Dave Grohl interview but he's a TOTAL JERK | Foo Fighters

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Magik Mike : Hey guys, if you enjoyed this ABOMINATION of a video, SUBSCRIBE for new stuff every week! P.S. I hope Dave gets his home life sorted out :(

Sarah Jay : Dave Grohl being abused by his kids for 10 minutes.

Wayward Stoner : *_T E R R I B L E P R O J E C T_*

Jim Morrison : Didn't know parenting was so bad

Flameheart 39 : "They like, crawl on me"

a name a name : at 1:13 it just turns into a therapy session

Jessi London : “The greatest thing is cumming on the audience.” You are wilddd

VickSage : “When you come see the foo fighters... we disappoint.” Underrated line.

Nath Martinez : *D* *A* *D* *D* *Y*

Pedro Ramirez : "the greatest thing is cumming on the audience, it really energizes people, makes it really exciting" tips for a great performance by David Grohl

Lee Martinez : I think Dave's Nirvana days are finally catching up with him...!!!

BlackDogsMatter : You have found your calling in life. These videos are great.

Alan Paquette : The zoom-ins and outs made this video for me! It made it seem like a seamless, single cut everytime Dave spoke. Superb editing skills! Bravo my good man!

Nihilist Porcupine : God I hope he sees this lmao

Wtfboomdps : 1:13 is comedic gold rofl

La Syndra Nostra : 2:35 the greatest thing is CUMMING on the audience.

maya yaser : Such Abusive daughters

ZeAwesome : Thank god ... Thank goOoOoOoOoOod

Drunk Eddie : I love this moment 2:03 smile 2:04 poker face again

Yeet : Can you do one of these with RHCP?

Smithysmithin : UM

Ilgner Juan : Kurt Cobain would be proud

Alan Arteche : This interview is the best, the best, the best, the best

A very suspicious unattended suitcase : UM

Dave Grohl : OH GOD DAMMIT

Grantofglyn : I never realised how tormented Dave was by his daughters, living in silence all these years. *DADDY* nagging is not ok, father's need time to relax and sleep and not be crawled on.

Brad Nelson : You should be a professor in College teaching this as an art form

Jacob Schmidt : DADDY

The Pie that the Cats Eat : *TeRiBbLe PrOjEcT*

Diego González : DADDY

Caveguy22 : An Alice In Chains shit show?

johnson6505 : UM

maya yaser : D a d D y

Nathan Ross : *DADDY*

Ricky Dollar & Slickhaussse : dave has another confession to make!!

maya yaser : Thank god I am subbed to this channel 1:39

ARTHEN : Magik mike never disappoints

Bullcrap McGee : A Taylor Swift interview would be hilarious

TheresNoWay : Thank GOD! Thank GOOoOOoOOoOOoOooOoOOooOooOooOOOOoOoOOOoOOOOoOOoOOD!!!!!!


Joshua : One does not simple meme Dave Grohl.... But this is fantastic

Esmaiel Ashraf : Dude you are incredibly talented, keep up the good stuff

Perik Holt : Note to self: bring umbrella to the FF show.

Leempo : 1:50 "An exciting new artist asked me to come play drums on their record, I had to say no because I'm not going to make a fucking blues song" LMAO

Cheese Coffee : Came for UM liked for DADDY!

MandalaOfThe7 : 1:17 Dave Grohl 1969-2018

tim 1993 : System of a down interview please!!!!!!

Rodrigo Aguayo : Lmao 2:47

Diego A : DADDY

D Beaton : It's so funny that's it's not even possible to make a hate video of Dave Grohl that's believable. The guy is a lovable legend!!!