Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives

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Ozzy Man Reviews : Check out me 2nd YouTube Channel. It's a talk show: https://www.youtube.com/ozzymanspodcast Watch LIVE on Friday nights (which is tonight! In 2 hours) on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ozzymanreviews I take the piss out of soccer, but I will admit it... I've been looking forward to the World Cup. There, I said it. I don't mind soccer.

Izahdnb : Yeah I'm switching back to those girls playing soap soccer.

Kiran Thomas : “Is that Ronaldo? Isn’t he meant to be good?” I died😂😂😂

vivek sharma : I like Football(Soccer) but This Just makes it look like a Gay sport.

Michael Williamson : 2:00 dude straight hit himself with the other dudes hand 😂😂

Adil shah. shabbir ahmed.Morab. : "Is that Ronaldo? isn't he meant to be good" 😂😂😂

1111 2222 : dont you hate it when you get shot by a sniper while playing soccer?

iamdb1990 : love this, makes me proud to hate football

Kevin Rivera : The sniper in the stands part killed me dude😂

Chantelle Firth : i wonder how much those jesus doctors are paid.

Chantelle Firth : don't you just hate it when demons are let out on the feild and start dropping furniture on people

Jimmy Stone : there's a sniper in the stands 0:45 I couldn't stop laughing. and the last one with ''both wankers go down'' lmao! you have to do part 2


Fahad Rather : Ronaldo is such a great player, yet he dives like an olympian

El Scruffo McScruffy : This is why I despise this game. The so-called ‘world game’ played by elite wankers who literally beg for a penalty. Anyone who supports this is an absolute dreg of a human being who needs to harden up. Football is a contact sport. When these clowns score a goal they pile on top of each other and cop more contact whilst scoring. Yet, if they don’t get their way they sulk around and hold in the flaying face of a whinger. Straight up life time suspensions needed.

incanus : These guys are my roll models

Rowe Productions : The problem with modern football, most of them are sissies and just wants free kicks.

Lewis Dockery : Excellent. Explains why no one in Australia likes soccer

Sankalpa Redslasher : Isn't that Ronaldo? Isn't he meant to be good? ROFL!!!

Solum : Why would you bounce around and flop around violently like a fish if you're pretending to be injured?

Ryan Thomas : I love the beautiful game and have played for 12 years but this is comedy gold. Tbh the Ronaldo flops are the reason I don’t like him that much.

evilution : Fair dinkum over-paid cunts. The footage should be viewed and heavy fines given to the pricks who do this.

AHRES Müller : When somebody asks me why I don't like soccer I'm just gonna show them this video

Dusty Conrad : Soccer fuckin sucks

Darth Bader : Thank you for highlighting the pathetic behaviour of these cheating twats <3

Charlee Queen of Cats : Isn't that Ronaldo? Isn't he meant to be good?

Moneyandtime Freedom : 🤫😥😩HOW EMBARRASSING, bunch panty waist wankers. Good thing Jesus was there to resurrect them.

Sankalpa Redslasher : What's amazing is how many people here in the comment section have never watched football? I never knew such people even existed. Bloody Americans!

Anime Fan96 : Its called football simple as that. Say soccer if you so need to but don't you dare try to correct us like we're in the wrong. Got it. Good.

EdmundGerber : I've nothing but contempt for these overpaid wankers.

Lambert2191 : I used to watch football. Every single Saturday and Sunday I'd watch a game if there was one on, then Match of the Day afterwards to catch up on those I missed. It was my weekly routine... But I just found myself becoming so angry every single time I watched because in every game, invariably, there was some weaker than used toilet paper sack of turds falling over at the merest whiff of a breeze brushing over their dainty little ankles. It pissed me right the fuck off... so I quit watching. Cut the sport out of my life entirely. I haven't watched a game or a highlights show in about 8 years now. Now I just get pissed off at Formula 1 (and especially it's fans... fuck F1 fans)

Jort Manshanden : All the muricans who dont know anything about football are going to think now that this is what football is all about and cry about it in the comments... thanks ozzy

Strong Believer : Football aka soccer is the best game.....

Mugundan Raja : Man, this sport is a joke, LITERALLY...don't kill me football fans

rellic : and people try and make an argument all soccer players aren't pussies lmao

Twimbo : Ozzyman you bloody know very damn well that footie players are not regular people and they can sometimes use the force, contact is not always required

Lion El' Jonson : Don't know if you watched it. But you've got some more freshly baked dives from Cristiano out from the Portugal - Spain match last night. "Is he not good?" No podrías haberlo dicho mejor Ozzy. (Yeah it's spanish. You might want to learn some if you ever meet with Yanet Garcia by accident, not that you were stalking her or something, don't you think?)

Jack Dawson : Ozzy man should do the commentary for the Ksi Logan Paul fight

Johnny Dong : This gives unrealistic picture of footballe players...

MrFantocan : This was hilarious, please make reviews of every game in the world cup, you gona be mega famous.

Shah Dhruv : just make a video on ronaldo dives, maybe it will be more than 10mins

Anime Fan96 : Football is the number one Global sport. Haters get use to it cause its not going anywhere.

Arihant Jain : Some of these soccer make the Aussie’s ball tampering look genius

Akash : 1:45 Exorcist part was awesome af 😂😂😂

JD Dominguez : And my brother-in-law can't understand why I detest watching soccer. Use instant replay and suspebd the floppers with no pay for 3 games and this blatant cheating will stop. If you fall and don't pop right up, 10 minutes in the medical bin until you get checked out. Then soccer might once again become the beautiful game the greats like Pele once played.

Zacharie St-Pierre : I love the dude using the other guys hand to punch himself. Amazing

delo Last : Must be too many players on the field if the only way to get ahead is faking really hard contact to get a free shot on the goal. Hockey doesnt do this american football doesnt basketball doesn't and figure skating doesn't . Maybe less players on the pitch would make it easier to get goals so then the dive would no longer be needed in this embarrassing sport

OZ Z : Too bad soccer became one of the dirtiest games today. Anything to win the game, eh??? Ruins fair play totally. Sad!

JJ Ryan : Back in the day footballers wore feminine short shorts and the ref allowed them to bust each others heads. Now they are covered in tattoos and have thick beards, but are always touching each others faces, pulling shirts, Aikido joint locks, crying for free kicks and yellow cards. They also foul anyone who gets a good run towards goal , committing a "professional foul", whatever that is, ruining the excitement. Direct red cards for cutting down players from behind, even if it wasn't the last player!

I AM PROUD ATHEIST : The reason why I hate football!!!!