Key & Peele - Let Me Hit That
Key amp Peele Let Me Hit That

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After years of abstaining, Keegan decides to try smoking weed again.


tired af : legend says they are still having the same conversation from now

CookiesAreFruit : The outro is longer than the skit ffs

ヨコエロ : How many stoners do you think were pissed off bc jordan didn't clear it at the end xD

Montesama314 : "I was just like you, and YOU, and YOU, and YOU! I used to take drugs. I got some of that good weed, that STRONG weed!... Then I got trapped in a time loop. CONSEQUENCES!"

Vixxojam : The ad for K&P show is longer than the skit. Wow.

Joseph Dutra : What if Peele was the one imagining Keegan saying to him over and over again "Let me hit that."? BOOM!! Added Note: Wow, almost 2000 likes, thanks a lot!!

Evolution Lancer : let me hit that.... sexually

spartan1010101 : yeah that short term memory is a bitch...but hey food is like extra good and you just keep getting reminded of it.

Michael Lee : Is that drugs?

spehizle : Shame on you, Jordan, not clearing the chamber like that on the second hit. That is just bad etiquette. Were you born in a barn? Clean your plate, turn off lights when you leave the room, shoes go in the closet, and always clear your bong.

Alex Simeone : Bring It - Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin & Tom Ford :D

TurtleKing777 : This is a conversation I have had with my dad after he asked if he could hit my dab pen. Then he almost died coughing

#983882 Isd : This inspired me roll another joint. Thank you Key&Peele lol stuck in a marathon as well


Anna Vox : Be really careful with bongs. They will prey upon you when you are at your weakest. My friend had some reggie in his bong once, and I thought, "Oh one hit won't hurt me. It will just relax me. It's not like it is kush or anything." Nope...learned my lesson. Bong rips will annihilate you. Was stoned for hours.

Bob Mc big mac : I hate when videos end not even halfway through ..

Thomas Burleson : I LOVE this. Too funny.


Rune K. Svendsen : Someone should totally make a 10-hour video of this like the Nyan Cat ones, looping after Key says "hey you know what, let me hit that" again

garbagehead : OH MY GOD THE TWISTS

lysohurtsme : keegan and jordan probably just came up with this skit so they could smoke on the job

Hu Man : Right... The 90s...

SMOKE DOG : i was NOT expecting that xD thats why i love these guys *bro fist*

Eric Staples : That would be a good lie to tell someone you don't want to share your drugs with, though.

Toon Gohan : You know Peele is high when he’s aware they’ve had the same conversation 15 times but still goes along with it

JD Williams : that's how I felt last night lol after taking a huge rip off my roomates bong (I never smoke)..... but after that I couldn't even get up other than to get some pickles, Cheetos and Raisinets lol hahahaha

Nate Dawg : Half the video is the outro

Sir Pumpernickel : Ya know what? This shit is so funny cos das me..........Ya know what? This is so funny cos das me....ya know what?

Cero 95 : Me when my first time getting high

Dollie Life : LOL! LOVING IT!! :D

Yechan Song : "Do you think it's got so much stronger that I all of a sudden can't handle it?" YES YES YES

Alexander M : he's probably been saying that same reply for an hour too! xD

Genesis Lung : what's the name of the song that plays during the trailer?

CalifasFinest95 : "yeahhhhhhh" LOL

Captain Weekend : I find these guys to really be the American Mitchell and Webb, they have a good mix of acted scenes and 'irl them'.

biogopher : This skit is even better the second time around

TheKrigeron : Oh Peele is also forgetting they had the conversation. Clever.

Oswald Chen : "Hey, you know what? Let me hit that."

Robert The Awesome : What's the song at the end called?

Conor Patterson : Bring It- Lee Richardson Like to help those poor souls looking for the song title

Daniel K : Smoking weed on your back porch >>>>>>>>>

KleChi : It's 2019 and I'm still trapped in this Key and Peele Marathon.

Niko Kuno : Nice one :p Trap in a loop

D3adp00l324 : Hahahahahahahahaha!! Yes! These guys are hilarious! 4/20!!

Taco Tacotington : Hands down one of my favorite K&P

Dr. Spy : Does anyone know the song used in the trailer for the other key and peele skits?

Ty : What's the name of the outro song

Gigatless : That sketch is fun n stuff but have you ever done dmt?

Taylor Hairfield : It slightly bothers me that peele didn't clear the bong haha