Josie tries Welch's Sparkling Juice "champagne"

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Skylark : "To America!" What an awesome child.

sapar esra : I am a simple woman. I see her and I wanna have 1000000 children.

Nikolett Levai : Eric, please keep uploading videos with Josie, coz coz coz we love her and if we can't watch her, than we're gonna be upset 💜

Louann Fakoory : Always puts me in a good mood watching how precious she is. I love after her first sip her eyebrows went up like 'ohhh yeah daddy that's good !' 😊

cafeplaygames politica ELEIÇÕES 2018Votara em quem? : Eric Palonen she has more patriotism then all democrats and all from inocence and love

Florencia Aguirre Golletti : I love her! She's such a sweet girl! And so intelligent! Glad to see her again! 😘😘

edyprecious : Watching all her vidz.. well.. shes super smart.. still luv the "old mcdonald" 🤗🤗🤗

ChocklatKim : She is beyond adorable!

VampGirl508 : She is adorable girl and you are amazing father!

Anjana Devi Kumar MHT : Cheers to you Josie! Happy Thanksgiving! 💞💞💕💕💗💖

T Danii8 : Daughter goals🙌😍😘

Anchal Nigam : i love wen she says i dont know

lisabolo26 : That's sweet!! What a nice Father to make his daughter feel special like that

Christina Cruz : Lord Help us all is right.

iringa77 : The best part: 3:24 Welch's Sparkling Juice won't be very happy with that...

ritupon dey : She's such a sweet heart.. God bless you lil angel.. My family loves to watch you cutie pie... You're awesome..

Srabani Basu : ohhh she's so cute.I really love her.I think I am obsessed with her.

Lotta Jonasson : finally got to see this wonderful girl again <3

stuti singh : I love you Josie!!

정은지 : Just watching her videos makes me feel so relaxed! Especially her cute voice! huge love from Korea & Australia ❤️

bhavica rani : Mr. Eric you are really blessed to have such an Adorable Baby girl.. May God always bless you and your family!!!

worstalentscout : Josie is a little quiet today......still as cute as ever

ashwadhwani : Smart girl not to fall for the cheap marketing gimmick by Welch profitmongerers

gautam chargotra : O great, please let her speak, miss her.. 😘😘

keri caye : everyone loves this teeny kid.she's smart, cute and wonderful parents

Krishna Kumar : 1:52 XOXO

Vineet Kotian : too much impractical jokers.......that's me😂😂


Sniper Clown : LOL I like how dad caricaturizes himself in the fancy talk and Josie is all sweet and natural!

Tammie Cowan : I mean, on one hand this is very cute, but on the other hand... In her little 3yr old mind, she actually thinks she's drinking champagne! Meaning if she comes into contact with REAL champagne that's looks just like this bottle then she may drink it without asking since "Dad let her"!? This is an accident just waiting to happen. I just came across one of Josie's videos, so I'm new to your channel and every video I've watched so far, (btw 4), have been the cutest things which then made me subscribe after only 2 videos. She is very cute and seems incredibly smart for 3yrs old and I really enjoy laughing at how adorable she is! I will continue to watch them but just had to say, I don't agree with this! I feel like it's kind of like when I was kid, (late 80s- early 90s), they had those candy cigarettes, anyone remember those!? At the time when we were kids and pretending to smoke our "candy cigarettes" as we seen our parents do, cleary made us want to smoke very shortly after! So glad those went away in 90s! 💖 #SorryNotSorry 😎 #NotUnSubscribingTho #JosieYouRockGirly 😘

nuMissmatic : "To watching lots of Impractical Jokers this week" Amen!

pandey kishor : I had given subscribe because this kid win my heart. She is cute and lovely

Sniper Clown : LOL @ the dcf comment. That's why you have a smart and cute daughter, when you have an intelligent dad! :)

P Pate : Bahahahahaha! "Talk fancy"....this is so funny!

Pauline Tolley : Just watching from Spain what a little cutie. should be on the stage. god help her parents when she gets older.

mytubeaccount : Hahaha she got done in few sips. Keep in mind, its a lotta sugar spike for a kid that young. This is how we develop risk of diabetes in adulthood, it starts young

A A : Josie I want a daughter like you.☺

Gonnie D. M : I think she loves this more thankz the sour candy haha

moonbeamskies : It was going to her head a little bit.

TheThailightZone : Its a 2016 so it should be good ... hehehehe

Angela Yang : This girl is adorable

tdz55kkf : Such a cutie

Sebastian J : Surprise Ending...She Doesn't Like It? But It's Rather Delicious...

Sebastian J : Now I Fancy Sparkling Grape Juice...

Zara Sam : An angel, such a delight....

Borderline Angel : What a beautiful intelligent child. Love the videos!

Shinjini Nath : I can watch this little girl all day long...Jusie, you can always bring a smile on my face.....We would like to see more and more videos of you...Love from India

Mehwish Khan : OMG u already have a great fan following Amazing u little cutie pie😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Eleanor Dixon : I would hate to be her first boyfriend! Mind you, I don't think any man could match up to her dad anyway!😊

Mohammad Arabzadeh : She is adorable. The stuff you choose to make videos about is great. I wish your family the best of luck, and please keep posting videos coz we absolutely love them.