Josie tries Welch's Sparkling Juice "champagne"

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Nikolett Levai : Eric, please keep uploading videos with Josie, coz coz coz we love her and if we can't watch her, than we're gonna be upset 💜

Lotta Jonasson : finally got to see this wonderful girl again <3

Florencia Aguirre Golletti : I love her! She's such a sweet girl! And so intelligent! Glad to see her again! 😘😘

ChocklatKim : She is beyond adorable!

Louann Fakoory : Always puts me in a good mood watching how precious she is. I love after her first sip her eyebrows went up like 'ohhh yeah daddy that's good !' 😊

Anjana Devi Kumar MHT : Cheers to you Josie! Happy Thanksgiving! 💞💞💕💕💗💖

Krishna Kumar : 1:52 XOXO

T Danii8 : Daughter goals🙌😍😘

VampGirl508 : She is adorable girl and you are amazing father!

Anchal Nigam : i love wen she says i dont know

edyprecious : Watching all her vidz.. well.. shes super smart.. still luv the "old mcdonald" 🤗🤗🤗

Srabani Basu : ohhh she's so cute.I really love her.I think I am obsessed with her.

stuti singh : I love you Josie!!

정은지 : Just watching her videos makes me feel so relaxed! Especially her cute voice! huge love from Korea & Australia ❤️

gautam chargotra : O great, please let her speak, miss her.. 😘😘

Vineet Kotian : too much impractical jokers.......that's me😂😂

ritupon dey : She's such a sweet heart.. God bless you lil angel.. My family loves to watch you cutie pie... You're awesome..

P Pate : Bahahahahaha! "Talk fancy"....this is so funny!

Best Ever : "To America!" What an awesome child.

bhavica rani : Mr. Eric you are really blessed to have such an Adorable Baby girl.. May God always bless you and your family!!!

Deniz Er : I am a simple woman. I see her and I wanna have 1000000 children.

moonbeamskies : It was going to her head a little bit.

Gonnie D. : I think she loves this more thankz the sour candy haha

Christina Cruz : Lord Help us all is right.


A A : Josie I want a daughter like you.☺

lisabolo26 : That's sweet!! What a nice Father to make his daughter feel special like that

keri caye : everyone loves this teeny kid.she's smart, cute and wonderful parents

Pauline Tolley : Just watching from Spain what a little cutie. should be on the stage. god help her parents when she gets older.

iringa77 : The best part: 3:24 Welch's Sparkling Juice won't be very happy with that...

mytubeaccount : Hahaha she got done in few sips. Keep in mind, its a lotta sugar spike for a kid that young. This is how we develop risk of diabetes in adulthood, it starts young

cafeplay games : Eric Palonen she has more patriotism then all democrats and all from inocence and love

Sebastian J : Surprise Ending...She Doesn't Like It? But It's Rather Delicious...

Sebastian J : Now I Fancy Sparkling Grape Juice...

Sebastian J : The Cutest Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice Commercial Ever...

ashwadhwani : Smart girl not to fall for the cheap marketing gimmick by Welch profitmongerers

Sandesh Dhuri : Bad habits josir

Kelli In Texas : hahaha! We drank this at the kids table on Thanksgiving! We WERE Fancy too! ;)

Angela Yang : This girl is adorable

Samantha Withee : She wanted champagne wtf,she like 2. U shouldn't promote this

Doni Sudirman : Oo my gosh! why should she drink bir? it's so weird for him.

Chanchal Patil : Cut3

TheThailightZone : Its a 2016 so it should be good ... hehehehe

Corn Dad : its a blonde think

Stefan : so we don't call what on him?? 😀

cafeplay games : Eric Palonen a classy girl, she is so happy to be drink, that dont care about the toast

Amit Kumar : adoracake

tdz55kkf : Such a cutie

worstalentscout : Josie is a little quiet today......still as cute as ever