OmegaFrappe : @mavericktom18 Recupere every dog tags as you can, in every difficulty mode on the big shell.