Jennie Lena - "I'd Rather Go Blind" (Acoustic Perez Hilton Performance)

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Miguel Caldeira : She's such a woman. I love to hear her singing and this video seems to show that she's humble too. Touching one or ten million doesn't really matter. Nice words. I really hope that her dreams come true.

Mariel Van Egmond : omg she is really good ...hope she gonna make it in in Holland we know her from the voice but she is fucking good.

Phillipe Ramos : Her ease on the high notes is insane. What a wonderful gift <3

derf edab : Very special style of hers made this song different...

Pablo Pacheco Arévalo : She's a complete gift! Her voice is just phenomenal!

Angela Carleton : Amazing performance by a talented singer! I can't wait till she has an album out in the states so I can order it!

ChrissySnow MusicBoxEntertainment : omg the guitar player <3

Zo Mijntje : Kippenvel! Oh Jennie just always keep on singing!!

Dennihe Edwards : Dammmnn Daniel

Frenk Summers : Another Great Performance by Jennie, so proud of her ever since she blew all of us away in The Voice of Holland last year. Keep it up Jennie, you'll get there for sure !!

Wieteke Wijte : WAUW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Collier : She is what is missing in music today. Pure talent.

KykahOfficial : Jennie i love your way to sing! Chapeau ! i want your album!!

Amber Thorne : Wow! The best singer I've heard in a while! I love this performance.

Tommy-boy ̖́- : Truly an exceptional artist; the next Mariah Carey, right? ;) Absolutely loved this performance, blown away as always by her talent!! <3

Eva Goldilox : Jennie, je bent geweldig! X

Stepherz CUHZ : i 💜💙❤ her voice!! she got bars!!!

Becky Liefs : She is amazing i love her.

89DoraH : :O

Ellen : Perez is freakin' out. AS HE SHOULD ;-)

Vex T : Seriously Jennie's voice sounds almost like a woman friend I used to know... she passed away a few years back, but I still remember how her voice sounds, and when Jennie spoke, I thought it was her voice. Thanks for being awesome Jennie Lena, and keep singing!

Graffiti Joiners : Like nr 200 was MINE!! :-) Jennie keeps on Rockin it.....Rockinnnnnn it.....Damn !! Jennie you Trok the Trukendoos wide open again :-)

Caio Bittencourt : Ohhhhh, man! Amazing, amazing ...

Isabelle Amé - NL : Yaassssss girl!

herculies son of zeus : I will never leave you, you are stuck with me for life :D I am a fan !! Feeling good, who's loving you, this song, you are so good :)

Sylvana 010 Rotterdam : AWESOME JENNIE!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin Bartlett : give leah mcfall a search guys

Michel Silva : she's simply amazing! wordless :O

Oriana Santos : her vibes are sooo inspiring and killing!!

Queen levy : Oh my God...her voice is mind blowing!!! What a gift!!!

Mathieu Lévesque : Love youre voice!! You should win the voice holland. Come to quebec please :)

mel bu : Whats??? 179 likes??? no no no no amazing +likes+likes+likes+likes+likes+likes+likes

DMIMAGE : Wonder if Jennie has ever done Stand By Me, she is so amazing.

bergamo bobson : waouuuuuuu........waou waou waou waou waou

Erin Sonnier : WOW. Just WOW. What a blessing to this planet, huge gratitude for your talent & purpose of sharing love & joy through music. Blessings, Erin xxxxx

Jasper Oostlander : Wow, you did it again: amaze the entire world!

Shoman Blues : There you are. Much better than the gigantic stage and huge lights. A performer... You are just an absolutely outstanding performer. Weaving the notes.

Yeeter McGoober : Is it just me who thinks Perez means well but just his tone sounds condescending

Sean Andrew McGann : Pretty Nice !

Mary Harbour : Love the interviewer as much as Lena , well...almost x touched my soul so so much big bless

Malin K. : this is pure talent

Angela Carleton : Terrific - singer!

FamiliaReis : Nice

rovieful : Wow wow wow

Laisani Savu : You sure rock Jennie! lovely pipes with such a wonderful personality.

E Salome : Ik hou van je Stem en je nuchter heid ❣ ( Twijfel of ik je op mijn site zet . Ik hoor Janis Joplin ,ja dus ! ). ❤️

Aashish Bhattarai : What a voice......lup u...

tiago nepomuceno : ela tinha que ir pro the factor uk

Corneliu Ganea : can anyone else hear the gentle tonalities of Jeff Buckley from 2:16 - 2:30 ?

Philipp Martin : Such a underrated woman, it is sad that she doesnt get more attention