YouTubers are artists, right?
Get Cody Codys Lab to the moon

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JohnnyCakes : Hey everyone, Cody here. Since I lost the vote to go around in the Falcon rocket we are building a space station in my backyard

Space duck : Cody wants to test his vacuum experiments on a large scale

outpost 38 : All right everybody welcome back to Cody's lab today we're referring Platinum group metals from these luner rocks I got on my trip to the moon

jaynbob42 : You'll have my vote dude but really wouldn't want to lose you if something went wrong. You're one of the good guys that could actually help this planet. We need more of you, not sending you away. But I know if it was a dream of mine, I'd do anything to go. So I don't blame you and will support ya. However, sadly, if it comes down to some popular vote thing, I think we all know that a complete moron like Logan would win. A total undeserving waste of space, who will boil it down to a joke and not appreciate what he was experiencing. It's a big task but my fingers are firmly crossed in the hope that a great guy like you gets the chance ahead of the sheep. Also none of my business but I hope that Kanyon not only agrees you should go, but maybe gets a ride along to :)

Robert Talada : You and/or SmarterEveryDay

SuperDave : If theres even a risk of them not coming back.. i think id prefer the Pauls to go xD

andrew balliet : If the danger factor is high, would it not be doing the world a great service to send Jake and Logan?

Bad Wolf Bay : I vote you. But you gotta come back.

AaronTheBlackDragon : Youtubers are artists in the same way as a lot of people around me sometimes like to discribe artists. Survival artists, you don´t know how much money you gonna have at the end of the month and you have to create something to stay alive. Also considering the ammounts of time and effort one needs to poor into making Youtube videos. I´d see beeing a Youtuber is beeing an artist.

Casey Urquhart : Please let's send some flat earthers so we can stop this nonsense.

vmp916 : After watching the video, I get the intention even more about why he wants to send artists. The first private mission to the moon being shared with people with different abilities to express themselves and the world around them means something. Further more, while I think some youtubers make art, and some youtube videos can be considered art depending on who you ask, Cody is closer to a scientist and educator. I don't think he would be chosen. That being said, if someone from the YouTube science community was selected to go, I would have to root for Cody. I think he does deserve it in that sense.


Baraqiel : If anyone should be given a chance to go fly around the moon-...wait, chance of not coming back?....Wait no, Cody, don't go! wait nononono D:

Zephyr0ner : Cody I'll be voting you but only if you will be uploading videos from actual flight :)

adamklam1 : what about your special lady, she'll be sad won't she?! but otherwise, yea I'd say you're an artist sure. where do we vote?

Hayden Carrigg : Did you purposely make your framed play button angled or did you blow something up XD

Zonies Coasters : Obviously a flat earth youtuber! But if they die then the rest of the flat earthers are gonna go nuts with even more conspiracy theories.

Phineas : Vintage space should go

Stonedude123 : Wow that's incredible! When will your video on making a gold play button come out?

John Tindel : You, Adam Savage, and AvE would be the absolute dream team. Bumblefuckin' around the moon

Dominykas Llll : gooooo cody you've got my support my man! thanks for being around

atsed11 : BUT what if we send a flat earther to the moon instead

Terry C : You'd have my vote buddy.

Czeckie : You are absolutely true! Youtubers are artists! ..flash forward, Casey Neistat's been chosen.

CrazyBeef : Cody, you should start loosing weight so you could take more stuff with you on the ship. And i sent a tweet to him about you :)

György Nemes : I'm looking forvard to the Refining Gold from Martian Dust video!


Johan Boterenbrood : Team up with Scott Manley and/or Isaac Arthur!

Eric Bourque : HAhaha GL Cody, if anyone deserves it, it's you!

crownofall : I'd have to ask what the odds are of not returning, I'd be happy to vote for you to make the trip but if it's more voting people off the planet well... there are many in the line ahead of you. personally I see no reason not to return unless his design has a flaw I'm not aware of. it's not like it's the SLS that's being built using the worst parts of the shuttle.

Sara Papp : adding to the send Cody list... if this is your dream then I really wish the best for you, whatever that outcome may be ;)

John Lee Pettimore III : Cody, I just sent them the following email: I would like to mention that one of the passengers should be a person to document the experiences of all those involved. Preferably someone with a passion for science as well as being both capable and experienced in using the video arts to bring information to the world. To this end, i would like to bring to your attention a young man named Cody Reeder of YouTube's "Cody's Lab". This gentleman has the knowledge that helps bring the fundamentals of science and greater understanding of the world around us, as well as the charisma to engage the viewers. I would go so far as to call him a Renaissance Man that shows a deep interest in, and a solid functioning knowledge of, electronics, chemistry, geology, apiculture, agriculture, mechanics, and physics. On a daily basis, he employs the video arts to bring this information to many hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his channel. His efforts have helped expand the minds and experiences of us all. To see Cody as anything but a true artist is to downplay his ability to engage the viewers and challenge us all to expand our thinking and our world; to consider our society and our place in it by using his videos to bring into stark relief the functioning of the uni(multi?)verse and present it to us in an unbiased, unabashed, and easily understandable manner. So, in closing, I would like to thank you for providing this unparalleled opportunity to others that will help humanity broaden its vision to match the broadening horizons. As this will provide humanity with a great service to become more, to increase us all as a species. As well, I would thank you gracefully to consider including this young man in your considered passenger list. Thank you, A citizen of Earth

UniCrafter : *reaches orbit* "just recently I made a video about plugging a hole in a space capsule using ones finger..." *reveals drill from behind back*

jesondag : You're too valuable. Let him send traditional artists, their loss will not impact humanity in a real way. Wait till it's safer.

worldofzap : IDK it’s a toss up. I would like to see Amy Shira Teitel “Vintage Space” she probably wouldn’t go either? So hate to make it seem like you’re a runner up but you have my vote if the first two do not go.

Schemes of 40K : YOUTUBERS to the Moon. Cody'sLab 1, secureteam10 2, Thunderf00t 3, Tested 4.

Gape : if Cody was taken he'd come back with a video about drinking hydrazine

CPY : Cody to the Moon! Life on Moon. :D OMG just imagine that footage we can get. CODY! CODY! CODY! Come on everyone!

Cryptonat : Cody for president!

Electra Flarefire : I'd hate to go on such a trip.. I'd love to get to help work on the rockets though!

EliteGeeks : EveryDay Astronaut is an artist on and off Youtube - And while I would love to see you go, I don't think you IMO Qualify for an Around the moon trip, you do however qualify for a landing mission.

dELTA13579111315 : I really want to support you Cody but don't want to lose you

The computergeek : The BFS crashes with all of those great vine/ youtubers on it

Andrey Rumming : Seriously, I call on Markiplier for this one. As cool as space is, he is the number 1 go to person for space trips. He LOVES space beyond belief

Keith Crain : OH yeah, definitely an Artist for sure... I vote for Cody!

MadCodex : Ask /pol. They'll take care of this.

GreyDevil : I would 100% send either or both of the Paul bros if it results in some catastrophic failure

Eugene Lee : "Extracting Gold from the Moon: Part 1"

Nicole K : First trip round the moon show be the "B" Ark. (See Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy).