Longer Version: Hermione Granger cosplay dancing to Mario Bros theme remix | DANCING HERMIONE

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TheCaliMack : Hermoine Granger. In the challenge, you gave us the T on magic. And on the runway, you vogued all the houses down. 10,000 points to Haus Gryffindor. Condragulations, you are the winners of this week's challenge.


F Caste : Hermione this week you took us from leviosa to grandiosa, condragulations you're the winner of this week challenge

pablo gutierrez : When Hermione se fuma la piedra filosofal

Meera Salah : Hermione hangs out with laganja once

Tea : Ron: “Bloody hell”

perfect._stuff : So thats what the guy was doing in the back

Bobby S : accio wig

NamiiChuu : She is my patronus..

PurestIcicle : She doesn't stop dancing

Graciela Feybi : when hermione cast 'riddikulus' on herself accidentally

Check the internet : voldemort be SHAKEN

mightyaleks : She looks more like book Hermione than Watson

Hanif Z : hermioNO SHE BETTA DONT

kiro : hoe rmione

Angeline Abelar : Ron: *ARE YOU MENTAL?!*

Luke Ed : Dude you literally just stole this right off her channel! At least give her channel credit

Lunar Luna : That angle, how tall are you dude

Faustino Zabala : WOW, The best song ever with the best remix ever, with Hermione of the best movie ever, with the coolest dancing ever, I CAN REST IN PEACE NOW!

Sofia is okay : Harry: we need to distract Voldemort Hermione: hold my butter beer

Benjamin Orellana : YAAAAAS BITCH

Edens Sso adventures : She should be the new Hermione

Charles HDM : I want the BB8 version

Toby : Dat gay in the backround xD

andres morales : Cuando le entras a la piedra filosofal y te pones bien reliquias de la muerte :v XDXD

Fish Stick : How have I never seen or heard of this?

Wafoofi12 : LMFAO Miss Granger is back 😂😂😂😂😂

Vipour : 0:07 look closely at the shirtless man next to the round droid

William Bruno : Eu quero essa música

Rollax : Shishtar Voldemort is *sHOoK*

socialis_anxietatem : Anyone notice the guy trying to hump BB8

kamar_taj : I can't stop watching

Cyborea Mureithi : Just saw this on Insta G

Raul M Q : Does somone has the song of the cosplay

Rainbow Dash Kawaii Apaixonada Kawaii : LOL XD

Rise Mhj : Magic of Butterbeer

Shady Windex : Leviosa? Levi OH SLAY!

Jessy KiwiXx : Where can I find da song?

julia_261299 : I see Connie lol

Carl Lafleur : I liked it better when i thought she was a guy

Dävid BČ : Cuando te fumas la piedra filosofa y andas bien reliquia de la muerte 💀

Ahmet Yıldız : What is recorder name ? 0:16 blue skirt ? anyone know ?

heyitsjorro : Hey what song is this if you don’t mind me asking

Brooklynn Miller : What's this girls insta?

Hermione Jean Granger : When Hermione drinks too much butterbeer and smokes the philosopher stone

Nam Jesus : Hermione cannot draw, but she sure as hell can dance.

EthanPlayz_Roblox : *legend says hermoine is still dancing*

CloudiiBangtan : Oh so you’re that guy in the background

Hermione Jean Granger : Hey!!!!! I WAS WITH THE IMPERIUS CURSE!!!!!!!!!

10 subs No vid? : Cringy dances but it’s not cringe....